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  1. Mama / Mother / Mommy
  2. Loving Mother
  3. Mother and Son
  4. Mother and Daughter
  5. Holy Mother / Saint Mary
  6. Experience is the Mother of Wisdom
  7. Failure is the Mother of Success
  8. Mother
  9. Mother Nature
10. Love for Parents
11. No man knows what he owes to his parents...
12. Bond
13. Love Between Child and Parents

Mama / Mother / Mommy

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This is the oral way that most Chinese people refer to their mothers. Often, they will put this together twice (two of the same character in a row) to create a word that sounds like "Mama". That's absolutely what little kids call their mothers in China. This Chinese "Mama" is the rough equivalent of "Mommy" in English. Beyond a certain age, Chinese will start to just say "Ma", which is like saying "Mom".

This entry is just here for a language lesson. This would make a strange wall scroll by Chinese standards. In Chinese, there are sometimes oral words that don't seem appropriate when written in calligraphy, and this is one of them. See our entry for "Loving Mother" for a better selection.

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Loving Mother

China cí mǔ
Japan ji bo
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These characters create the title of loving mother, affectionate mother, or merciful mother. A great gift for your mom.

See Also...  Family

Mother and Son

China mǔ zǐ
Japan bo shi
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This simply means "mother and son", or the essence of the relationship and bond between mother and son.

This is really a single word that expresses this idea (showing how important or significant this bond is).

This is not the most common choice for a wall scroll, it is acceptable if you feel this term is important to you.

See Also...  Mother And Daughter

Mother and Daughter

China mǔ nǚ
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This simply means "mother and daughter" kind of as a unit, or as if mother and daughter are a whole together.

This is an unusual selection for a calligraphy wall scroll, and can be read many different ways. Your native Asian friends might wonder what you are trying to say. They might even read it as meaning "a mother and daughter without a dad".

This entry was added to our database for a customer's special request. It has the same meaning in Chinese Characters and Korean Hanja.

See Also...  Mother And Son

Mother and Daughter

Japan haha musume
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This simply means "mother and daughter" in Japanese Kanji.

This is an unusual selection for a calligraphy wall scroll, and can be read many different ways. Your native Japanese friends might wonder what you are trying to say.

Note: This will not make sense in Chinese.

See Also...  Mother And Son

Holy Mother / Saint Mary

China shèng mǔ
Japan seibo
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This is the title for the Holy Mother, Madonna, or Virgin Mary as used by Catholic Chinese, Korean, and Japanese people. I think this would be a very cool wall scroll for a devout Catholic who also appreciates Asian artwork and language.

Note: Koreans often put a third character after these two which creates a title that means "Hail Mary", however, this character is not added, or used in the same way in Japanese or Chinese. If you want that Korean title, just let me know, and we'll add that character for you. The two-character title shown to the left is universal, so I think it's the best choice.

Experience is the Mother of Wisdom

China jīng yàn shì zhì huì zhī mǔ
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It's been said that wisdom comes from good judgment, and good judgment comes from experience, while experience comes from a series of times when you used bad judgment.

This Chinese proverb makes the simplest connection between experience and wisdom.

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Failure is the Mother of Success

China shī bài shì chéng gōng zhī mǔ
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This proverb means exactly what you think.

Every failure that you experience is a chance to learn from it and find success.

Knowing what does not work is just as important as finding out what does work.

See Also...  Experience Is The Mother Of Wisdom


Japan haha
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This is a way to say mother in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

This can also be an honorary title for an elderly female relative.

Sometimes this can refer to the origin or source of something. Examples: A spring might be the mother of a river, or experience could be the mother of success.

Mother Nature

China dà zì rán
Japan dai shi zen
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This is the simple way to express "mother nature" in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

This can also be translated as "the great nature" or "all of nature".

Love for Parents

Japan oyaomoi
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This is, "love or affection for one's parents", in Japanese.

No man knows what he owes to his parents
till he comes to have children of his own

Japan ko wo motte shiru oya no on
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This Japanese proverb can be translated a few different ways:

No man knows what he owes to his parents till he comes to have children of his own.

One knows not what one owes to one's parents till one comes to have children of one's own.

Only after you have a baby, you will appreciate your parents or feel the way they do.

Only after becoming a parent yourself do you realize how much you owe [how indebted you are] to your own parents.


China bàn
Japan kizuna
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This is the bond, as in the bond between mother and daughter, father and son, etc. It can mean fetter or encumbrance. This is the kind of character that says, no matter what happens (difficult times), we have this bond that cannot be broken.

Read the following before ordering...
This is only for a Japanese audience. While this is also a Chinese character, it has a completely different meaning in Chinese (it means to hinder or stumble in Chinese). It's a very rare character in Korean Hanja, but does mean bond in Korean (used in Korean words for certain kinds of glue and sticking plaster).

Love Between Child and Parents

China fù cí zǐ xiào
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This Chinese proverb means, "benevolent father, filial son".

Figuratively, this is the natural love between parents and children.

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There is some fear that true Chinese calligraphy may become a lost art in the coming years. Many art institutes in China are now promoting calligraphy programs in hopes of keeping this unique form of art alive.

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The following table is only helpful for those studying Chinese (or Japanese), and perhaps helps search engines to find this page when someone enters Romanized Chinese or Japanese

Japanese Romaji
(Romanized Japanese)
Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Mama / Mother / Mommy
Loving Mother慈母
ji bo
cí mǔ
ci mu
tz`u mu
ci2 mu3
tzu mu
Mother and Son母子
bo shi
mǔ zǐ
mu zi
mu tzu
mu3 zi3
Mother and Daughter母女
n/amǔ nǚ
mu nv
mu nü
mu3 nv3
Mother and Daughter母娘
haha musume
Holy Mother / Saint Mary圣母
seiboshèng mǔ
sheng mu
sheng4 mu3
Experience is the Mother of Wisdom经验是智慧之母
n/ajīng yàn shì zhì huì zhī mǔ
jing yan shi zhi hui zhi mu
ching yen shih chih hui chih mu
jing1 yan4 shi4 zhi4 hui4 zhi1 mu3
Failure is the Mother of Success失败是成功之母
n/ashī bài shì chéng gōng zhī mǔ
shi bai shi cheng gong zhi mu
shih pai shih ch`eng kung chih mu
shi1 bai4 shi4 cheng2 gong1 zhi1 mu3
shih pai shih cheng kung chih mu
Mother Nature大自然
dai shi zen
dà zì rán
da zi ran
ta tzu jan
da4 zi4 ran2
Love for Parents親思い
No man knows what he owes to his parents
till he comes to have children of his own
ko wo motte shiru oya no on
Love Between Child and Parents父慈子孝
n/afù cí zǐ xiào
fu ci zi xiao
fu tz`u tzu hsiao
fu4 ci2 zi3 xiao4
fu tzu tzu hsiao

If you have not set up your computer to display Chinese, the characters in this table probably look like empty boxes or random text garbage.
This is why I spent hundreds of hours making images so that you could view the characters in the "mama" listings above.
If you want your Windows computer to be able to display Chinese characters you can either head to your Regional and Language options in your Win XP control panel, select the [Languages] tab and click on [Install files for East Asian Languages]. This task will ask for your Win XP CD to complete in most cases. If you don't have your Windows XP CD, or are running Windows 98, you can also download/run the simplified Chinese font package installer from Microsoft which works independently with Win 98, ME, 2000, and XP. It's a 2.5MB download, so if you are on dial up, start the download and go make a sandwich.

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