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China zhēn bǎo
Japan chin hou
Treasure Vertical Wall Scroll

In Chinese this word meaning treasure, something you value highly, or something very precious to you.

In Japanese, this has a meaning like "rare treasure."

The first character can mean precious thing or treasure. The second character can mean a jewel or gem, a treasure or simply precious. Together these two characters reinforce each other into a word that clearly means treasure.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


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Japanese juurii / juri / ジューリー
Treasure Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese jewelry; jewellery

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Mandarin jiā / jia1
Taiwan chia
Chinese gamma; jewelry



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Mandarin diào zhuì / diao4 zhui4
Taiwan tiao chui
Chinese a pendant (jewelry)



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Mandarin zhuì shì / zhui4 shi4
Taiwan chui shih
Chinese pendant (jewelry)


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Japanese houshoku / hoshoku / ほうしょく Japanese jewels and ornaments; jewelry; jewellery



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Mandarin pèi shì / pei4 shi4
Taiwan p`ei shih / pei shih
Chinese ornament (jewelry, accoutrements etc); decorations



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Mandarin yín lóu / yin2 lou2
Taiwan yin lou
Chinese silverware store; jewelry center



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Mandarin shì pǐn / shi4 pin3
Taiwan shih p`in / shih pin
Chinese ornament; item of jewelry; accessory



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Mandarin shì wù / shi4 wu4
Taiwan shih wu
Chinese decorations; jewelry



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Mandarin shǒu shì / shou3 shi4
Taiwan shou shih
Chinese jewelry; head ornament


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Japanese housekishou / hosekisho / ほうせきしょう Japanese jeweler; gem dealer; jeweler's (jewelry) shop


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Japanese housekiten / hosekiten / ほうせきてん Japanese jewelry store; jewellery store


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Japanese houshokuhin / hoshokuhin / ほうしょくひん Japanese jewelry; jewellery



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Mandarin ěr zhuì zi / er3 zhui4 zi5
Taiwan erh chui tzu
Chinese eardrops (pendant jewelry); earrings; CL:對|对[dui4],隻|只[zhi1]


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Mandarin dì fú ní / di4 fu2 ni2
Taiwan ti fu ni
Chinese Tiffany & Co. (US luxury jewelry retailer)


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Japanese juurii / juri / ジュウリー Japanese jewelry; jewellery


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Japanese juerii / jueri / ジュエリー Japanese jewelry; jewellery; (female given name) Jueri


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Japanese pawaasutoon / pawasutoon / パワーストーン Japanese (1) gemstone totem (esp. as jewelry) (wasei: power stone); healing crystal; (2) Power Stone (video game series); (product name) Power Stone (video game series)


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Japanese pawaa sutoon / pawa sutoon / パワー・ストーン Japanese (1) gemstone totem (esp. as jewelry) (wasei: power stone); healing crystal; (2) Power Stone (video game series)


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Japanese indianjuerii / indianjueri / インディアンジュエリー Japanese Indian jewellery (jewelry)


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Japanese kosuchuumujuerii / kosuchumujueri / コスチュームジュエリー Japanese costume jewelry


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Japanese indian juerii / indian jueri / インディアン・ジュエリー Japanese Indian jewellery (jewelry)


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Japanese kosuchuumu juerii / kosuchumu jueri / コスチューム・ジュエリー Japanese costume jewelry


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Japanese pawaasutoon;pawaa sutoon / pawasutoon;pawa sutoon / パワーストーン;パワー・ストーン Japanese (1) gemstone totem (esp. as jewelry) (wasei: power stone); healing crystal; (2) Power Stone (video game series)


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Japanese juerii(p);juurii;juurii / jueri(p);juri;juri / ジュエリー(P);ジューリー;ジュウリー Japanese jewelry; jewellery


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Japanese indianjuerii;indian juerii / indianjueri;indian jueri / インディアンジュエリー;インディアン・ジュエリー Japanese Indian jewellery (jewelry)


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Japanese kosuchuumujuerii;kosuchuumu juerii / kosuchumujueri;kosuchumu jueri / コスチュームジュエリー;コスチューム・ジュエリー Japanese costume jewelry

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
chin hou / chinhou / chin ho / chinhozhēn bǎo / zhen1 bao3 / zhen bao / zhenbaochen pao / chenpao
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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