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  1. Desire / Wish / Aspiration

  2. Kama - Desire Wish Longing

  3. Worldwide Wish for Peace and Prosperity

  4. Longevity / Long Life Wishes

  5. Hope

  6. Great Expectations

Desire / Wish / Aspiration

 yuàn wàng
 gan bou
Desire / Wish / Aspiration Scroll

願望 means desire, wish, or aspiration in Chinese and Japanese.

Kama - Desire Wish Longing

 yù lè
Kama - Desire Wish Longing Scroll

欲樂 is the Chinese and Japanese title representing the Buddhist and Jainist joys of the five desires.

Kama comes from the Pali/Sanskrit काम. The meaning is “desire, wish, longing.”

In Jainism, it can include sensual pleasure, sexual desire, and longing.

However, the Buddhist context refers more to any desire, wish, passion, longing, the pleasure of the senses, desire for, longing to and after, the aesthetic enjoyment of life, affection, or love, enjoyment of love is particularly with or without the enjoyment of sexual, sensual and erotic desire, and is often used without sexual connotations.

Worldwide Wish for Peace and Prosperity

 qǐ shèng shì kāi tài píng
Worldwide Wish for Peace and Prosperity Scroll

啟盛世開太平 means “To bring flourishing peace and security to the world (our current era).”

It's a wish that a new door leading to peace and prosperity could be opened to mankind.

Character and word breakdown:
啟 to open; to start; to initiate; to enlighten or awaken.
盛世 a flourishing period; period of prosperity; a golden age.
開 to open; to start; to turn on.
太平 peace and security; peace and tranquility; peace; tranquility.
I don't like to do breakdowns like this, as the words altogether create their unique meaning (encompassed in the main title above).

Longevity / Long Life Wishes

 nan zan no jyu
Longevity / Long Life Wishes Scroll

南山之壽 is a wish for long life for someone. The first part of this Japanese phrase is “Nan Zan,” which means “south mountain.” This mountain is one of the good wishes, good fortune, and prosperity. The title is often used as a salutation of good wishes.

The third Kanji is just a connector, and the last Kanji means long life or longevity.

I guess you could translate this phrase as “May your life be as long as Nan Zan is tall.”

Longevity / Long Life Wishes

A wish for a long and prosperous life

 fú rú dōng hǎi shòu bǐ nán shān
Longevity / Long Life Wishes Scroll

福如東海壽比南山 is a phrase that means “May you have good fortune as great as the eastern oceans, and may your life last as long as the southern mountains.”

In ancient Chinese mythology, the eastern oceans and southern mountains are where God resides (basically it is the same as saying “heaven”). So it's like saying, “May your good fortune and life be as vast as the heavens.”

There is also a longer, 14-character version of this phrase. Also, this can be cut into two scrolls (with half the phrase on each side - great for hanging on either side of a doorway). Just let me know if you'd like a special version (there is an additional cost).

 xī wàng
 ki bou
Hope Scroll

Besides “to hope” this also means “to wish for” or “to desire.”

It can also mean expectation or aspiration depending on context.

Note: Also considered to be one of the Seven Heavenly Virtues.

See Also:  Faith | Desire

Great Expectations

 bou / nozomi
Great Expectations Scroll

望 holds the ideas of ambition, hope, desire, aspiring to, expectations, looking towards, to gaze (into the distance), and in some contexts, full moon rising.

望 is one of those single characters that is vague but in that vagueness, it also means many things.

望 is a whole word in Chinese and old Korean but is seldom seen alone in Japanese. Still, it holds the meanings noted above in all three languages.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles


More info & calligraphy:

Idea / Thought / Meaning
idea; meaning; thought; to think; wish; desire; intention; to expect; to anticipate
(1) feelings; thoughts; (2) meaning; (personal name) Kokoro
Manas, the sixth of the ṣaḍāyatanas or six means of perception, i.e. sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and mind. Manas means "mind (in its widest sense as applied to all the mental powers), intellect, intelligence, understanding, perception, sense, conscience, will". M.W. It is "the intellectual function of consciousness", Keith. In Chinese it connotes thought, idea, intention, meaning, will; but in Buddhist terminology its distinctive meaning is mind, or the faculty of thought; mentation

see styles


to wish for; to desire; variant of 慾|欲[yu4]
greed; craving; desire; avarice; wants; (surname) Yoku
rājas, passion. Also kāma, desire, love. The Chinese word means to breathe after, aspire to, desire, and is also used as 慾 for lust, passion; it is inter alia intp. as 染愛塵 tainted with the dust (or dirt) of love, or lust. The three desires are for beauty, demeanour, and softness; the five are those of the five physical senses.


see styles
xī wàng
    xi1 wang4
hsi wang

More info & calligraphy:

to wish for; to desire; hope; CL:個|个[ge4]
(noun/participle) hope; wish; aspiration; (female given name) Yume
to yearn for


see styles

More info & calligraphy:

Omoi / Desire
(1) thought; (2) imagination; mind; heart; (3) desire; wish; hope; expectation; (4) love; affection; (5) feelings; emotion; sentiment; experience


see styles
zhù fú
    zhu4 fu2
chu fu

More info & calligraphy:

Blessings and Good Wishes
blessings; to wish sb well
(noun, transitive verb) (1) celebration (of a joyous occasion); blessing; giving one's blessing; wishing (someone) good luck; (noun, transitive verb) (2) {Christn} blessing (from God)



see styles
yuàn wàng
    yuan4 wang4
yüan wang
 ganbou(p); ganmou / ganbo(p); ganmo
    がんぼう(P); がんもう

More info & calligraphy:

Desire / Wish / Aspiration
desire; wish
(noun, transitive verb) desire; wish; aspiration


see styles
 kaama / kama

More info & calligraphy:

(1) kama (desire, wish, or longing; one of the goals of life in Hindu tradition) (san:); (2) Kamadeva (Hindu god of human love); (personal name) Khama

see styles

to long for; to wish; to cling to; to stick to; something that sticks; close to; next to; spread open; informal abbr. for bus 巴士[ba1 shi4]; bar (unit of pressure); nominalizing suffix on certain nouns, such as 尾巴[wei3 ba5], tail
(abbreviation) (See パーリ語) Pali language; (personal name) He
The open hand, palm; to lay hold of; to flatter.

see styles

(literary) to wish; to hope; sad; sorrowful
to hope

see styles
to think; to believe; to suppose; to wish; to want; to miss (feel wistful about the absence of sb or something)
(1) conception; idea; thought; (2) {Buddh} (See 五蘊) samjna (perception); (given name) Nozomu
To think, meditate, reflect, expect; a function of mind; conception

see styles
to wish; to express good wishes; to pray; (old) wizard
(1) {Shinto} (See 宮司,禰宜・1,神主・2) junior Shinto priest; (2) (polite language) (rare) {Shinto} Shinto priest; generic title for a member of the Shinto priesthood; (surname) Yoshi
To invoke, either to bless or curse; to invoke

see styles
ode; eulogy; to praise in writing; to wish (in letters)
{Buddh} (See 偈) gatha (poetic verse of a scripture); (personal name) Homeru
Extol, praise. gāthā, hymns, songs, verses, stanzas, the metrical part of a sūtra; cf. 伽陀; to praise

see styles
to hope; to wish; to desire; hoped-for; ready; willing
prayer; wish; vow; (female given name) Nozomi
praṇihita; praṇidhāna; resolve, will, desire, cf. 誓; to desire


see styles
(particle) (1) (at sentence end) I wonder; (2) (at sentence end) should I?; is it?; (3) (at sentence end) I wish that (with a negative); I hope that; (female given name) Kana; (place-name) Cana


see styles
(expression) (1) also; too; not ... either; as well; even; (expression) (2) (after the volitional or dictionary form of verb) (it's not possible) no matter what; although one might wish otherwise; (female given name) Nimo


see styles
(particle) (1) although; despite; even though; and yet; (particle) (2) whereas; while; (particle) (3) if only; I wish; (particle) (4) in order to


see styles
bù kōng
    bu4 kong1
pu k`ung
    pu kung
 fukuu / fuku
(given name, person) Fukuu
Amogha, Amoghavajra. 不空三藏; 智藏; 阿目佉跋折羅 Not empty (or not in vain) vajra. The famous head of the Yogācāra school in China. A Singhalese of northern brahmanic descent, having lost his father, he came at the age of 15 with his uncle to 東海, the eastern sea, or China, where in 718 he became a disciple of 金剛智 Vajrabodhi. After the latter's death in 732, and at his wish, Eliot says in 741, he went to India and Ceylon in search of esoteric or tantric writings, and returned in 746, when he baptized the emperor Xuan Tsung. He was especially noted for rain-making and stilling storms. In 749 he received permission to return home, but was stopped by imperial orders when in the south of China. In ?756 under Su Tsung he was recalled to the capital. His time until 771 was spent translating and editing tantric books in 120 volumes, and the Yogacara 密教 rose to its peak of prosperity. He died greatly honoured at 70 years of age, in 774, the twelfth year of Tai Tsung, the third emperor under whom he had served. The festival of feeding the hungry spirits 孟蘭勝會 is attributed to him. His titles of 智藏 and 不空三藏 are Thesaurus of Wisdom and Amogha Tripitaka; not empty



see styles
bù yuàn
    bu4 yuan4
pu yüan
unwilling; unwillingness
does not wish; does not wish


see styles
rèn yì
    ren4 yi4
jen i
any; arbitrary; at will; at random
(adj-no,adj-na,n) (1) optional; voluntary; arbitrary; random; discretionary; facultative; spontaneous; any; (adj-no,adj-na,n) (2) {math} arbitrary; (female given name) Nin'i
according to one's wish; according to one's wish



see styles
dàn yuàn
    dan4 yuan4
tan yüan
if only (something were possible); I wish (that)



see styles
yī liàn
    yi1 lian4
i lien
to be fondly attached to; to not wish to part with; to cling to


see styles
piān piān
    pian1 pian1
p`ien p`ien
    pien pien
(indicates that something turns out just the opposite of what one would wish) unfortunately; as it happened; (indicates that something is the opposite of what would be normal or reasonable) stubbornly; contrarily; against reason; (indicates that sb or a group is singled out) precisely; only; of all people



see styles
jiǎo yuàn
    jiao3 yuan4
chiao yüan
to wish; to wish


see styles
 kibou / kibo
(noun/participle) hope; wish; aspiration


see styles
(Godan verb with "u" ending) (1) (kana only) to come true (wish); (2) (kana only) to be suited; (3) (kana only) to match (implies competition); to rival; to bear (e.g. I can't bear the heat)



see styles
sù yuàn
    su4 yuan4
su yüan
long-cherished wish


see styles
 houju / hoju
(1) precious orb; (2) (abbreviation) {Buddh} (See 宝珠の玉) Cintamani stone; wish-fulfilling jewel; (3) hōju; uppermost spherical part of a pagoda finial; (surname, female given name) Houju


see styles
hài xiǎng
    hai4 xiang3
hai hsiang
害覺 The wish, or thought, to injure another; harmful thoughts



see styles
sù yuàn
    su4 yuan4
su yüan
long-cherished wish
longstanding desire
The vow made in a former existence; long-term aim


see styles
(transitive verb) to congratulate; to wish one well

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
gan bou / ganbou / gan boyuàn wàng
yuan4 wang4
yuan wang
yüan wang
Kama - Desire Wish Longing欲樂
yokurakuyù lè / yu4 le4 / yu le / yuleyü le / yüle
Worldwide Wish for Peace and Prosperity啟盛世開太平
qǐ shèng shì kāi tài píng
qi3 sheng4 shi4 kai1 tai4 ping2
qi sheng shi kai tai ping
ch`i sheng shih k`ai t`ai p`ing
chi sheng shih kai tai ping
Long Life Wishes
nan zan no jyu
Long Life Wishes
fú rú dōng hǎi shòu bǐ nán shān
fu2 ru2 dong1 hai3 shou4 bi3 nan2 shan1
fu ru dong hai shou bi nan shan
fu ju tung hai shou pi nan shan
Hope希望ki bou / kibou / ki boxī wàng / xi1 wang4 / xi wang / xiwanghsi wang / hsiwang
Great Expectationsbou / nozomi
bo / nozomi
wàng / wang4 / wang
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Great Expectations Scroll
Great Expectations Scroll
Great Expectations Scroll

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