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  1. Win / Victory

  2. Bloodless Victory

  3. Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself, and You Cannot Lose

  4. Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself, and Win 100 Battles

  5. Venus / Gold Star

  6. Drain the pond to get all the fish

Win / Victory

Win / Victory Scroll

勝 is a single character that means to win or be victorious.

This can also be translated: To overcome; success; to beat; to defeat; to surpass; superior to; to get the better of; better than; surpassing; superb.

In another context, this can mean beautiful (scenery); scenic spot; or scenic beauty.

In Taiwanese Mandarin, this can be pronounced with the first tone (sheng1) and mean: Able to bear; equal to (a task).

In Japan, this can also be the name Masaru.

In Korea, this has the same meaning but can also be the surname Sŭng.

Bloodless Victory

 bīng bù xuè rèn
Bloodless Victory Scroll

Perhaps a pacifist view or perhaps the best kind of victory; 兵不血刃 reflect this idea:
The edges of the swords not being stained with blood.

You could also translate it as: Win victory without firing a shot.

The first character means army or force. The second character means without or none. The last two characters mean bloodstained knives. So it represents a returning victorious army without bloodstained knives. 兵不血刃 is the very literal sense of this Chinese proverb. The title definition is more accurate to the way this proverb is understood.

Asking yourself why the direct or literal translation is different?
...Think of compound words in English such as “nevertheless” if we break it apart to “never the less,” we will have trouble getting the real definition of “in spite of that.” Similar things happen when multiple characters create a compounded word in Chinese.

Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself, and You Cannot Lose

 zhí bǐ zhí jī bǎi zhàn bú dài
Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself, and You Cannot Lose Scroll

知彼知己百戰不殆 is from Sun Tzu's (Sunzi's) Art of War. It means that if you know and understand the enemy, you also know yourself, and thus with this complete understanding, you cannot lose.

This proverb is often somewhat directly translated as “Know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles without defeat.”

It can also be translated as “If you know both yourself and your enemy, you can come out of hundreds of battles without danger,” or “Know your enemy, know yourself, and your victory will not be threatened.”

Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself, and Win 100 Battles

 teki o shi ri o no o shi re ba hya ku sen aya u ka ra zu
Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself, and Win 100 Battles Scroll

敵を知り己を知れば百戦危うからず is the longer/full Japanese version of this proverb. This means “Know your enemy, know yourself, and you will not fear a hundred battles.”

Others will translate this as “Know thy enemy, know thyself, yields victory in one hundred battles.”

Note: Because this selection contains some special Japanese Hiragana characters, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

Venus / Gold Star

 jīn xīng
 kinboshi / kinsei
Venus / Gold Star Scroll

金星 literally means gold star. Most of the time, in the context of the sky, this refers to the planet Venus.

Away from the sky, this can refer to a dazzling victory (e.g. win of a rank-and-file wrestler over the grand champion) or be the Japanese surname Kinboshi.

In the Buddhist context, this is Śukra, from Sanskrit for the planet Venus.

Drain the pond to get all the fish

Kill the goose that lays the golden eggs

 jié zé ér yú
Drain the pond to get all the fish Scroll

In 632 BC, Duke Wen of the Kingdom of Jin was about to lead an army against the forces of the Kingdom of Chu.
The Duke asked one of his advisers, Jiu Fan, how they could win the impending battle, as they were drastically outnumbered.
Jiu Fan said, “All is fair in war,” and suggested a plan of dishonorable tactics (cheating).
The Duke was unsure of this advice, so he asked another adviser, Yong Ji, who replied, “If you catch fish by draining the pond, you can certainly get all the fish. But there will be no fish the following year. You can cheat this one time in battle, but such tactics can only be used once, as the enemy will be wise in future encounters.”

The Duke heard the words of his wiser adviser but cheated to gain victory in the battle. However, he rewarded Yong Ji more than Jiu Fan at the victory celebration, stating that while Jiu Fan's advice gained one victory, the wise words of Yong Ji would last forever.

This Chinese idiom/proverb is still used, over 2600 years later to remind people not to burn bridges, cheat, or dishonor themselves in exchange for a short-term gain while sacrificing the future.

竭澤而漁 is very similar to the meaning of the English phrase, “Kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.”

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles

More info & calligraphy:

Win / Victory
victory; success; to beat; to defeat; to surpass; victorious; superior to; to get the better of; better than; surpassing; superb (of vista); beautiful (scenery); wonderful (view); (Taiwan pr. [sheng1]) able to bear; equal to (a task)
(1) win; victory; (2) beautiful scenery; scenic spot; (suf,ctr) (3) (ant: 敗・2) counter for wins; (surname, female given name) Masaru
jina, victorious, from ji, to overcome, surpass.


see styles
jīn xīng
    jin1 xing1
chin hsing

More info & calligraphy:

Venus / Gold Star
gold star; stars (that one sees from blow to the head etc)
(1) dazzling victory; (2) {sumo} win of a rank-and-file wrestler over the grand champion; (surname) Kinboshi
Śukra, the planet Venus.


see styles
one win; one victory; (personal name) Kazuyoshi


see styles
(v5t,vi) to win; to gain victory



see styles
zhì shèng
    zhi4 sheng4
chih sheng
 seikatsu / sekatsu
to win; to prevail; to come out on top
(noun/participle) victory; championship; (given name) Seikatsu


see styles
(v5t,vi) to win; to gain victory



see styles
shèng chū
    sheng4 chu1
sheng ch`u
    sheng chu
to come out on top; to win (in an election, contest etc); success; victory



see styles
shèng lì
    sheng4 li4
sheng li
victory; CL:個|个[ge4]
(noun/participle) victory; triumph; conquest; success; win; (male given name) Masatoshi
excellent benefit


see styles
 shouki / shoki
chance to win; opportunity to win; chance of victory



see styles
shèng sù
    sheng4 su4
sheng su
 shouso / shoso
to win a court case
(n,vs,vi) (ant: 敗訴) winning a (legal) case; victory (in a legal case)


see styles
gào jié
    gao4 jie2
kao chieh
to win; to be victorious; to report a victory



see styles
dà shèng
    da4 sheng4
ta sheng
to defeat decisively; to win decisively; great victory; triumph
(n,vs,vi,adj-no) great victory; crushing victory; (surname) Daikatsu



see styles
wán shèng
    wan2 sheng4
wan sheng
to score a convincing win; to crush (one's opponent)
(n,vs,vi) complete victory; total victory; (given name) Sadakatsu


see styles
jié lì
    jie2 li4
chieh li
(noun/participle) victory; triumph; conquest; success; win; (male given name) Katsutoshi



see styles
wěn shèng
    wen3 sheng4
wen sheng
to beat comfortably; to win easily; abbr. for 穩操勝券|稳操胜券, to have victory within one's grasp


see styles
(v5t,vi) to win; to gain victory



see styles
tǎng yíng
    tang3 ying2
t`ang ying
    tang ying
to win without needing to even lift a finger; victory presented on a platter



see styles
shū yíng
    shu1 ying2
shu ying
 yuei; shuei / yue; shue
    ゆえい; しゅえい
win or loss; outcome
gain or loss; victory or defeat



see styles
xiǎn shèng
    xian3 sheng4
hsien sheng
to win by a narrow margin; to barely win; narrow victory


see styles
(n,vs,vi) great victory; big win; huge profit; killing



see styles
dà shèng lì
    da4 sheng4 li4
ta sheng li
 daishouri / daishori
huge win; overwhelming victory
great reward


see styles
(transitive verb) to exert oneself and win; to gain (victory)


see styles
(transitive verb) to exert oneself and win; to gain (victory)



see styles
dà huò quán shèng
    da4 huo4 quan2 sheng4
ta huo ch`üan sheng
    ta huo chüan sheng
to seize total victory (idiom); an overwhelming victory; to win by a landslide (in election)



see styles
qí kāi dé shèng
    qi2 kai1 de2 sheng4
ch`i k`ai te sheng
    chi kai te sheng
lit. to win a victory on raising the flag (idiom); fig. to start on something and have immediate success; success in a single move


see styles
 isshou / issho
one win; one victory


see styles
(expression) (net-sl) victory is mine; with this, I'll win


see styles
 shourioosameru / shorioosameru
(exp,v1) to gain a victory; to win


see styles
{sports} straight-sets victory; straight-set win


see styles
(v5k,vi) (1) to win through (e.g. to the next round); to win game after game; (v5k,vi) (2) to achieve a final victory; to fight to the end and win; to come out on top

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese

shou / shoshèng / sheng4 / sheng
Bloodless Victory兵不血刃bīng bù xuè rèn
bing1 bu4 xue4 ren4
bing bu xue ren
ping pu hsüeh jen
Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself, and You Cannot Lose知彼知己百戰不殆
zhí bǐ zhí jī bǎi zhàn bú dài
zhi2 bi3 zhi2 ji1 bai3 zhan4 bu2 dai4
zhi bi zhi ji bai zhan bu dai
chih pi chih chi pai chan pu tai
Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself, and Win 100 Battles敵を知り己を知れば百戦危うからずteki o shi ri o no o shi re ba hya ku sen aya u ka ra zu
Gold Star
金星kinboshi / kinseijīn xīng / jin1 xing1 / jin xing / jinxingchin hsing / chinhsing
Drain the pond to get all the fish竭澤而漁
jié zé ér yú
jie2 ze2 er2 yu2
jie ze er yu
chieh tse erh yü
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Drain the pond to get all the fish Scroll
Drain the pond to get all the fish Scroll
Drain the pond to get all the fish Scroll
Drain the pond to get all the fish Scroll

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Drain the pond to get all the fish Vertical Portrait
Drain the pond to get all the fish Horizontal Wall Scroll
Drain the pond to get all the fish Vertical Portrait

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