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Viola in Chinese / Japanese...

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China zhōng tí qín
Viola Vertical Wall Scroll

中提琴 is the Chinese title for the stringed musical instrument known in English as the viola.


China jǐn
Japan sumire
Violet Vertical Wall Scroll

菫 is the Japanese Kanji for violet.

This can refer to any flower of genus Viola, esp. the Fuji dawn, Viola mandshurica.

This can also be the Japanese name Sumire. 菫 is also commonly written in Katakana as スミレ.

菫 is a variant of Chinese character 堇 (jin3) which has the same meaning.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin jǐn / jin3
Taiwan chin
Japanese sumire;sumire / すみれ;スミレ
Violet Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese variant of 堇[jin3]; violet
Japanese (kana only) violet (any flower of genus Viola, esp. the Fuji dawn, Viola mandshurica); (surname, female given name) Sumire; (female given name) Sumina; (female given name) Kin


see styles
Mandarin zhōng tí qín / zhong1 ti2 qin2
Taiwan chung t`i ch`in / chung ti chin
Violet Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese viola

see styles
Mandarin huán / huan2
Taiwan huan
Chinese (vegetable); Viola vaginata


see styles
Japanese nioisumire;nioisumire / においすみれ;ニオイスミレ Japanese (kana only) sweet violet (Viola odorata)


see styles
Mandarin tí qín / ti2 qin2
Taiwan t`i ch`in / ti chin
Japanese teikin / tekin / ていきん
Chinese instrument of the violin family (violin, viola, cello or double bass); CL:把[ba3]
Japanese (1) tiqin (2 or 4-stringed Chinese instrument played with a bow); (2) (See バイオリン) violin


see styles
Japanese sumiregusa / すみれぐさ Japanese (archaism) Fuji dawn (species of violet, Viola mandshurica)


see styles
Japanese sumire / スミレ Japanese (kana only) violet (any flower of genus Viola, esp. the Fuji dawn, Viola mandshurica); (female given name) Sumire


see styles
Japanese biora / ビオラ Japanese viola (ita:); (personal name) Viola


see styles
Japanese sanshokusumire / さんしょくすみれ    sanshikisumire / さんしきすみれ Japanese heartsease (wild pansy, Viola tricolor)


see styles
Japanese sumiregusa / すみれぐさ Japanese (archaism) Fuji dawn (species of violet, Viola mandshurica)


see styles
Japanese panjii / panji / パンジー Japanese pansy (Viola tricolor hortensis)


see styles
Japanese riora / ヴィオラ Japanese viola (ita:)


see styles
Mandarin zǐ huā dì dīng / zi3 hua1 di4 ding1
Taiwan tzu hua ti ting
Chinese Chinese violet (Viola mandsurica)


see styles
Japanese sumiregusa / スミレグサ Japanese (archaism) Fuji dawn (species of violet, Viola mandshurica)


see styles
Japanese aiora / ヴァイオラ Japanese (female given name) Viola


see styles
Japanese rioora / ヴィオーラ Japanese viola (ita:)


see styles
Japanese sanshokusumire / さんしょくスミレ    sanshikisumire / さんしきスミレ Japanese heartsease (wild pansy, Viola tricolor)


see styles
Japanese nioisumire / ニオイスミレ Japanese (kana only) sweet violet (Viola odorata)


see styles
Japanese sumiregusa;sumiregusa / すみれぐさ;スミレグサ Japanese (archaism) Fuji dawn (species of violet, Viola mandshurica)


see styles
Japanese bioradaganba / ビオラダガンバ Japanese (music) viola da gamba (ita:)


see styles
Japanese bioradamoore / ビオラダモーレ Japanese viola d'amore (ita:)


see styles
Japanese rioradaganba / ヴィオラダガンバ Japanese (music) viola da gamba (ita:)


see styles
Japanese biora da ganba / ビオラ・ダ・ガンバ Japanese (music) viola da gamba (ita:)


see styles
Japanese sanshikisumire(三色sumire);sanshokusumire(三色sumire);sanshikisumire(三色菫);sanshokusumire(三色菫) / さんしきスミレ(三色スミレ);さんしょくスミレ(三色スミレ);さんしきすみれ(三色菫);さんしょくすみれ(三色菫) Japanese heartsease (wild pansy, Viola tricolor)


see styles
Japanese riora da ganba / ヴィオラ・ダ・ガンバ Japanese (music) viola da gamba (ita:)


see styles
Japanese biora(p);riora;rioora / ビオラ(P);ヴィオラ;ヴィオーラ Japanese viola (ita:)


see styles
Japanese rioradaganba;bioradaganba;riora da ganba;biora da ganba / ヴィオラダガンバ;ビオラダガンバ;ヴィオラ・ダ・ガンバ;ビオラ・ダ・ガンバ Japanese {music} viola da gamba (ita:)

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Violet Vertical Wall Scroll
Violet Vertical Wall Scroll
Violet Vertical Wall Scroll

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Viola中提琴zhōng tí qín
zhong1 ti2 qin2
zhong ti qin
chung t`i ch`in
chung ti chin
Violetsumirejǐn / jin3 / jinchin

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