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Transcendence in Chinese / Japanese...

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Tranquility Yields Transcendence

China níng jìng zhì yuǎn
Tranquility Yields Transcendence Vertical Wall Scroll

寧靜致遠 is an ancient Chinese idiom which means "tranquility yields transcendence."

This suggests pursuing a quiet life of profound study.

The first two characters mean tranquility. The last two characters mean "go far" which suggests achieving much in your life or expanding beyond normal limits. The direct translation would read something like, "[With] tranquility [in your life, you'll] go far."

Compare this to the English idiom: Still waters run deep.

Overcome / Surpass / Rise Above

China chāo yuè
Japan chou etsu
Overcome / Surpass / Rise Above Vertical Wall Scroll

In Chinese, Japanese Kanji and old Korean Hanja, this means overcome, surpass, transcendence, excel, to exceed, go beyond, to rise above, or to transcend.


China zhuó yuè
Japan taku etsu
Excellence Vertical Wall Scroll

Excellence is doing your best, giving careful attention to every task and every relationship.

卓越 can also be defined as excellence, remarkable, surpassing, splendid, transcendence, preeminence, or distinguished. Sometimes it can mean "superiority."

See Also:  Pride

True Emptiness Yields Transcendent Existence

China zhēn kōng miào yǒu
Japan shin kuu myou u
True Emptiness Yields Transcendent Existence Vertical Wall Scroll

According to Soothill 眞空妙有 means:
The true void is the mysteriously existing; truly void, or immaterial, yet transcendentally existing.

眞空妙有 is the state of being absolutely nonexistent after removing all errant worldly influences. 眞空妙有 is achieved when all forms of existence is seen for their real nature.

This is a complex Buddhist concept. Feel free to add to the conversation about this concept here: Asian Forum: Shinku Myou

When Three People Gather,
Wisdom is Multiplied

Japan san nin yore ba monju no chie
When Three People Gather, / Wisdom is Multiplied Vertical Wall Scroll

This literally means, "when three people meet, wisdom is exchanged."

Some will suggest this means when three people come together, their wisdom is multiplied.

That wisdom part can also be translated as wit, sagacity, intelligence, or Buddhist Prajna (insight leading to enlightenment).

In the middle of this proverb is "monju," suggesting "transcendent wisdom." This is where the multiplication of wisdom idea comes from.

Note: This is very similar to the Chinese proverb, "When 3 people meet, one becomes a teacher."

Note: Because this selection contains some special Japanese Hiragana characters, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
Mandarin zhuó yuè / zhuo2 yue4
Taiwan cho yüeh
Japanese takuetsu / たくえつ
When Three People Gather, / Wisdom is Multiplied Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese outstanding; surpassing; distinguished; splendid
Japanese (noun/participle) preeminence; excellence; superiority; transcendence


see styles
Mandarin chāo yuè / chao1 yue4
Taiwan ch`ao yüeh / chao yüeh
Japanese chouetsu / choetsu / ちょうえつ
When Three People Gather, / Wisdom is Multiplied Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese to surpass; to exceed; to transcend
Japanese (1) transcendence; transcendency; (can act as adjective) (2) transcendental; (noun or participle which takes the aux. verb suru) (3) to transcend; to rise above
Surpassing, supreme; to pass over, be exempt from; the past



see styles
Mandarin níng jìng zhì yuǎn / ning2 jing4 zhi4 yuan3
Taiwan ning ching chih yüan
Chinese tranquility yields transcendence (idiom); quiet life of profound study; cf Still waters run deep.


see styles
Japanese chouzetsu / chozetsu / ちょうぜつ Japanese (noun/participle) transcendence; excellence; superiority



see styles
Mandarin nèi zài chāo yuè / nei4 zai4 chao1 yue4
Taiwan nei tsai ch`ao yüeh / nei tsai chao yüeh
Chinese inner transcendence (perfection through one's own inner moral cultivation, as in Confucianism, for example)


see styles
Mandarin wài zài chāo yuè / wai4 zai4 chao1 yue4
Taiwan wai tsai ch`ao yüeh / wai tsai chao yüeh
Chinese outer transcendence (perfection through the agency of God)



see styles
Mandarin fǎ huá sān mèi / fa3 hua2 san1 mei4
Taiwan fa hua san mei
Japanese hokke zanmai
The samādhi which sees into the three 諦 dogmas of 空假中 unreality, dependent reality and transcendence, or the noumenal, phenomenal, and the absolute which unites them; it is derived from the "sixteen" samādhis in chapter 24 of the Lotus Sutra. There is a法華三昧經 independent of this samādhi.


see styles
Mandarin niè pán bā wèi / nie4 pan2 ba1 wei4
Taiwan nieh p`an pa wei / nieh pan pa wei
Japanese nehan no hachimi
The eight rasa, i.e. flavours, or characteristics of nirvāṇa-permanence, peace, no growing old, no death, purity, transcendence, unperturbedness, joy; eight flavors of nirvāṇa


see styles
Japanese jikochouetsu / jikochoetsu / じこちょうえつ Japanese self-transcendence

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Tranquility Yields Transcendence寧靜致遠
níng jìng zhì yuǎn
ning2 jing4 zhi4 yuan3
ning jing zhi yuan
ning ching chih yüan
Rise Above
超越chou etsu / chouetsu / cho etsu / choetsuchāo yuè / chao1 yue4 / chao yue / chaoyuech`ao yüeh / chaoyüeh / chao yüeh
Excellence卓越taku etsu / takuetsuzhuó yuè / zhuo2 yue4 / zhuo yue / zhuoyuecho yüeh / choyüeh
True Emptiness Yields Transcendent Existence眞空妙有shin kuu myou u
shin ku myo u
zhēn kōng miào yǒu
zhen1 kong1 miao4 you3
zhen kong miao you
chen k`ung miao yu
chen kung miao yu
When Three People Gather, Wisdom is Multiplied三人寄れば文殊の知恵san nin yore ba monju no chie
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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