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  1. Sun / Solar

  2. Morning Sun

  3. Sun Goddess

  4. Sun

  5. Asahi / Morning Sun

  6. Sun Moon Stars

  7. The Sun, Moon, and Stars

  8. Tomorrow / The Next Sun

  9. Sunn

10. Sune

11. Assuncao

12. Heaven

13. Day

14. Elson

15. Gerson

16. Madisson

17. Daodejing / Tao Te Ching - Chapter 54

Sun / Solar

Also means Day, Sunshine, Sunlight, or Japan

 hi / nichi
Sun / Solar Scroll

日 is the word for sun.

It also means day and can refer to the day of the month when expressing the date.
Example: October 1st would be “10 Moons, 1 Sun.”

日 is also the first Kanji for the title of Japan (in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and Korean Hanja). Thus, this character is used as an adjective for things that are Japanese.
Ever heard of Japan being called, “The land of the rising sun”? Well, that's what the full title of Japan means.

Depending on the context, this character can mean Sunshine or Sunlight.

Note: In Japanese, this Kanji has a variety of possible pronunciations. The pronunciation changed depending on context and how this Kanji is combined with other Kanji. When used alone, this is usually "hi" (pronounced like "hee") but sometimes it’s "nichi." When combined, it can be "tsu," "ni," "ka," and a few others.

Morning Sun Scroll

This Chinese, Japanese, and old Korean character means morning sun, dawn, or rising sun.

It can also be the Japanese surname Kyoku or Asahi.

 tiān zhào huáng dà shén
Sun Goddess Scroll

天照皇大神 is the title for Sun Goddess or Amaterasu Oomikami in Japanese.

Rare Chinese Buddhists/Shitoists may be familiar with this (so I have included the Chinese pronunciation above) however, this should generally be considered a specifically-Japanese title.

Besides Amaterasuoomikami, this can also be pronounced/romanized as Tenshoukoudaijin. There are several similar ways to write Sun Goddess in Japanese, so don't be surprised if you see different forms on the web, etc.

 tài yang
 tai you
Sun Scroll

太陽 is a two-character title for the Sun.

This refers specifically to Sol, the star at the center of our Solar system.

In Japanese, this is often romanized as Taiyou or Taiyo but can also be pronounced as the names Minami, Hiroaki, Hinata, Hikaru, Tsubasa, Tahi, Takayasu, Takaharu, or Soru.

Asahi / Morning Sun

 zhāo rì
Asahi / Morning Sun Scroll

朝日 is a version of the Japanese name Asahi.

This can also be Ahisa, Asuka, Ashita, or Asaka. This means morning sun and is the name of the famous beer company in Japan.

This would be read as “Zhao Ri” in Mandarin where it means morning sun but is also known to be the Asahi company (maker of beer and other beverages).

Sun Moon Stars

 rì yuè xīng
Sun Moon Stars Scroll

日月星 is the shortest way to write a title (or word list) that means Sun, Moon, Stars.

The Sun, Moon, and Stars

 rì yuè xīng chén
The Sun, Moon, and Stars Scroll

日月星辰 is a title that encompasses all of the heavenly bodies or celestial bodies.

Namely, this includes the Sun, Moon, and Stars of our universe.

Tomorrow / The Next Sun

 míng rì
 ashita / meibi
Tomorrow / The Next Sun Scroll

明日 is a common way to say “tomorrow” in Chinese and Japanese Kanji.

This temporal noun literally means “next sun[rise].” In addition to “tomorrow,” it can also mean “near future.”

In Japanese, this can also be the female given name Meibi.

Sunn Scroll

孫 is the name Sunn in Chinese (Mandarin).

Sune Scroll

孫 is the name Sune in Chinese (Mandarin).

 ā sǔn sà ào
Assuncao Scroll

This is a common Mandarin Chinese transliteration for the female Portuguese/Latin name Assunção or Assuncao.

Heaven Scroll

天 means “heaven” or “sky” in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

The context determines if you are talking about heaven or the sky above (often they are the same concept).

When combined with other characters, words like “today” and “tomorrow” are created. While sometimes the character for “sun” is used to mean “day,” often “sky” represents “day” in Asian languages.
Example: 今天 (this sky) = “today,” 明天 (next sky) = “tomorrow” in modern Chinese and Japanese.

In Chinese culture, regardless of which religion, it's almost always assumed that God (and any other deities) live up above the sky. The concept of God living in the sky is likely the reason heaven is associated with this character.
The equation goes something like this: God's domain is the sky, thus, the sky is heaven.

Note: As a single character, this is a little ambiguous, so you might want to choose our Kingdom of Heaven selection instead.

See Also:  Heaven | God | Today

 hi / nichi
Day Scroll

This is how to write “day” in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Hanja.

This can also mean “Sun,” the star in the middle of the Solar system in which we live. In Japanese, it can also mean “sunshine” or even “Sunday.”

When writing the date in modern Chinese and Japanese, putting a number in front of this character indicates the day of the month. Of course, you need to indicate the month too... The month is expressed with a number followed by the character for the moon. So “three moons ten suns” would be “March 10th” or “3/10.”

Note: This is also the first character for the proper name of Japan. Remember that Japan is “The land of the rising sun”? Well, the first character for Japan means “sun” and the second means “origin” so you get the real meaning now. Sometimes, in China, this sun character can be a short name for Japan or a suffix for something of or from Japan.

 āi ěr sūn
Elson Scroll

This is a common Mandarin Chinese transliteration for the male Spanish/Latin name Elson.

 gài ěr sūn
Gerson Scroll

This is a common Mandarin Chinese transliteration for the male Spanish/Latin name Gerson.

 mǎ dí sǔn
Madisson Scroll

This is a common Mandarin Chinese transliteration for the female French name Madisson.

Daodejing / Tao Te Ching - Chapter 54

 shàn jiàn zhě bù bá shàn bào zhě bù tuō zǐ sūn yǐ jì sì bù jué xiū zhī shēn qí dé nǎi zhēn xiū zhī jiā qí dé yǒu yú xiū zhī xiāng qí dé nǎi zhǎng xiū zhī guó qí dé nǎi féng xiū zhī yú tiān xià qí dé nǎi bó yǐ shēn guān shēn yǐ jiā guān jiā yǐ xiāng guān xiāng yǐ bāng guān bāng yǐ tiān xià guān tiān xià wú hé yǐ zhī tiān xià rán zī yǐ cǐ
Daodejing / Tao Te Ching - Chapter 54 Scroll

This is the Mawangdui version of Daodejing chapter 54.

What Tao plants cannot be plucked; What Tao clasps cannot slip.
By its virtue alone can one generation after another carry on the ancestral sacrifice.
Apply it to yourself, and by its power, you will be freed from dross.
Apply it to your household, and your household shall thereby have abundance.
Apply it to the village, and the village will be made secure.
Apply it to the kingdom, and the kingdom shall thereby be made to flourish.
Apply it to an empire, and the empire shall thereby be extended.
Therefore just as through oneself, one may contemplate Oneself;
So through the household one may contemplate the Household;
And through the village, one may contemplate the Village;
And through the kingdom, one may contemplate the Kingdom;
And through the empire, one may contemplate the Empire.
How do I know that the empire is so? By this.
Another translation:
What is firmly rooted cannot be pulled out;
What is tightly held in the arms will not slip loose;
Through this, the offering of sacrifice by descendants will never come to an end.

Cultivate it in your person, and its virtue will be genuine;
Cultivate it in the family, and its virtue will be more than sufficient;
Cultivate it in the hamlet, and its virtue will endure;
Cultivate it in the state, and its virtue will abound;
Cultivate it in the empire, and its virtue will be pervasive.

Hence look at the person through the person;
Look at the family through the family;
Look at the hamlet through the hamlet;
Look at the state through the state;
Look at the empire through the empire.

How do I know that the empire is like that?
By means of this.

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your sun search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles

More info & calligraphy:

grandson; descendant
grandchild; (given name) Yuzuru
Grandchild; grandson; translit. sun.



see styles
sūn wù kōng
    sun1 wu4 kong1
sun wu k`ung
    sun wu kung
 songokuu / songoku

More info & calligraphy:

Sun Wukong / Son Goku
Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, character with supernatural powers in the novel Journey to the West 西遊記|西游记[Xi1 you2 Ji4]; Son Goku, the main character in Dragon Ball 七龍珠|七龙珠[Qi1 long2 zhu1]
(1) (char) Sun Wukong (character in the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West); Monkey King; (2) (char) Son Goku (Dragon Ball); (ch) Sun Wukong (character in the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West); Monkey King; (ch) Son Goku (Dragon Ball)



see styles
sūn yàn zī
    sun1 yan4 zi1
sun yen tzu

More info & calligraphy:

Stefanie Sun (1978-), Singaporean singer-songwriter

see styles
to decrease; to lose; to damage; to harm; (coll.) to ridicule; to deride; (coll.) caustic; sarcastic; nasty; mean; one of the 64 hexagrams of the Book of Changes: ䷨
(n,adj-na,vs,vi) (1) loss; damage; harm; unprofitable; (noun or adjectival noun) (2) disadvantage; handicap; drawback; unfavorable; (personal name) Takuji
To spoil, hurt, damage.

see styles
to rub with the hand; to stroke

see styles
tenon (cabinetmaking)

see styles

see styles
 takouna / takona
bamboo shoot
(1) (kana only) bamboo shoot; (2) (abbreviation) (kana only) inexperienced doctor; quack; (out-dated or obsolete kana usage) (kana only) bamboo shoot

see styles
cross-beam for hanging bells

see styles
fragrant grass

see styles
falcon; Taiwan pr. [zhun3]
(kana only) falcon (esp. the peregrine falcon, Falco peregrinus); (surname) Hayabusa

see styles
(literary) supper

see styles
variant of 飧[sun1]
to dine



see styles
    bu4 sun3
pu sun
not harming



see styles
ér sūn
    er2 sun1
erh sun



see styles
gōng sūn
    gong1 sun1
kung sun
 kouson / koson
two-character surname Gongsun
(surname, given name) Kōson



see styles
dōng sǔn
    dong1 sun3
tung sun
winter bamboo shoots (smaller and tenderer as a result of being dug out before they come out of the soil)



see styles
    ge1 sun3
ko sun
circumcision (Bible term)



see styles
láo sǔn
    lao2 sun3
lao sun
strain (medicine)


see styles
    ka3 sun3
k`a sun
    ka sun
clip; latch (on a clip-into-place component)


see styles
mǎo sǔn
    mao3 sun3
mao sun
mortise and tenon (slot and tab forming a carpenter's joint)



see styles
cān sūn
    can1 sun1
ts`an sun
    tsan sun
Samson (name); biblical hero around 1100 BC



see styles
yòu sǔn
    you4 sun3
yu sun
 mata son su
further lessens



see styles
shòu sǔn
    shou4 sun3
shou sun
to suffer damage



see styles
zuǐ sǔn
    zui3 sun3
tsui sun
(dialect) sharp-tongued; harsh



see styles
wài sūn
    wai4 sun1
wai sun
 gaison; sotomago
    がいそん; そとまご
daughter's son; grandson; descendant via the female line
grandchild from a daughter married into another family



see styles
zhí sūn
    zhi2 sun1
chih sun
grandniece; grandnephew



see styles
    zi3 sun1
tzu sun
offspring; posterity
descendant; posterity; offspring; (surname) Shison



see styles
    sun1 wu2
sun wu
Sunwu county in Heihe 黑河[Hei1 he2], Heilongjiang



see styles
sūn jiān
    sun1 jian1
sun chien
Sun Jian (155-191), famous general at end of Han dynasty, forerunner of the southern kingdom of Wu of the Three Kingdoms
(personal name) Sonken

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
hi / nichirì / ri4 / rijih
Morning Sunasahixù / xu4 / xuhsü
Sun Goddess天照皇大神amaterasuoomikami
tiān zhào huáng dà shén
tian1 zhao4 huang2 da4 shen2
tian zhao huang da shen
t`ien chao huang ta shen
tien chao huang ta shen
tai you / taiyou / tai yotài yang / tai4 yang5 / tai yang / taiyangt`ai yang / taiyang / tai yang
Morning Sun
朝日asahizhāo rì
zhao1 ri4 
zhao ri 
Sun Moon Stars日月星nichigetsuseirì yuè xīng
ri4 yue4 xing1
ri yue xing
jih yüeh hsing
The Sun, Moon, and Stars日月星辰nichigetsuseishinrì yuè xīng chén
ri4 yue4 xing1 chen2
ri yue xing chen
jih yüeh hsing ch`en
jih yüeh hsing chen
The Next Sun
明日ashita / meibimíng rì / ming2 ri4 / ming ri / mingriming jih / mingjih
sūn / sun1 / sun
sūn / sun1 / sun
ā sǔn sà ào
a1 sun3 sa4 ao4
a sun sa ao
Heavententiān / tian1 / tiant`ien / tien
Dayhi / nichirì / ri4 / rijih
āi ěr sūn
ai1 er3 sun1
ai er sun
ai erh sun
gài ěr sūn
gai4 er3 sun1
gai er sun
kai erh sun
mǎ dí sǔn
ma3 di2 sun3
ma di sun
ma ti sun
Tao Te Ching - Chapter 54
shàn jiàn zhě bù bá shàn bào zhě bù tuō zǐ sūn yǐ jì sì bù jué xiū zhī shēn qí dé nǎi zhēn xiū zhī jiā qí dé yǒu yú xiū zhī xiāng qí dé nǎi zhǎng xiū zhī guó qí dé nǎi féng xiū zhī yú tiān xià qí dé nǎi bó yǐ shēn guān shēn yǐ jiā guān jiā yǐ xiāng guān xiāng yǐ bāng guān bāng yǐ tiān xià guān tiān xià wú hé yǐ zhī tiān xià rán zī yǐ cǐ
shan4 jian4 zhe3 bu4 ba2 shan4 bao4 zhe3 bu4 tuo1 zi3 sun1 yi3 ji4 si4 bu4 jue2 xiu1 zhi1 shen1 qi2 de2 nai3 zhen1 xiu1 zhi1 jia1 qi2 de2 you3 yu2 xiu1 zhi1 xiang1 qi2 de2 nai3 zhang3 xiu1 zhi1 guo2 qi2 de2 nai3 feng2 xiu1 zhi1 yu2 tian1 xia4 qi2 de2 nai3 bo2 yi3 shen1 guan1 shen1 yi3 jia1 guan1 jia1 yi3 xiang1 guan1 xiang1 yi3 bang1 guan1 bang1 yi3 tian1 xia4 guan1 tian1 xia4 wu2 he2 yi3 zhi1 tian1 xia4 ran2 zi1 yi3 ci3
shan jian zhe bu ba shan bao zhe bu tuo zi sun yi ji si bu jue xiu zhi shen qi de nai zhen xiu zhi jia qi de you yu xiu zhi xiang qi de nai zhang xiu zhi guo qi de nai feng xiu zhi yu tian xia qi de nai bo yi shen guan shen yi jia guan jia yi xiang guan xiang yi bang guan bang yi tian xia guan tian xia wu he yi zhi tian xia ran zi yi ci
shan chien che pu pa shan pao che pu t`o tzu sun i chi ssu pu chüeh hsiu chih shen ch`i te nai chen hsiu chih chia ch`i te yu yü hsiu chih hsiang ch`i te nai chang hsiu chih kuo ch`i te nai feng hsiu chih yü t`ien hsia ch`i te nai po i shen kuan shen i chia kuan chia i hsiang kuan hsiang i pang kuan pang i t`ien hsia kuan t`ien hsia wu ho i chih t`ien hsia jan tzu i tz`u
shan chien che pu pa shan pao che pu to tzu sun i chi ssu pu chüeh hsiu chih shen chi te nai chen hsiu chih chia chi te yu yü hsiu chih hsiang chi te nai chang hsiu chih kuo chi te nai feng hsiu chih yü tien hsia chi te nai po i shen kuan shen i chia kuan chia i hsiang kuan hsiang i pang kuan pang i tien hsia kuan tien hsia wu ho i chih tien hsia jan tzu i tzu
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Daodejing / Tao Te Ching - Chapter 54 Scroll
Daodejing / Tao Te Ching - Chapter 54 Scroll
Daodejing / Tao Te Ching - Chapter 54 Scroll
Daodejing / Tao Te Ching - Chapter 54 Scroll

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Daodejing / Tao Te Ching - Chapter 54 Vertical Portrait
Daodejing / Tao Te Ching - Chapter 54 Horizontal Wall Scroll
Daodejing / Tao Te Ching - Chapter 54 Vertical Portrait

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