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xiū xíng
shu gyou
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修行 is shugyō or shugyou in Japanese. It refers to ascetic practices, training, practice, discipline, and study.

修行 is also a word in the original Chinese, where it refers more to religious studies and practices.

In Buddhist context, this represents caryā. In Buddhism, this refers to conduct; to observe and do; to end one's ways; to cultivate oneself in right practice; to be religious; to be pious.

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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
xiū xíng
    xiu1 xing2
hsiu hsing
 shugyou(p); sugyou(ok) / shugyo(p); sugyo(ok)
    しゅぎょう(P); すぎょう(ok)

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to devote oneself to spiritual development (esp. Buddhism or Daoism); to devote oneself to perfecting one's art or craft
(noun, transitive verb) (1) training; practice; discipline; study; (noun, transitive verb) (2) {Buddh} ascetic practices; (personal name) Nobuyuki
caryā, conduct; to observe and do; to end one's ways; to cultivate oneself in right practice; be religious, or pious; to carry out or perform



see styles
zhǔ yè
    zhu3 ye4
chu yeh
 shugyou / shugyo
main business
one's main profession



see styles
xiū yè
    xiu1 ye4
hsiu yeh
 shuugyou(p); shugyou / shugyo(p); shugyo
    しゅうぎょう(P); しゅぎょう
to study at school
(n,vs,vt,vi) pursuit of knowledge; studying; learning; training; completing a course; (surname) Shiyugyou
practice; cultivation


see styles
 shuugyo / shugyo
(given name) Shuugyo



see styles
zhí yù
    zhi2 yu4
chih yü
to control



see styles
zhí yè
    zhi2 ye4
chih yeh
 shugyou / shugyo
to work in a profession (e.g. doctor, lawyer); practitioner; professional
(surname) Shugyou



see styles
zhí xíng
    zhi2 xing2
chih hsing
 shikkou(p); shugyou; shuugyou; shigyou / shikko(p); shugyo; shugyo; shigyo
    しっこう(P); しゅぎょう; しゅうぎょう; しぎょう
to implement; to carry out; to execute; to run
(noun, transitive verb) (1) (しっこう, しゅぎょう only) execution; carrying out; performance; enforcement; exercise; service; conduct; (noun, transitive verb) (2) (しっこう only) {law} execution; (3) {Buddh} lead monk performing various tasks in a temple; (surname) Yuukou
temple executor



see styles
jiù yè
    jiu4 ye4
chiu yeh
 shuugyou / shugyo
to get a job; employment
(n,vs,vi) employment; starting work


see styles
 shugyou / shugyo
(given name) Shugyou


see styles
 shuugyou / shugyo
(given name) Shuugyou


see styles
 shuugyo / shugyo
(given name) Shuugyo


see styles
 shuugyou / shugyo
(n,vs,vi) (1) end of the work day; close of business; (n,vs,vi) (2) end of the school term; end of the school year



see styles
zhòng xíng
    zhong4 xing2
chung hsing
myriad practices


see styles
qù xíng
    qu4 xing2
ch`ü hsing
    chü hsing
courses of activity


see styles
 shuugyou / shugyo


see styles
xiū xíng rén
    xiu1 xing2 ren2
hsiu hsing jen
 shugyō nin
person pursuing religious practice (Buddhism)


see styles
xiū xíng zhù
    xiu1 xing2 zhu4
hsiu hsing chu
 shugyō jū
A bodhisattva's stage of conduct, the third of his ten stages; abode of practice


see styles
xiū xíng fǎ
    xiu1 xing2 fa3
hsiu hsing fa
 shugyō hō
cultivation of the truth


see styles
xiū xíng xiàng
    xiu1 xing2 xiang4
hsiu hsing hsiang
 shugyō sō
marks of practice



see styles
xiū xíng jīng
    xiu1 xing2 jing1
hsiu hsing ching
 Shugyō kyō
Sūtra of the Path of Stages of Cultivation



see styles
xiū xíng mén
    xiu1 xing2 men2
hsiu hsing men
 shugyō mon
gate of practice


see styles
qín xiū xíng
    qin2 xiu1 xing2
ch`in hsiu hsing
    chin hsiu hsing
 gon shugyō
[energetically] applied


see styles
suǒ xiū xíng
    suo3 xiu1 xing2
so hsiu hsing
 sho shugyō
that which is practiced


see styles
zhèng xiū xíng
    zheng4 xiu1 xing2
cheng hsiu hsing
 shō shugyō
correct practices


see styles
jìng xiū xíng
    jing4 xiu1 xing2
ching hsiu hsing
 jō shugyō
purifying practice


see styles
biàn qù xíng
    bian4 qu4 xing2
pien ch`ü hsing
    pien chü hsing
 hen shugyō
the gamut of paths pursued


see styles
yī jiào xiū xíng
    yi1 jiao4 xiu1 xing2
i chiao hsiu hsing
 e kyō shugyō
practice founded on doctrine


see styles
xiū xíng dà shèng
    xiu1 xing2 da4 sheng4
hsiu hsing ta sheng
 shugyō daijō
practice the (teachings of the) great vehicle


see styles
chū jiā xiū xíng
    chu1 jia1 xiu1 xing2
ch`u chia hsiu hsing
    chu chia hsiu hsing
 shukke shugyō
renunciant practitioners



see styles
shèng xiū xíng xiàng
    sheng4 xiu1 xing2 xiang4
sheng hsiu hsing hsiang
 shō shugyō sō
superior marks of cultivation

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Shugyo修行shu gyou / shugyou / shu gyoxiū xíng / xiu1 xing2 / xiu xing / xiuxinghsiu hsing / hsiuhsing

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