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jiāng qí
shou gi
Shogi Scroll

将棋 is the title for shogi or Japanese chess.

Roku-Dan / 6th Degree Black Belt

roku dan
Roku-Dan / 6th Degree Black Belt Scroll

六段 is the Japanese title for the 6th Degree or 6th Level.

This applies mostly to martial arts and earning the title of a 6th-degree black belt.

The first character is simply the number 6.
The second character is "dan" which is often translated at "degree" in the context of Japanese martial arts. 六段 actually means grade, rank, level. When a number is in front like this, it refers to a senior rank in martial arts or games of strategy such as go, shogi, chess, etc.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Shogi将棋shou gi / shougi / sho gi / shogijiāng qí / jiang1 qi2 / jiang qi / jiangqichiang ch`i / chiangchi / chiang chi
6th Degree Black Belt
六段roku dan / rokudan

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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/ yu4

 gyoku / ぎょく
Roku-Dan / 6th Degree Black Belt Scroll
(1) (also formerly read as ごく) precious stone (esp. jade); (2) {food} egg (sometimes esp. as a sushi topping); (3) stock or security being traded; product being bought or sold; (4) (See 建玉) position (in finance, the amount of a security either owned or owed by an investor or dealer); (5) geisha; (6) (abbreviation) (See 玉代) time charge for a geisha; (7) (abbreviation) {shogi} (See 玉将) king (of the junior player); (female given name) Hikaru
Jade, a gem; jade-like, precious; you, your.

see styles
wàng / wang4
 ou / o / おう
Roku-Dan / 6th Degree Black Belt Scroll
to rule; to reign over
(n,n-suf) (1) king; ruler; sovereign; monarch; (n,n-suf) (2) tycoon; magnate; champion; master; (n,n-suf) (3) (abbreviation) {shogi} (See 王将・おうしょう) king (of the senior player); (surname) Wan
rāja, king, prince, royal; to rule.

see styles
jīn / jin1
 kin / きん
Roku-Dan / 6th Degree Black Belt Scroll
gold; chemical element Au; generic term for lustrous and ductile metals; money; golden; highly respected; one of the eight categories of ancient musical instruments 八音[ba1 yin1]
(1) gold (Au); golden (color); gold (medal, cup); (adj-no,n) (2) valuable; of highest value; (3) money; gold coin; (4) (abbreviation) (See 金曜) Friday; (5) (See 五行・1) metal (fourth of the five elements); (6) Jin dynasty (China, 1115-1234); Chin dynasty; Jurchen dynasty; (n,n-suf) (7) (abbreviation) {shogi} (See 金将) gold general; (8) (abbreviation) (colloquialism) (See 金玉・きんたま) testicles; (suf,ctr) (9) karat; carat; (surname) Kimu; Kim
hiraṇya, 伊爛拏 which means cold, any precious metal, semen, etc.; or 蘇伐刺 suvarṇa, which means "of a good or beautiful colour", "golden", "yellow", "gold", "a gold coin", etc. The Chinese means metal, gold, money.

see styles
yín / yin2
 gin / ぎんじ
Roku-Dan / 6th Degree Black Belt Scroll
silver; silver-colored; relating to money or currency
(out-dated or obsolete kana usage) (noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) silver (Ag); (2) silver coin; money; (3) silver medal; (noun - becomes adjective with の) (4) silver colour; silver color; (noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) silver (Ag); (2) silver coin; money; (3) silver medal; (noun - becomes adjective with の) (4) silver colour; silver color; (5) (shogi) (abbreviation) silver general; (out-dated kanji) (1) money; (2) metal; (personal name) Ginji
rūpya. Silver; money; silver

see styles
fēi / fei1
 hi / ひ
Roku-Dan / 6th Degree Black Belt Scroll
to fly
(abbreviation) {shogi} (See 飛車) rook; (female given name) Fei
To fly; to fly

see styles
/ ma3
 uma(p);ima(ok);oma(ok);uma / うま(P);いま(ok);おま(ok);ウマ
Roku-Dan / 6th Degree Black Belt Scroll
horse; CL:匹[pi3]; horse or cavalry piece in Chinese chess; knight in Western chess
(1) horse; (2) (うま only) (See 競馬・けいば) horse racing; (3) (うま only) (abbreviation) {shogi} (See 竜馬・りゅうめ・2) promoted bishop; (surname) Me
aśva, a horse; a stallion; one of the seven treasures of a sovereign.


see styles
 shougi / shogi / しょうぎ
Roku-Dan / 6th Degree Black Belt Scroll
shogi; Japanese chess; xianqi


see styles
 yuudansha / yudansha / ゆうだんしゃ
Roku-Dan / 6th Degree Black Belt Scroll
{MA} person holding a dan rank; black belt (martial arts); dan player (go, shogi)

see styles
 to / と (prt,conj) (1) if; when; (prt,conj) (2) and; (particle) (3) with; (particle) (4) used for quoting (thoughts, speech, etc.); (5) (abbreviation) {shogi} (See と金) promoted pawn; (particle) (6) (kyu:) (at sentence end) indicates a question

see styles
xiān / xian1
 sen / せん
early; prior; former; in advance; first
(adj-no,n) (1) former; previous; old; (2) first move (in go, shogi, etc.); opening move; (surname) Hirosaki
Fore, before, former, first; precede; front

see styles
shǒu / shou3
 te / て
hand; (formal) to hold; person engaged in certain types of work; person skilled in certain types of work; personal(ly); convenient; classifier for skill; CL:雙|双[shuang1],隻|只[zhi1]
(1) (occ. pronounced た when a prefix) (See お手・おて・1) hand; arm; (2) (colloquialism) (See お手・おて・3) forepaw; foreleg; (3) handle; (4) hand; worker; help; (5) trouble; care; effort; (6) means; way; trick; move; technique; workmanship; (7) hand; handwriting; (8) kind; type; sort; (9) (See 手に入る) one's hands; one's possession; (10) (See 手に余る) ability to cope; (11) hand (of cards); (12) (See 山の手・1) direction; (n,n-suf,ctr) (13) move (in go, shogi, etc.); (surname) Tezaki
pāṇī; hasta; kara; hand, arm.

see styles
guì / gui4
 kei / ke / けい
cassia; laurel
(abbreviation) {shogi} (See 桂馬・1) knight; (female given name) Mari

see styles
qiāng / qiang1
ch`iang / chiang
 yari / やり
gun; firearm; rifle; spear; thing with shape or function similar to a gun; CL:支[zhi1],把[ba3],桿|杆[gan3],條|条[tiao2],枝[zhi1]; to substitute for another person in a test; to knock; classifier for rifle shots
(1) spear; lance; (2) javelin; (3) (shogi) lance; (4) (archaism) jeering; (1) long-handled Chinese spear; lance; pike; (2) weapon; arms; (3) grip of a bow; (surname) Yari

see styles
duàn / duan4
 dan / だん
paragraph; section; segment; stage (of a process); classifier for stories, periods of time, lengths of thread etc
(1) step; stair; (flight of) steps; (row of) stitches; columns (of print); (n,ctr) (2) grade; rank; level; (counter) (3) counter for breaks in written language (or speech, etc.); (counter) (4) (See 級・きゅう・2) dan; senior rank in martial arts, go, shogi, etc.; (place-name, surname) Dan
A piece; a section, paragraph. piṇda, a ball, lump, especially of palatable food, sustenance.

see styles
pán / pan2
p`an / pan
 ban / ばん
plate; dish; tray; board; hard drive (computing); to build; to coil; to check; to examine; to transfer (property); to make over; classifier for food: dish, helping; to coil; classifier for coils of wire; classifier for games of chess
(n,n-suf) (1) disk; disc; record; clock face; (n,n-suf) (2) tray; shallow bowl; (n,n-suf) (3) grid; board (e.g. in shogi); (personal name) Ban
A dish, plate; round, to coil, wind up; to go about, travel, convey; to inquire about, interrogate. Translit. pa, ba, bha, va; cf. 般, 半, etc; a dish

see styles
/ ji2
 kyuu / kyu / きゅう
level; grade; rank; step (of stairs); CL:個|个[ge4]; classifier: step, level
(n,n-suf,ctr) (1) class (e.g. school); grade; rank; (counter) (2) (See 段・だん・4) kyū; kyu; junior rank in martial arts, go, shogi, etc.

see styles
guà / gua4
 kei;ke(ok) / ke;ke(ok) / けい;け(ok)
squares of a chess board
(1) rule; (ruled) line; (2) line (on a go board, shogi board, etc.)

see styles
jié / jie2
 kitsu / さきづめ
to investigate; to restrain; to scold
(n,suf) (1) stuffing; packing; (2) end (esp. the foot of a bridge); (3) lowest-ranking guest at tea ceremony; (4) tea master; (5) endgame (esp. in shogi or used figuratively); (6) (abbreviation) sweet eel sauce; (7) (archaism) middle-aged woman; (suffix noun) (8) appointment to a particular workplace; (9) using as the sole ground of judgement (judgment); (10) continuing; keep doing for period of time; (surname) Sakizume
to reprove

see styles
/ pu3
p`u / pu
 fu / ふ
chart; list; table; register; score (music); spectrum (physics); to set to music
(1) (sheet) music; (musical) note; (musical) score; (2) genealogy; family tree; (3) (abbreviation) (See 棋譜) record of a game of go, shogi, chess, etc.

see styles
qiāng / qiang1
ch`iang / chiang
 yari / やり
variant of 槍|枪[qiang1]; rifle; spear
(1) spear; lance; (2) javelin; (3) (shogi) lance; (4) (archaism) jeering; (surname) Yari

see styles
 yari / やり (1) spear; lance; (2) javelin; (3) (shogi) lance; (4) (archaism) jeering; (surname) Yari

see styles
/ ju1
 koma / こま
(1) piece (in shogi, chess, etc.); (2) (archaism) horse; foal; (3) bridge (of a violin, etc.); (surname) Komazaki


see styles
 tokin / ときん {shogi} (See 歩兵・ふひょう) promoted pawn


see styles
 suji / スジ (1) muscle; tendon; sinew; (2) vein; artery; (3) fiber; fibre; string; (4) line; stripe; streak; (5) reason; logic; (6) plot; storyline; (7) lineage; descent; (8) school (e.g. of scholarship or arts); (9) aptitude; talent; (10) source (of information, etc.); circle; channel; (11) well-informed person (in a transaction); (12) logical move (in go, shogi, etc.); (13) (shogi) ninth vertical line; (14) seam on a helmet; (15) (abbreviation) gristly fish paste (made of muscle, tendons, skin, etc.); (16) (archaism) social position; status; (n-suf,n,adj-no) (17) on (a river, road, etc.); along; (suf,ctr) (18) counter for long thin things; counter for roads or blocks when giving directions; (19) (archaism) (Edo period) counter for hundreds of mon (obsolete unit of currency); (given name) Suji


see styles
yī shǒu / yi1 shou3
i shou
 hitote / ひとて
a skill; mastery of a trade; by oneself; without outside help
(1) one's own effort; doing single-handedly; (2) a game (of go, shogi, etc.); a match; (3) a dance; a (musical) composition; (4) a company (e.g. of soldiers); a group; a party; (5) one hand
one hand


see styles
bù chéng / bu4 cheng2
pu ch`eng / pu cheng
 funari / ふなり
won't do; unable to; (at the end of a rhetorical question) can that be?
(adj-no,n) (1) {shogi} unpromoted (piece); (2) limit orders that become market orders at the closing auction if not already executed


see styles
chāng jì / chang1 ji4
ch`ang chi / chang chi
[female] singers


see styles
chāng jì / chang1 ji4
ch`ang chi / chang chi
[female] singers


see styles
 sente / せんて (1) first move (in go, shogi, etc.); moving first; person with the first move; (2) (See 後手・1) forestalling; (seizing the) initiative


see styles
 nyuugyoku / nyugyoku / にゅうぎょく (noun/participle) {shogi} entering of a king (into opponent's territory); (surname) Iritama

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Roku-Dan / 6th Degree Black Belt Scroll
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Roku-Dan / 6th Degree Black Belt Scroll

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