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guāng cǎi
Radiance Scroll

光彩 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja for radiance.

Other meanings include: luster; splendor/splendour; brilliance.

光彩 is the kind of radiance you see when a person's arrival brings happiness and joy to the room. Or the radiance on the face of a new bride etc.

If you delve into the dictionary, other forms of radiance will refer to isotopes emitting radiation. 光彩 is not related to radiation and is not the kind that causes cancer.

In Japanese, this can be several female given names such as Misa, Hikari, Hiiro, Teresa or Arisa. And a more unisex given name of Kousai or Kosai.

Radiance / Rays of Light

guāng máng
Radiance / Rays of Light Scroll

光芒 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja for radiance meaning rays of light, brilliant rays, beams of light, etc.

光芒 is the radiance you feel when the sun hits your face in the morning, bringing you warmth while kickstarting your vitamin D production.

yuán guāng
Halo Scroll

圓光 is one of many ways to express "halo" in Chinese.

圓光 means, radiance emanating from the head.

This can refer to the halo surrounding the head of a Buddha.

圓光 is occasionally used to mean "halo" in Japanese but it more commonly the surname Enkō in Japan.

You may want to check our dictionary for many more versions of halo.

Divine Light

líng guāng
Divine Light Scroll

This Chinese word means "divine light".

This can refer to the glow or halo around the Buddha. It can also be a miraculous column of light.

In slang, it can be like saying "jolly good!".

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Radiance光彩kousai / kosaiguāng cǎi
guang1 cai3
guang cai
kuang ts`ai
kuang tsai
Rays of Light
光芒koubou / koboguāng máng
guang1 mang2
guang mang
kuang mang
Enkou / Enkoyuán guāng
yuan2 guang1
yuan guang
yüan kuang
Divine Light靈光
líng guāng
ling2 guang1
ling guang
ling kuang
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
guāng cǎi
    guang1 cai3
kuang ts`ai
    kuang tsai
 kousai / kosai
Divine Light Scroll
luster; splendor; radiance; brilliance
brilliance; splendour; splendor; lustre; luster; (female given name) Misa


see styles
guāng míng
    guang1 ming2
kuang ming
 koumyou(p); koumei / komyo(p); kome
    こうみょう(P); こうめい
Divine Light Scroll
light; radiance; (fig.) bright (prospects etc); openhearted
(1) bright light; (2) hope; bright future; (3) {Buddh} light emanating from a buddha or bodhisattva, symbolizing their wisdom and compassion; (personal name) Mitsuharu
v. last entry; radiance


see styles
guāng máng
    guang1 mang2
kuang mang
 koubou / kobo
Divine Light Scroll
rays of light; brilliant rays; radiance
beam of light



see styles
yuán guāng
    yuan2 guang1
yüan kuang
Divine Light Scroll
radiance emanating from the head; halo
(surname) Enkou
The halo surrounding the head of a Buddha, etc; Wongwang

see styles
radiance of fire

see styles

radiance of fire



see styles
guāng huī
    guang1 hui1
kuang hui
 kouki / koki
radiance; glory; brilliant; magnificent
brightness; splendour; splendor; (female given name) Mizuki


see styles
dà guāng
    da4 guang1
ta kuang
(female given name) Hiromi
great radiance; great radiance


see styles
cháng guāng
    chang2 guang1
ch`ang kuang
    chang kuang
(given name) Tokimitsu
The unceasing radiance of the Buddha's body, represented as a halo; constant halo


see styles
chūn guāng
    chun1 guang1
ch`un kuang
    chun kuang
 shunkou / shunko
scenes of springtime; the radiance of spring; (fig.) a sight of something sexy or erotic; an indication of a love affair
spring sunlight; scenery of spring; (given name) Harumitsu


see styles
pǔ míng
    pu3 ming2
p`u ming
    pu ming
(surname) Fumei
Samantaprabhāsa, pervading-light, name of 500 arhats on their attaining Buddhahood; universal radiance



see styles
huī yào
    hui1 yao4
hui yao


see styles
fǎ míng
    fa3 ming2
fa ming
(given name) Noriaki
Dharmaprabhāsa, brightness of the law, a Buddha who will appear in our universe in the Ratnāvabhāsa-kalpa in a realm called Suviśuddha 善淨, when there will be no sexual difference, birth taking place by transformation; Dharma radiance


see styles
yán míng
    yan2 ming2
yen ming
dazzling radiance; dazzling radiance


see styles
zhū guāng
    zhu1 guang1
chu kuang
 shu kō
(person) Murata Shukou (1423-1502)
radiance of a gem; radiance of a gem


see styles
brightness; brilliance; brilliancy; radiance; glitter



see styles
huā guāng
    hua1 guang1
hua kuang
(female given name) Haruhi
Padmaprabha, Lotus-radiance, the name by which Śāriputra is to be known as a Buddha.


see styles
brightness; brilliance; brilliancy; radiance; glitter


see styles
brightness; brilliance; brilliancy; radiance; glitter



see styles
yín huī
    yin2 hui1
yin hui
radiance; silver white sheen



see styles
bù duàn guāng
    bu4 duan4 guang1
pu tuan kuang
 fudan kō
The unceasing light (or glory) of Amitābha; unceasing radiance


see styles
shí dì xīn
    shi2 di4 xin1
shih ti hsin
 jūji shin
Ten stages of mind, or mental development, i.e. (1) 四無量心 the four kinds of boundless mind; (2) 十善心 the mind of the ten good qualities; (3) 明光心 the illuminated mind; (4) 焰慧心 the mind of glowing wisdom; (5) 大勝心 the mind of mastery; (6) 現前心 the mind of the open way (above normal definitions); (7) 無生心 the mind of no rebirth; (8) 不思議心 the mind of the inexpressible; (9) 慧光心 the mind of wisdom-radiance; (10) 受位心 the mind of perfect receptivity. v. also 十心; ten stages of mind



see styles
bǎo guāng míng
    bao3 guang1 ming2
pao kuang ming
 hō kōmyō
radiance of a jewel; radiance of a jewel


see styles
huì guāng xīn
    hui4 guang1 xin1
hui kuang hsin
mind of wisdom-radiance; mind of wisdom-radiance


see styles
fàng dà guāng
    fang4 da4 guang1
fang ta kuang
 hō daikō
emits great radiance; emits great radiance



see styles
xiàn qǐ guāng
    xian4 qi3 guang1
hsien ch`i kuang
    hsien chi kuang
 genki kō
The phenomenal radiance of Buddha which shines out when circumstances require it, as contrasted to his noumenal radiance which is constant; circumstantial halo


see styles
yù sī guāng
    yu4 si1 guang1
yü ssu kuang
 gū shi kō
encounters [Amitâbha's] radiance; encounters [Amitâbha's] radiance



see styles
hé guāng tóng jen
    he2 guang1 tong2 jen2
ho kuang t`ung jen
    ho kuang tung jen
 wakoudoujin / wakodojin
(yoji) mingling with the world by hiding one's true talent or knowledge; living a quiet life by effacing oneself
to dim the radiance and mingle with the dust; to dim the radiance and mingle with the dust


see styles
huí guāng fǎn zhào
    hui2 guang1 fan3 zhao4
hui kuang fan chao
final radiance of setting sun; fig. dying flash (of lucidity or activity, prior to demise)


see styles
huí guāng fǎn zhào
    hui2 guang1 fan3 zhao4
hui kuang fan chao
final radiance of setting sun; fig. dying flash (of lucidity or activity, prior to demise)

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