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Pluto in Chinese / Japanese...

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míng wáng xīng
mei ou sei
Pluto Scroll

冥王星 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korea Hanja for Pluto (the dwarf planet or non-planet that used to be thought of as the 9th planet in the Solar system).

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Pluto冥王星mei ou sei / meiousei / mei o sei / meioseimíng wáng xīng
ming2 wang2 xing1
ming wang xing
ming wang hsing

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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
míng wáng xīng / ming2 wang2 xing1
ming wang hsing
 meiousei / meose / めいおうせい
Pluto Scroll
Pluto (dwarf planet)
Pluto (dwarf planet)


see styles
míng wáng / ming2 wang2
ming wang
 meiou / meo / めいおう
the king of hell
Hades (Greek god); Pluto (Roman god); (surname) Meiou


see styles
 karon / カロン (1) {astron} Charon (moon of Pluto); (2) Charon (Greek god); (personal name) Charon


see styles
bā fāng tiān / ba1 fang1 tian1
pa fang t`ien / pa fang tien
 happō ten
The eight heavens and devas at the eight points of the compass: E., the Indra, or Śakra heaven; S., the Yama heaven; W., the Varuna, or water heaven; N., the Vaiśramana, or Pluto heaven; N.E., the Īśāna, or Śiva heaven; S.E., the Homa, or fire heaven; S.W., the Nirṛti, or Rakṣa heaven; N.W., the Vāyu, or wind heaven. All these may be considered as devalokas or heavens; heavens in the eight directions


see styles
dà hēi tiān / da4 hei1 tian1
ta hei t`ien / ta hei tien
 Daikoku ten
Mahākāla 摩訶迦 (or 謌) 羅 the great black deva 大黑神. Two interpretations are given. The esoteric cult describes the deva as the masculine form of Kālī, i.e. Durgā, the wife of Śiva; with one face and eight arms, or three faces and six arms, a necklace of skulls, etc. He is worshipped as giving warlike power, and fierceness; said also to be an incarnation of Vairocana for the purpose of destroying the demons; and is described as 大時 the "great time" (-keeper) which seems to indicate Vairocana, the sun. The exoteric cult interprets him as a beneficent deva, a Pluto, or god of wealth. Consequently he is represented in two forms, by the one school as a fierce deva, by the other as a kindly happy deva. He is shown as one of the eight fierce guardians with trident, generally blue-black but sometimes white; he may have two elephants underfoot. Six arms and hands hold jewel, skull cup, chopper, drum, trident, elephant-goad. He is the tutelary god of Mongolian Buddhism. Six forms of Mahākāla are noted: (1) 比丘大黑 A black-faced disciple of the Buddha, said to be the Buddha as Mahādeva in a previous incarnation, now guardian of the refectory. (2) 摩訶迦羅大黑女 Kālī, the wife of Śiva. (3) 王子迦羅大黑 The son of Śiva. (4) 眞陀大黑 Cintāmaṇi, with the talismanic pearl, symbol of bestowing fortune. (5) 夜叉大黑 Subduer of demons. (6) 摩迦羅大黑 Mahākāla, who carries a bag on his back and holds a hammer in his right hand. J., Daikoku; M., Yeke-gara; T., Nag-po c'en-po.



see styles
pí shā mén / pi2 sha1 men2
p`i sha men / pi sha men
 Bishamon / びしゃもん
(place-name) Bishamon
(毘沙門天王) Vaiśravaṇa. Cf. 財 and 倶. One of the four mahārājas, guardian of the North, king of the yakṣas. Has the title 多聞; 普聞; universal or much hearing or learning, said to be so called because he heard the Buddha's preaching; but Vaiśravaṇa was son of Viśravas, which is from viśru, to be heard of far and wide, celebrated, and should be understood in this sense. Vaiśravaṇa is Kuvera, or Kubera, the Indian Pluto; originally a chief of evil spirits, afterwards the god of riches, and ruler of the northern quarter. Xuanzong built a temple to him in A. D. 753, since which he has been the god of wealth in China, and guardian at the entrance of Buddhist temples. In his right hand he often holds a banner or a lance, in his left a pearl or shrine, or a mongoose out of whose mouth jewels are pouring; under his feet are two demons. Colour, yellow.


see styles
 puruuto / puruto / プルート (personal name) Pluto


see styles
 puruuton / puruton / プルートン (personal name) Pluto


see styles
 puruutoo / purutoo / プルートー (1) (See ハーデース・1) Pluto (Roman god); (2) {astron} (See 冥王星・めいおうせい) Pluto (dwarf planet); (personal name) Pluto


see styles
 puruutoon / purutoon / プルートーン (personal name) Pluto

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