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柿 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja for persimmon.

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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Persimmon Scroll
(irregular kanji usage) (1) chopped wood; wood chips; (2) (abbreviation) thin shingles; kaki; Japanese persimmon (Diospyros kaki); (surname) Kokera

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Japanese variant of 澀|涩[se4]
(See 柿渋) kakishibu; astringent persimmon juice used as a dye or to to treat wood, paper, etc.; (personal name) Munemura


see styles
kaki; Japanese persimmon (Diospyros kaki); (kana only) oyster; oyster shell


see styles
shì zi
    shi4 zi5
shih tzu
persimmon; CL:個|个[ge4]
(female given name) Kakiko


see styles
kakishibu; astringent persimmon juice used as a dye or to to treat wood, paper, etc.



see styles
shì bǐng
    shi4 bing3
shih ping
dried persimmon
(See 餅・もち) persimmon-filled mochi; (place-name) Kakimochi


see styles
astringent persimmon; (surname) Shibugaki


see styles
paper treated with astringent persimmon juice


see styles
ripe persimmon


see styles
sweet persimmon; (surname) Amakaki


see styles
 fudegaki; fudekaki
    ふでがき; ふでかき
fudegaki (variety of sweet Japanese persimmon)



see styles
gěng bǐng
    geng3 bing3
keng ping
dried persimmon (from Geng village, Heze 荷澤|荷泽, Shandong)


see styles
 mamegaki; mamegaki
    まめがき; マメガキ
date-plum (Diospyros lotus); Caucasian persimmon; lilac persimmon


see styles
dried persimmon


see styles
dried persimmon


see styles
 piikaki / pikaki
(abbreviation) (See 柿の種・かきのたね・2,ピーナッツ,柿ピー・かきピー) mix of peanuts and spicy baked or fried mochi chips in the shape of kaki (Japanese persimmon) seeds


see styles
persimmon (hung to dry); dried persimmon


see styles
 fuyuugaki / fuyugaki
fuyu (variety of sweet Japanese persimmon)


see styles
ní jū tuó
    ni2 ju1 tuo2
ni chü t`o
    ni chü to
nyag-rodha, the down-growing tree, Ficus Indica, or banyan; high and wide-spreading, leaves like persimmon-leaves, fruit called 多勒 to-lo used as a cough-medicine; also intp. 楊柳 the willow, probably from its drooping characteristic; the 榕樹 'bastard banyan', ficus pyrifolia, takes its place as ficus religiosa in China. Also written尼拘律; 尼拘尼陀; 尼拘盧陀 (or 尼拘類陀, 尼拘婁陀, or 尼拘屢陀) ; 尼瞿陀; 尼倶陀 (or 尼倶類); 諾瞿陀.


see styles
(irregular okurigana usage) traditional Koshogatsu ceremony where one person beats a fruit tree (usu. persimmon tree) with a pole while threatening to cut it down if it does not provide a plentiful harvest, with another person responding "I will, I will" for the tree


see styles
dried persimmon


see styles
 kakinoki; kakinoki
    かきのき; カキノキ
Japanese persimmon (Diospyros kaki); Chinese persimmon; kaki


see styles
(1) kaki (Japanese persimmon) seed; (2) spicy baked or fried mochi chips in this shape


see styles
 kakipii; kakipii / kakipi; kakipi
    かきピー; カキピー
(abbreviation) (See 柿の種・かきのたね・2,ピーナッツ,ピー柿) mix of peanuts and spicy baked or fried mochi chips in the shape of kaki (Japanese persimmon) seeds


see styles
(archaism) fallen red persimmon leaves


see styles
 jirougaki / jirogaki
jiro (variety of sweet Japanese persimmon)


see styles
 shibuuchiwa / shibuchiwa
fan varnished with persimmon juice


see styles
persimmon cured in the sun


see styles
hachiya (variety of astringent Japanese persimmon)


see styles
(See 吊るし柿) persimmon (hung to dry); dried persimmon

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Persimmonkakishì / shi4 / shishih

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