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  1. Nothing is Impossible

  2. Nothing / Nothingness

  3. Nothing is Impossible

  4. The Destination is Nothing Without the Journey

  5. Nothing is Impossible with Persistence

  6. Better to Choose Nothing, Rather than Make a Poor Choice

  7. Fear No Man / Fear Nothing

  8. Nothingness

  9. Nothingness / Empty / Void

Nothing is Impossible

méi yǒu shén bù kě néng
Nothing is Impossible Scroll

This Chinese phrase means, "Nothing is impossible".

Nothing / Nothingness

Nothing / Nothingness Scroll

無 is the simple way to express "nothing".

However, this single character leaves a bit of mystery as to what you might really mean if you hang it as a wall scroll. I'm not saying that's a bad thing; as you can decide what it means to you, and you won't be wrong if you stay within the general context.

More info: 無 is usually used as a suffix or prefix for Chinese and Japanese words (also old Korean). It can be compared to "un-" or "-less" in English. It can also mean "not to have", no, none, not, "to lack", or nothingness.

Nothing is Impossible

nan mo fukanou janai
Nothing is Impossible Scroll

何も不可能じゃない is a Japanese phrase that means, "nothing is impossible".

何も不可能じゃない is just one of a few ways to express this idea. This one is probably the most common but other valid versions include these:

Some shorter versions that just mean "not impossible" include these:

Another common phrase that roughly means, "No such thing as impossible" looks like this: 不可能なことはない

Some others include these...
Impossible things are possessed not by me: 無理なことなんてない
Where there's a will, there's a way: 精神一到何事か成らざらん

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Note: Because this selection contains some special Japanese Hiragana characters, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

The Destination is Nothing Without the Journey

bù jīng lǚ tú bù chéng mù dì
The Destination is Nothing Without the Journey Scroll

不經旅途不成目的 is the English proverb, "The destination is nothing without the journey", translated into Chinese.

Nothing is Impossible with Persistence

yí shān
Nothing is Impossible with Persistence Scroll

移山 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja for, "to remove mountains", or "to move a mountain".

Figuratively, this means you can accomplish the impossible by sheer persistence.

移山 is the short form of a proverb about a man who had much persistence, and was able to move a whole mountain (a bucket of soil at a time).

Better to Choose Nothing, Rather than Make a Poor Choice

nìng quē wú làn
Better to Choose Nothing, Rather than Make a Poor Choice Scroll

This Chinese proverb can be translated as, "Better to have nothing (than substandard choice)".

It basically suggests that one should prefer to go without something rather than accept a shoddy option.

See Also:  A Deliberate Inaction is Better Than a Blind Action

Fear No Man / Fear Nothing

wú suǒ wèi jù
Fear No Man / Fear Nothing Scroll

This literally means "fear nothing" but it's the closest thing in Chinese to the phrase "fear no man" which many of you have requested.

This would also be the way to say "fear nobody" and can also be translated simply as "undaunted".

kōng wú
kuu mu
Nothingness Scroll

空無 is "nothingness" in a Buddhist context.

The first character means empty but can also mean air or sky (air and sky have no form).

The second character means have not, no, none, not or to lack.

Together these characters reinforce each other into a word that means "absolute nothingness".

I know this is a term used in Buddhism but I have not yet figured out the context in which it is used. I suppose it can be the fact that Buddhists believe that the world in a non-real illusion, or perhaps it's about visualizing yourself as "nothing" and therefore leaving behind your desire and worldliness.
Buddhist concepts and titles often have this element of ambiguity or rather "mystery". Therefore, such ideas can have different meanings to different people, and that's okay. If you don't get it right in this lifetime, as there will be plenty more lifetimes to master it (whatever "it" is, and if "it" really exists at all).

Soothill defines this as "Unreality, or immateriality, of things, which is defined as nothing existing of independent or self-contained nature".

Nothingness / Empty / Void

xū kōng
Nothingness / Empty / Void Scroll

虛空 means empty space, empty sky, or void.

In the Buddhist context, it can mean "emptiness of the material world". This can also be used as an adjective to modify other words with a meaning of unreal or insubstantial.

These search terms might bear more fruit: Zero

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Nothing is Impossible沒有甚麼不可能
méi yǒu shén bù kě néng
mei2 you3 shen2 me5 bu4 ke3 neng2
mei you shen me bu ke neng
mei yu shen me pu k`o neng
mei yu shen me pu ko neng

muwú / wu2 / wu
Nothing is Impossible何も不可能じゃないnan mo fukanou janai
nan mo fukano janai
The Destination is Nothing Without the Journey不經旅途不成目的
bù jīng lǚ tú bù chéng mù dì
bu4 jing1 lu:3 tu2 bu4 cheng2 mu4 di4
bu jing lu: tu bu cheng mu di
pu ching lü t`u pu ch`eng mu ti
pu ching lü tu pu cheng mu ti
Nothing is Impossible with Persistence移山isanyí shān / yi2 shan1 / yi shan / yishani shan / ishan
Better to Choose Nothing, Rather than Make a Poor Choice寧缺毋濫
nìng quē wú làn
ning4 que1 wu2 lan4
ning que wu lan
ning ch`üeh wu lan
ning chüeh wu lan
Fear No Man
Fear Nothing
wú suǒ wèi jù
wu2 suo3 wei4 ju4
wu suo wei ju
wu so wei chü
kuu mu / kuumu / ku mukōng wú / kong1 wu2 / kong wu / kongwuk`ung wu / kungwu / kung wu
kokuu / kokuxū kōng / xu1 kong1 / xu kong / xukonghsü k`ung / hsükung / hsü kung
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Nothingness / Empty / Void Scroll
Nothingness / Empty / Void Scroll
Nothingness / Empty / Void Scroll
Nothingness / Empty / Void Scroll

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Nothingness / Empty / Void Horizontal Wall Scroll
Nothingness / Empty / Void Vertical Portrait

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