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Junzi / chun-tzu / gunja / kunshi

 jūn zǐ
 kun shi
Nobleman Scroll

This means nobleman, person of noble character, man of virtue; wise man, or a true gentleman

君子 can be romanized as chün-tzu or jūnzǐ from Chinese and gunja from Korean. This has the same meaning in Japanese, but in another context, can be the female given name Kunshi.

 fū ren
 fu jin
Fujin Scroll

夫人 is a Japanese word that romanizes as Fujin.

I added this because several people have searched for Fujin. 夫人 can mean: lady; madam; Mrs.; consort of the emperor; wife; wife of a nobleman (aristocrat, etc.); the wife of a king. 夫人 means the same thing in Chinese, Japanese, and old Korean.

夫人 is an odd choice for a wall scroll, but I have fulfilled your search for Fujin, I think.

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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
jun zǐ
    jun1 zi3
chün tzu

More info & calligraphy:

nobleman; person of noble character
(1) man of virtue; wise man; (true) gentleman; (2) person of high rank; (3) (See 四君子) the four gentlemen (plum, chrysanthemum, orchid, and bamboo); (female given name) Kunshi
superior man


see styles
fū ren
    fu1 ren5
fu jen
 fujin(p); bunin(ok); hashikashi(ok)
    ふじん(P); ぶにん(ok); はしかし(ok)

More info & calligraphy:

lady; madam; Mrs.; CL:位[wei4]
(1) (ふじん, はしかし only) (honorific or respectful language) wife; Mrs; madam; (2) (ふじん only) (archaism) wife of a nobleman (aristocrat, etc.); (3) (ふじん, ぶにん only) (archaism) consort of the emperor
A wife; the wife of a king, i. e. a queen, devi.



see styles
shī fu
    shi1 fu5
shih fu

More info & calligraphy:

Master / Skilled Worker
master; qualified worker; respectful form of address for older men; CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4],名[ming2]
guardian and tutor of a nobleman's child

see styles
position; location; place; seat; classifier for people (honorific); classifier for binary bits (e.g. 十六位 16-bit or 2 bytes); (physics) potential
(1) (orig. from 座居, meaning "seat") throne; crown; (nobleman's) seat; (2) (See 位階) government position; court rank; (3) social standing; rank; class; echelon; rung; (4) grade (of quality, etc.); level; tier; rank; (5) (See 桁・2) position of a figure (e.g. tens, thousands); digit; (decimal) place; (n,adv) (6) (See どの位) degree; extent; amount; (personal name) Tadashi
Position, seat, throne.

see styles
 hou / ho
marquis, second of the five orders of ancient Chinese nobility 五等爵位[wu3 deng3 jue2 wei4]; nobleman; high official
(n,n-suf) (1) (hist) (See 五等爵) marquis; second highest rank of the five ranks of nobility; (n,n-suf) (2) (hist) daimyo; (surname) Hou

see styles
 kou / ko
death of a prince; swarming
death (of a nobleman, etc.)


see styles
(pn,adj-no) (1) (familiar language) (masculine speech) you (formerly honorific, now sometimes derog. term referring to an equal or inferior); (2) presence (of a god, nobleman, etc.); (pn,adj-no) (familiar language) (masculine speech) you (formerly honorific, now sometimes derog. term referring to an equal or inferior)


see styles
gōng zǐ
    gong1 zi3
kung tzu
son of an official; son of nobility; your son (honorific)
young nobleman; (female given name) Masako


see styles
liè hóu
    lie4 hou2
lieh hou
 rekkou / rekko
duke (old); nobleman; gentry
(hist) many daimyo


see styles
jiā fēng
    jia1 feng1
chia feng
to seal up (a door with a paper seal, or a document); to confer an additional title on a nobleman


see styles
(archaism) kings; children of nobles; young nobleman; (pn,adj-no) (familiar language) (masculine speech) you (plural); all of you; you all


see styles
dà diàn
    da4 dian4
ta tien
main hall of a Buddhist temple
(1) (honorific or respectful language) (See 若殿・わかとの・2) current master; father of one's current master; (2) (honorific or respectful language) minister (of government); noble; (3) (honorific or respectful language) (archaism) nobleman's residence; (surname) Daiden
great shrine hall


see styles
 houtai / hotai
(noun, transitive verb) choosing (a nobleman) as the leader or president of a company or organization


see styles
lady; nobleman's wife; (place-name) Okugata


see styles
princess; daughter of a nobleman


see styles
(1) mansion; small castle; (2) (honorific or respectful language) nobleman; noblewoman; (3) boat cabin; (surname) Yagata


see styles
throne; (the place of) a nobleman's seat


see styles
(1) (archaism) leader of a nobleman's cavalcade; (2) animal messenger of the gods (i.e. a fox); (archaism) leader of a nobleman's cavalcade; going before; the future


see styles
(1) (See おまえ・2) presence (of a nobleman, the emperor, etc.); (2) (See 前駆・1) outrider (person riding horseback in the lead position of a cavalcade); (n,n-suf) (3) My Lord; My Lady; (surname) Mimae


see styles
wife of a shogun or a highest-ranking nobleman; (place-name) Midai


see styles
going out (of a nobleman, etc.); visiting; (place-name, surname) Onari


see styles
(1) (honorific or respectful language) nobleman; dignitary; lord; (2) (hist) (honorific or respectful language) (See 大名) feudal lord (of the Edo period); daimyo; (3) man brought up away from the world; arrogant man with little knowledge of the ways of the world



see styles
wáng ye
    wang2 ye5
wang yeh
prince; marquis; nobleman


see styles
lǎo gong
    lao3 gong5
lao kung
 roukou / roko
(coll.) eunuch; see also 老公[lao3 gong1]
(honorific or respectful language) elderly nobleman


see styles
nobleman's illegitimate child


see styles
 koukyo / kokyo
(n,vs,vi) death (of a nobleman, Imperial family member, etc.); demise


see styles
 kousei / kose
(rare) (See 薨去) death (of a nobleman)



see styles
guì rén
    gui4 ren2
kuei jen
nobility; person of high rank
aristocrat; nobleman; dignitary; person of high rank; (male given name) Takahito



see styles
guì zú
    gui4 zu2
kuei tsu
lord; nobility; nobleman; noblewoman; aristocrat; aristocracy
(noun - becomes adjective with の) noble; aristocrat; peer; (personal name) Kizoku



see styles
mén kè
    men2 ke4
men k`o
    men ko
hanger-on; visitor (in a nobleman's house)

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Nobleman君子kun shi / kunshijūn zǐ / jun1 zi3 / jun zi / junzichün tzu / chüntzu
Fujin夫人fu jin / fujinfū ren / fu1 ren5 / fu ren / furenfu jen / fujen

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Fujin Scroll
Fujin Scroll

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