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má jiàng
Mahjong Scroll

麻將 is the Chinese title for the game of mahjong.

Mahjong can also be spelled majiang, mah-jongg, and numerous other variants when played by people of other dialects. While the game originated in China, you will also find it played in Vietnam, South Korea and Japan.


má què
maa jan
Sparrow Scroll

麻雀 is the common and specific name for a hemp sparrow bird in Chinese.

This was also the original name for the game known commonly as Mahjong. You will still see boxes of Mahjong tiles with the title 麻雀 for sparrow instead of the modern 麻將 in Southern China. This title is also used for Mahjong in Japan.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
má jiàng / ma2 jiang4 / ma jiang / majiangma chiang / machiang
Sparrow麻雀maa jan / maajan / ma jan / majanmá què / ma2 que4 / ma que / maquema ch`üeh / machüeh / ma chüeh
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
 uma / ウマ
Sparrow Scroll
{mahj} points paid and received at the end of a game of mahjong based on position (rank)



see styles
má jiàng / ma2 jiang4
ma chiang
Sparrow Scroll
mahjong; CL:副[fu4]


see styles
má què / ma2 que4
ma ch`üeh / ma chüeh
 maajan(p);maajan(ik);maajan(ik) / majan(p);majan(ik);majan(ik) / マージャン(P);まーじゃん(ik);まあじゃん(ik)
Sparrow Scroll
sparrow; (dialect) mahjong
mahjong (chi: májiàng); mah-jongg

see styles
jiǔ / jiu3
 chuu / chu / チュー
nine; 9
(numeric) (クー, キュー or チュー in mahjong) nine (chi: jiǔ); (surname) Maru
Navan; nava. Nine; nine

see styles
liù / liu4
 ryuu / ryu / リュー
six; 6
(numeric) (ロー in mahjong) six (chi: liù); (surname, given name) Roku
ṣaṭ, ṣaḍ. Six; six

see styles
/ yi4
 yaku / やく
forced labor; corvée; obligatory task; military service; to use as servant; to enserf; servant (old); war; campaign; battle
(1) role; assignment; responsibility; duty; function; job; service; (2) position (of responsibility); post; office; (3) part (in a play, film, etc.); role; character; (4) scoring combination (in mahjong, card games, etc.); meld; hand; yaku; (given name) Mamoru

see styles
pái / pai2
p`ai / pai
 pai / パイ
mahjong tile; playing card; game pieces; signboard; plate; tablet; medal; CL:片[pian4],個|个[ge4],塊|块[kuai4]
(n,ctr) {mahj} tile (chi: pái)

see styles
/ hu2
 ko / こ
non-Han people, esp. from central Asia; reckless; outrageous; what?; why?; to complete a winning hand at mahjong (also written 和[hu2])
barbarian tribes surrounding ancient China; (surname) Fu
How? Why? Hun; Turk; random; hemp; long-lived; pepper, etc.; translit. go, hu; how? why?

see styles
zhuāng / zhuang1
 chan / チャン
Japanese variant of 莊|庄
(suf,ctr) {mahj} counter for games of mahjong (chi: zhuāng); (surname) Teien


see styles
hú pái / hu2 pai2
hu p`ai / hu pai
to win in mahjong


see styles
dǎ pái / da3 pai2
ta p`ai / ta pai
 dahai / だはい
to play mahjong or cards
(noun/participle) {mahj} (See 切る・きる・17) discarding a tile



see styles
bān zhuān / ban1 zhuan1
pan chuan
to do hard physical labor (as a job); (fig.) to play mahjong


see styles
mō pái / mo1 pai2
mo p`ai / mo pai
 moopai;moohai / モーパイ;モーはい
to draw a tile (at mahjong); to play mahjong
(noun/participle) {mahj} identifying a piece by touch


see styles
fāng chéng / fang1 cheng2
fang ch`eng / fang cheng
 houjou / hojo / ほうじょう
square castle; mahjong layout (with the tiles laid out as a square)
(place-name, surname) Houjou


see styles
xǐ pái / xi3 pai2
hsi p`ai / hsi pai
 shiipai;senpai / shipai;senpai / シーパイ;せんパイ
to shuffle cards
(1) {mahj} shuffling of tiles; (2) (せんパイ only) cleaning mahjong tiles


see styles
pái xíng / pai2 xing2
p`ai hsing / pai hsing
hand (in mahjong or card games)


see styles
pái jú / pai2 ju2
p`ai chü / pai chü
gambling get-together; game of cards, mahjong etc


see styles
wán pái / wan2 pai2
wan p`ai / wan pai
to play cards; to play mahjong


see styles
xiàng gong / xiang4 gong5
hsiang kung
lord; master; young gentleman; male prostitute; catamite; mahjong player disqualified by unintentionally taking in the wrong number of dominoes; (old form of address for one's husband) husband


see styles
lào hàn / lao4 han4
lao han
to stop sweating; (mahjong and card games) to mark the tiles or cards with one's sweat, fragrance etc


see styles
 jantaku / ジャンたく {mahj} mahjong table


see styles
 janshi / ジャンし {mahj} mahjong player; mahjong enthusiast


see styles
 janpai / ジャンパイ (abbreviation) {mahj} (See 麻雀牌) mahjong tile


see styles
 jankyuu / jankyu / ジャンきゅう jankyū; combination of Japanese pinball and mahjong


see styles
 jansou / janso / ジャンそう (mahj) mahjong parlour; mahjong parlor


see styles
 janki / ジャンき {mahj} skilled mahjong player


see styles
miàn zi / mian4 zi5
mien tzu
 mentsu / メンツ
outer surface; outside; honor; reputation; face (as in "losing face"); self-respect; feelings; (medicinal) powder
(1) face (chi: miànzi); honour; honor; (2) {mahj} meld; (3) lineup (of players participating in a mahjong game); (4) attendees (e.g. at a meeting); members; participants



see styles
shùn zi / shun4 zi5
shun tzu
 shuntsu;juntsu / シュンツ;じゅんツ
a straight (poker, mahjong)
{mahj} chow (chi: shùnzi); three-in-a-row; (female given name) Yoriko


see styles
gǔ pái / gu3 pai2
ku p`ai / ku pai
 koppai / こっぱい
(1) playing cards; (2) {mahj} mahjong tiles made of animal bone


see styles
tóu zi / tou2 zi5
t`ou tzu / tou tzu
 shaitsu / シャイツ
(See サイコロ) dice (esp. in mahjong) (chi: shǎizi); die

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