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Kensho - Initial Enlightenment

China jiàn xìng
Japan ken shou
Kensho - Initial Enlightenment Vertical Wall Scroll

Generally the same meaning as Satori but referring to the initial state or initial experience of enlightenment. 見性 is a Zen Buddhist term that is not widely known outside of the religion. Used more in Japan than China.

This term is exclusively used by devout Buddhists. It is not a common term, and is remains an unknown concept to most Japanese and Chinese people. Some Japanese people will dispute whether this title is valid in the Japanese language. Only order this if you are sure this title is right for you.

See Also:  Buddhism | Enlightenment

Kensho Jyobutsu - Enlightenment - Path to Buddha

Japan ken shou jyo butsu
Kensho Jyobutsu - Enlightenment - Path to Buddha Vertical Wall Scroll

見性成佛 is a complex concept in Japanese Buddhism. 見性成佛 is the initial enlightenment that leads to self-awareness, becoming Buddha, and the path to enter Nirvana.

See Also:  Buddhism | Enlightenment | Initial Enlightenment

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin jiàn / jian4
Taiwan chien
Japanese yutaka / ゆたか    yasushi / やすし    masaru / まさる    hamaken / はまけん    tsuyoshi / つよし    tateshi / たてし    tatsuru / たつる    tatsu / たつ    takeru / たける    takeshi / たけし    take / たけ    takashi / たかし    sukoyaka / すこやか    jiin / jin / じぇん    kensou / kenso / けんそう    kenji / けんじ    kenshou / kensho / けんしょう    kenkichi / けんきち    ken / けん
Kensho Jyobutsu - Enlightenment - Path to Buddha Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese healthy; to invigorate; to strengthen; to be good at; to be strong in
Japanese (personal name) Yutaka; (given name) Yasushi; (given name) Masaru; (surname) Hamaken; (male given name) Tsuyoshi; (personal name) Tateshi; (personal name) Tatsuru; (given name) Tatsu; (given name) Takeru; (given name) Takeshi; (surname) Take; (personal name) Takashi; (surname) Sukoyaka; (given name) Jen; (personal name) Kensou; (personal name) Kenji; (personal name) Kenshou; (given name) Kenkichi; (surname, female given name) Ken
Sturdy, strong, hard, bold; unwearied; translit. ga, gha.



see styles
Mandarin jiàn xìng / jian4 xing4
Taiwan chien hsing
Japanese kenshou / kensho / けんしょう
Japanese self-awareness; consciousness of one's own character
To behold the Buddha-nature within oneself, a common saying of the Chan (Zen) or Intuitive School; to see the (buddha-)nature

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Mandarin xiàn / xian4
Taiwan hsien
Japanese makoto / まこと    norio / のりお    nori / のり    tadashi / ただし    takashi / たかし    satoshi / さとし    kensou / kenso / けんそう    kenji / けんじ    kenshou / kensho / けんしょう    ken / けん    akira / あきら
Chinese statute; constitution
Japanese (given name) Makoto; (given name) Norio; (surname) Nori; (female given name) Toshi; (given name) Tadashi; (personal name) Takashi; (male given name) Satoshi; (personal name) Kensou; (personal name) Kenji; (personal name) Kenshou; (given name) Ken; (female given name) Akira

see styles
Mandarin yán / yan2
Taiwan yen
Japanese yoshi / よし    migaku / みがく    migaki / みがき    togi / とぎ    kensou / kenso / けんそう    kenji / けんじ    kenshou / kensho / けんしょう    ken / けん    kiwamu / きわむ    osamu / おさむ
Chinese to grind; study; research
Japanese (female given name) Yoshi; (given name) Migaku; (given name) Migaki; (surname) Togi; (personal name) Kensou; (personal name) Kenji; (personal name) Kenshou; (surname, given name) Ken; (given name) Kiwamu; (given name) Osamu
studies thoroughly

see styles
Mandarin xuàn / xuan4
Taiwan hsüan
Japanese jun / じゅん    kensou / kenso / けんそう    kenji / けんじ    kenshou / kensho / けんしょう    ken / けん    aya / あや    ami / あみ    aki / あき
Chinese adorned; swift; gorgeous; brilliant; variegated
Japanese (female given name) Jun; (personal name) Kensou; (personal name) Kenji; (personal name) Kenshou; (given name) Ken; (female given name) Aya; (personal name) Ami; (personal name) Aki

see styles
Mandarin qiān / qian1
Taiwan ch`ien / chien
Japanese yuzuru / ゆずる    nori / のり    kensou / kenso / けんそう    kenji / けんじ    kenshou / kensho / けんしょう    kenshuu / kenshu / けんしゅう    ken / けん
Chinese modest
Japanese (given name) Yuzuru; (surname) Nori; (personal name) Kensou; (personal name) Kenji; (personal name) Kenshou; (given name) Kenshuu; (surname, given name) Ken
to yield



see styles
Mandarin gān xiāo / gan1 xiao1
Taiwan kan hsiao
Japanese kenshō
to make dry



see styles
Mandarin gān xiāo / gan1 xiao1
Taiwan kan hsiao
Japanese kenshō


see styles
Japanese kenshou / kensho / けんしょう Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) good health; (given name) Takekatsu; (given name) Kenshou


see styles
Japanese kenshou / kensho / けんしょう Japanese spirit; pep; energy; (personal name) Kenshou


see styles
Japanese kenshou / kensho / けんしょう Japanese (See 刀鍛冶・かたなかじ) swordsmith



see styles
Mandarin jiān zhèng / jian1 zheng4
Taiwan chien cheng
Japanese kensei / kense / けんせい    kenshou / kensho / けんしょう
Japanese (given name) Kensei; (surname, given name) Kenshou



see styles
Mandarin xiǎn chù / xian3 chu4
Taiwan hsien ch`u / hsien chu
Japanese kensho
a precipitous place


see styles
Mandarin jiàn chāng / jian4 chang1
Taiwan chien ch`ang / chien chang
Japanese kenshou / kensho / けんしょう
Chinese Jianchang county in Huludao 葫蘆島|葫芦岛, Liaoning
Japanese (personal name) Kenshou



see styles
Mandarin xiàn zhāng / xian4 zhang1
Taiwan hsien chang
Japanese kenshou / kensho / けんしょう
Chinese charter
Japanese charter; (given name) Noriyuki; (given name) Noriaki; (given name) Kenshou



see styles
Mandarin xuán shǎng / xuan2 shang3
Taiwan hsüan shang
Japanese kenshou / kensho / けんしょう
Chinese to offer a reward; bounty
Japanese offering a prize; prize competition; prize; reward


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Japanese kenshou / kensho / けんしょう Japanese (noun/participle) verification; inspection



see styles
Mandarin qiān shēng / qian1 sheng1
Taiwan ch`ien sheng / chien sheng
Japanese kenshō
subtly produced (karma) or unmanifestly produced karma


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Mandarin jiān zhāng / jian1 zhang1
Taiwan chien chang
Japanese kenshou / kensho / けんしょう
Chinese epaulet; shoulder loop; shoulder mark
Japanese shoulder strap; epaulet; epaulette


see styles
Mandarin jiàn qiào / jian4 qiao4
Taiwan chien ch`iao / chien chiao
Japanese kenshou / kensho / けんしょう
Chinese tendon sheath (anatomy); epitendon
Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) sheath of tendon


see styles
Japanese kenjo;kensho / けんじょ;けんしょ Japanese (1) audience seating (noh theater); (2) audience (esp. in noh)



see styles
Mandarin jiàn zhàng / jian4 zhang4
Taiwan chien chang
Japanese kenshō
The obstruction of heterodox views to enlightenment; obstruction of views


see styles
Japanese kenshou / kensho / けんしょう Japanese (noun/participle) refer to modestly


see styles
Japanese kashikodokoro;kensho / かしこどころ;けんしょ Japanese a palace sanctuary


see styles
Japanese kenshou / kensho / けんしょう Japanese (noun/participle) honouring (publicly); honoring; making someone's good deeds or achievements well-known; (personal name) Kenshou; (given name) Akira


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Japanese kenshou;kensei / kensho;kense / けんしょう;けんせい Japanese {Buddh} revealing or demonstrating the truth; (personal name) Takamasa; (given name) Kensei; (given name) Kenshou; (given name) Akimasa



see styles
Mandarin qiān shēng yè / qian1 sheng1 ye4
Taiwan ch`ien sheng yeh / chien sheng yeh
Japanese kenshō gō
directive karma



see styles
Mandarin bàng xián shèng / bang4 xian2 sheng4
Taiwan pang hsien sheng
Japanese hō kenshō
to denigrate worthies and sages



see styles
Mandarin xián shèng zú / xian2 sheng4 zu2
Taiwan hsien sheng tsu
Japanese kenshō zoku
noble usages



see styles
Mandarin bā fāng xián shèng / ba1 fang1 xian2 sheng4
Taiwan pa fang hsien sheng
Japanese hachihō kenshō
worthies and sages of the eight directions

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Kensho - Initial Enlightenment見性
ken shou / kenshou / ken sho / kenshojiàn xìng
jian4 xing4
jian xing
chien hsing
Kensho Jyobutsu - Enlightenment - Path to Buddha見性成佛
ken shou jyo butsu
ken sho jyo butsu
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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