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Kama in Chinese / Japanese...

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Mantis / Praying Mantis

China táng láng
Japan tou rou
Mantis / Praying Mantis Vertical Wall Scroll

螳螂 / 蟷螂 is mantis or "praying mantis" as it's often titled in English.

Technically speaking, this is especially applies to the narrow-winged mantis (Tenodera angustipennis)

It is best to use this very common two-character Asian title for mantis, as the second character alone can mean mantis or dragonfly (totally ambiguous).

This title is antiquated in Japanese, as they tend to write カマキリ (kama kiri) in Katakana to mean praying mantis.

蟷Note: There is an alternate form of this title which uses the character shown to the right instead of the first character shown above. This is uncommon in both Japan and China (if you really want it anyway, please let us know).

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin ài / ai4
Taiwan ai
Japanese ai / あい
Mantis / Praying Mantis Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese to love; to be fond of; to like; affection; to be inclined (to do something); to tend to (happen)
Japanese (n,n-suf) (1) (See 愛する) love; affection; care; (2) {Buddh} attachment; craving; desire; (female given name) Kokoro; (female given name) Kizuna; (female given name) Kanasa; (female given name) Kanae; (female given name) Kana; (female given name) Erina; (female given name) Ui; (m,f) Itoshi; (female given name) Ito; (female given name) Itsumi; (female given name) Izumi; (female given name) Arisa; (female given name) Ayu; (female given name) Aya; (female given name) Amika; (female given name) Adzumi; (female given name) Ako; (female given name) Aki; (female given name) Aoi; (female given name) Aisu; (personal name) Aiji; (female given name) Aika; (surname, female given name) Ai; (female given name) A-i
kāma; rāga. Love, affection, desire; also used for tṛṣṇā, thirst, avidity, desire, one of the twelve nidānas. It is intp. as 貪 coveting, and 染著 defiling attachment; also defined as defiling love like that toward wife and children, and undefiling love like that toward one's teachers and elders; to desire

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Mandarin/ yu4
Japanese yoku / よく
Chinese to wish for; to desire; variant of 慾|欲[yu4]
Japanese greed; craving; desire; avarice; wants; (surname) Yoku
rājas, passion. Also kāma, desire, love. The Chinese word means to breathe after, aspire to, desire, and is also used as 慾 for lust, passion; it is inter alia intp. as 染愛塵 tainted with the dust (or dirt) of love, or lust. The three desires are for beauty, demeanour, and softness; the five are those of the five physical senses.

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Mandarin yáo / yao2
Taiwan yao
Japanese kama / かま
Chinese kiln; oven; coal pit; cave dwelling; (coll.) brothel
Japanese stove; furnace; kiln; (place-name) Kama

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Mandarin zào / zao4
Taiwan tsao
Japanese kamado / かまど    kama / かま
Chinese variant of 灶[zao4]
Japanese the rear of an old-fashioned Japanese hearth from which smoke was exhausted; (in Kyoto dialect) the hearth itself; (out-dated kanji) (kana only) kitchen range; cooking stove; hearth; (kitchen) furnace; stove; furnace; kiln; (place-name) Kamado; (surname) Kama
A kitchen-stove.

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Mandarin guàn / guan4
Taiwan kuan
Japanese kan / かん    kama / かま
Chinese can; jar; pot
Japanese (ateji / phonetic) (out-dated kanji) can; tin; boiler

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Mandarin/ pu2
Taiwan p`u / pu
Japanese makomo / まこも    pu / ぷ    gama / がま    kanba / かんば    kama / かま    kabano / かばの    kaba / かば    ura / うら
Chinese refers to various monocotyledonous flowering plants including Acorus calamus and Typha orientalis; common cattail; bullrush; surname Pu; old place name
Japanese (kana only) common cattail (Typha latifolia); common bulrush; common reedmace; (surname) Makomo; (surname) Pu; (surname) Gama; (surname) Kanba; (surname) Kama; (place-name) Kabano; (surname) Kaba; (surname) Ura
Rushes, flags, grass.

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Mandarin/ ma2
Taiwan ma
Japanese hikigaeru / ひきがえる    hiki / ひき    gamagaeru / がまがえる    gama / がま    kama / かま
Chinese old variant of 蟆[ma2]
Japanese (out-dated or obsolete kana usage) (kana only) toad (esp. the Japanese toad, Bufo japonicus)

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Mandarin/ fu3
Taiwan fu
Japanese kama / かま
Chinese kettle; cauldron
Japanese iron pot; kettle; (surname) Kama

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Mandarin lián / lian2
Taiwan lien
Japanese kama / かま
Chinese variant of 鐮|镰[lian2]
Japanese (1) sickle; (2) (abbreviation) (See 鎖鎌) sickle-and-chain (weapon); (3) (abbreviation) (See 鎌槍) spear with curved cross-blades; (4) (abbreviation) (See 鎌継) gooseneck tenon and mortise joint; (5) (archaism) noisiness; (6) (kana only) part of a fish around the gills; (personal name) Ren; (surname) Kama
A sickle. 鎌子.


see styles
Japanese kama / カマ Japanese (female given name) Kama


see styles
Japanese touken / token / とうけん    tougama / togama / とうがま    toukama / tokama / とうかま    karagama / からがま    karakama / からかま    kama / かま Japanese (surname) Touken; (surname) Tougama; (surname) Toukama; (surname) Karagama; (surname) Karakama; (surname) Kama


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Japanese kama / かま Japanese (place-name) Kama



see styles
Mandarin ài jīng / ai4 jing1
Taiwan ai ching
Chinese Kama Sutra



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Mandarin yù jīng / yu4 jing1
Taiwan yü ching
Chinese Kama Sutra



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Mandarin há ma / ha2 ma5
Taiwan ha ma
Japanese gama / がま    kama / かま
Chinese variant of 蛤蟆[ha2 ma5]
Japanese (out-dated or obsolete kana usage) (kana only) toad (esp. the Japanese toad, Bufo japonicus)


see styles
Japanese gamagaeru / がまがえる    gama / がま    kama / かま Japanese (out-dated or obsolete kana usage) (kana only) toad (esp. the Japanese toad, Bufo japonicus)


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Mandarin jiā mó / jia1 mo2
Taiwan chia mo
Japanese kama
kāma, desire, love, wish. A hungry spirit.


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Mandarin xiāng pú / xiang1 pu2
Taiwan hsiang p`u / hsiang pu
Japanese gama / がま    kama / かま
Chinese Typha orientalis; broadleaf cumbungi; bulrush; cattail
Japanese (out-dated or obsolete kana usage) (kana only) common cattail (Typha latifolia); common bulrush; common reedmace


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Japanese kamaa / kama / カマー Japanese (personal name) Comer


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Japanese kamagawa / カマがわ Japanese (place-name) Kama (river)


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Japanese kaama / kama / カーマ Japanese Karma; (personal name) Khama


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Japanese kama / かま Japanese boiler


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Japanese kaamaa / kama / カーマー Japanese (personal name) Calmer



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Mandarin jiàn mó shě dì / jian4 mo2 she3 di4
Taiwan chien mo she ti
Japanese kenmashatai
A spirit or demon, ? Aniruddha, the unobstructed, the ungovernable, son of Kāma (Love, Lust); Kāma-śreṣṭha


see styles
Japanese gama;kaba(蒲);kouho(蒲);kama(ok);gama / gama;kaba(蒲);koho(蒲);kama(ok);gama / がま;かば(蒲);こうほ(蒲);かま(ok);ガマ Japanese (kana only) common cattail (Typha latifolia); common bulrush; common reedmace



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Mandarin yù yǒu jiàn wú míng / yu4 you3 jian4 wu2 ming2
Taiwan yü yu chien wu ming
Japanese yoku u ken mumyō
The unenlightened condition of desire; kāma-bhava-dṛṣṭi-avidyā are the four constituents which produce 漏 q.v; desire, existence, views and ignorance


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Japanese kamatonneru / かまトンネル Japanese (place-name) Kama tunnel


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Japanese karuma;kaama / karuma;kama / カルマ;カーマ Japanese Karma


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Japanese kama / かま Japanese stove; furnace; kiln


see styles
Japanese hikigaeru(蟇蛙,蟇,蟾蜍);hiki(蟇,蟾,蟆);gamagaeru(蟇,蝦蟇);gama(蟇,蝦蟇,蝦蟆);kama(蟇,蝦蟇,蝦蟆)(ok);hikigaeru;gamagaeru / ひきがえる(蟇蛙,蟇,蟾蜍);ひき(蟇,蟾,蟆);がまがえる(蟇,蝦蟇);がま(蟇,蝦蟇,蝦蟆);かま(蟇,蝦蟇,蝦蟆)(ok);ヒキガエル;ガマガエル Japanese (kana only) toad (esp. the Japanese toad, Bufo japonicus)

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Mantis / Praying Mantis Vertical Wall Scroll
Mantis / Praying Mantis Vertical Wall Scroll
Mantis / Praying Mantis Vertical Wall Scroll

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Mantis / Praying Mantis Vertical Portrait

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Praying Mantis
螳螂 / 蟷螂
tou rou / tourou / to ro / torotáng láng
tang2 lang2
tang lang
t`ang lang
tang lang
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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