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Inspire in Chinese / Japanese...

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qǐ shì
Inspire Scroll

Beyond inspire or inspiration, this Chinese word can mean enlightenment or revelation. 啟示 is used as the Biblical revelation in the Chinese Bible, so it can also mean apocalypse depending on context.

Separately, the first character can mean: to open; to start; to initiate; to enlighten; to awaken; to state; to inform.

The second character alone can mean: to show; to reveal; to indicate; to proclaim.

To inspire or enlighten

qǐ fā
To inspire or enlighten Scroll

This Chinese word means to enlighten; arouse interest; to inspire; inspiration; heuristic; to teach.

Inspire with redoubled courage

yuuki hyaku bai
Inspire with redoubled courage Scroll

勇気百倍 means to inspire someone with fresh courage or redoubled courage in Japanese.

The Kanji breakdown:
勇気 (yuuki) courage; bravery; valour; valor; nerve; boldness.
百 (hyaku) 100; hundred.
倍 (bai) twice; double; 2-times; 2-fold.


líng gǎn
Inspiration Scroll

靈感 is the Chinese word that is the closest to hitting the mark for the English word inspiration.

In a more extended context, I have even seen this translated as "brain wave".

The first character means alert, departed soul, efficacious, quick, effective or intelligence.
The second character means to feel, to move, to touch or to affect.
The combined meaning of these two characters changes a bit but I think it's nice to know the individual meanings to give you a better understanding of where a word comes from.

You could describe this word as, "the thought that pops into your head just before you patent the greatest widget ever invented, that everyone in the world will want".
At least, that's the idea.

This term can also mean "intelligent thought" if you were to translate it directly from each of these characters. If you are looking for inspiration or otherwise need to be inspired, this is the word for you.

霊When the first character was absorbed into Japanese from Chinese, an alternate form became the standard in Japan. The Kanji shown to the right is the form currently used in Japan. This is still considered an alternate form in China to this day. it’s readable by both Chinese and Japanese people but if your audience is Japanese, I recommend the Kanji shown to the right - just click on that Kanji to order that version.

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
qǐ shì / qi3 shi4 / qi shi / qishich`i shih / chishih / chi shih
To inspire or enlighten啟發
qǐ fā / qi3 fa1 / qi fa / qifach`i fa / chifa / chi fa
Inspire with redoubled courage勇気百倍yuuki hyaku bai
yuki hyaku bai
reikanlíng gǎn / ling2 gan3 / ling gan / lingganling kan / lingkan
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
 yuukihyakubai / yukihyakubai / ゆうきひゃくばい
Inspiration Scroll
(noun/participle) (yoji) inspire someone with fresh courage; with redoubled courage


see styles
 fungeki / ふんげき (noun/participle) rouse; stir; inspire


see styles
wēi zhèn / wei1 zhen4
wei chen
to inspire awe


see styles
gǎn zhào / gan3 zhao4
kan chao
to move and appeal; to rally to a cause; to impel; to inspire



see styles
gǎn fā / gan3 fa1
kan fa
to move and inspire



see styles
gǎn jìn / gan3 jin4
kan chin
To move to zeal, or inspire to progress; inspire sentient beings toward effort



see styles
zhèn fèn / zhen4 fen4
chen fen
to stir oneself up; to raise one's spirits; to inspire


see styles
shòu yì / shou4 yi4
shou i
to inspire; to incite


see styles
xuàn mù / xuan4 mu4
hsüan mu
to dazzle; to inspire awe


see styles
 noriutsuru / のりうつる (v5r,vi) to change (cars or horses); to transfer; to possess; to inspire


see styles
 ugokasu / うごかす (transitive verb) (1) to move; to shift; to stir; to budge; to change position; (transitive verb) (2) to inspire; to rouse; to move (e.g. feeling); to influence; (transitive verb) (3) to change; to alter; to deny; (transitive verb) (4) to operate; to set in motion; to get going; (transitive verb) (5) to mobilize (e.g. troops); to mobilise; to deploy; (transitive verb) (6) to manage (e.g. funds)


see styles
 fukikomu / ふきこむ (v5m,vi,vt) (1) to blow into; to breathe into; (transitive verb) (2) to inspire; to indoctrinate; (3) to record (music, video, etc.)



see styles
bù fú zhòng wàng / bu4 fu2 zhong4 wang4
pu fu chung wang
not living up to expectations (idiom); failing to inspire confidence among people; unpopular


see styles
 noriutsuru / のりうつる (v5r,vi) to change (cars or horses); to transfer; to possess; to inspire


see styles
 fukikomu / ふきこむ (v5m,vi,vt) (1) to blow into; to breathe into; (transitive verb) (2) to inspire; to indoctrinate; (3) to record (music, video, etc.)


see styles
 fukikomu / ふきこむ (v5m,vi,vt) (1) to blow into; to breathe into; (transitive verb) (2) to inspire; to indoctrinate; (3) to record (music, video, etc.)


see styles
wēi zhèn tiān xià / wei1 zhen4 tian1 xia4
wei chen t`ien hsia / wei chen tien hsia
to inspire awe throughout the empire (idiom)


see styles
 dakaseru / だかせる (Ichidan verb) to raise; to inspire; to arouse


see styles
 noriutsuru / のりうつる (v5r,vi) to change (cars or horses); to transfer; to possess; to inspire


see styles
 insupaia / インスパイア (noun or participle which takes the aux. verb suru) (1) to inspire; (2) inspiration


see styles
 insupaiaa / insupaia / インスパイアー (noun or participle which takes the aux. verb suru) (1) to inspire; (2) inspiration


see styles
 insupaiaa;insupaia / insupaia;insupaia / インスパイアー;インスパイア (noun or participle which takes the aux. verb suru) (1) to inspire; (2) inspiration


see styles
 noriutsuru / のりうつる (v5r,vi) to change (cars or horses); to transfer; to possess; to inspire


see styles
 fukikomu / ふきこむ (v5m,vi,vt) (1) to blow into; to breathe into; (transitive verb) (2) to inspire; to indoctrinate; (transitive verb) (3) to record (music, video, etc.)

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