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The fresh green of nature
Green Scroll

青 is nature's color and can refer to forest green, greenish-blue, or the darkest of greens.

青 and color represent nature, youth, young people.

In the same way, we refer to green bananas and the rookie being green, the same is true in Chinese and Japanese, where, in a certain context, this can mean immature, unripe, or young.

In Japan, this can also be a female given name "Haru". It can also be used as a given name (for either sex) in China.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Greenaoqīng / qing1 / qingch`ing / ching

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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Green Scroll
green jade; bluish green; blue; jade
(n,adj-no,adj-na) (1) blue; (2) green; (3) (abbreviation) green light; (4) black (horse coat color); (prefix) (5) immature; unripe; young; (personal name) Minemoto
Jade-green, or blue; blue-green

see styles
Green Scroll
green; blue; black; youth; young (of people)
(n,adj-no,adj-na) (1) blue; (2) green; (3) (abbreviation) green light; (4) black (horse coat color); (prefix) (5) immature; unripe; young; (female given name) Haru

see styles

 shiina / shina
grain not fully grown; husks; withered grain; unripe grain
(1) empty grain husk; immature ear (e.g. wheat); hollow object; (2) unripe fruit

see styles
dark blue; deep green; ash-gray
(n,adj-no,adj-na) (1) blue; (2) green; (3) (abbreviation) green light; (4) black (horse coat color); (prefix) (5) immature; unripe; young; (personal name) Souji
Azure; the heavens; grey, old; azure

see styles
immature locusts

see styles

remote; distant; variant of 粗[cu1]
sthūla. course, rough, crude, unrefined, immature.


see styles
bù jī liū
    bu4 ji1 liu1
pu chi liu
Ignorant, rustic: immature or ignorant.



see styles
pó luó
    po2 luo2
p`o lo
    po lo
pāla; keeper, guardian, warden; vihārapāla, warden of a monastery. bala; power, strength, especially the 五力 five powers, pañca bālani, i.e. 五根; also the 十力 daśabala, ten powers. Name of the sister of Ānanda who offered milk to Śākyamuni. bāla; 'young,' 'immature,' 'simpleton, fool,' 'hair' (M.W.); ignorant, unenlightened, see bālapṛthagjana, below; (Skt. pāla)


see styles
(adjective) (1) very young; (2) childish; immature


see styles
(can act as adjective) (1) very young; (can act as adjective) (2) childish; immature


see styles
 youtai / yotai
immature form (of an organism); young animal


see styles
yòu xiǎo
    you4 xiao3
yu hsiao
young; immature


see styles
yòu zhì
    you4 zhi4
yu chih
 youchi / yochi
young; childish; puerile
(1) infancy; (noun or adjectival noun) (2) childish; infantile; immature; primitive


see styles
yú fū
    yu2 fu1
yü fu
(1) (humble language) foolish man; (2) husband
bāla; ignorant, immature, a simpleton, the unenlightened; a fool


see styles
yú fǎ
    yu2 fa3
yü fa
 gu hō
Ignorant, or immature law, or method, i.e. that of śrāvakas and pratyekabuddhas, Hīnayāna; foolish teachings


see styles
wèi shú
    wei4 shu2
wei shu
(adj-na,adj-no,n) (1) unripe; green; (adj-na,n,adj-no) (2) inexperienced; immature; unskilled


see styles
 kijitsu; kijitsu
    きじつ; キジツ
dried immature orange (used in Chinese traditional medicine)



see styles
zhǐ shí
    zhi3 shi2
chih shih
dried fruit of immature citron or trifoliate orange (used in TCM)


see styles
máo dòu
    mao2 dou4
mao tou
immature green soy beans, either still in the pod (edamame) or removed from the pod


see styles
 hiuo; hio
    ひうお; ひお
whitebait; immature sweetfish; (female given name) Hina


see styles
shēng tǔ
    sheng1 tu3
sheng t`u
    sheng tu
(agr.) immature soil; virgin soil
(surname) Izuchi


see styles
shēng yìng
    sheng1 ying4
sheng ying
 seikou / seko
stiff; harsh
(noun or adjectival noun) crude; immature; unpolished


see styles
shēng zhě
    sheng1 zhe3
sheng che
(archaism) immature person; person of low status


see styles
(adjective) (1) very young; (2) childish; immature


see styles
zhì nèn
    zhi4 nen4
chih nen
young and tender; puerile; soft and immature


see styles
zhì ruò
    zhi4 ruo4
chih jo
immature and feeble


see styles
zhì zhuō
    zhi4 zhuo1
chih cho
young and clumsy; childish and awkward
(noun or adjectival noun) unskillful; childish; immature; naive; artless; clumsy; crude



see styles
qún méng
    qun2 meng2
ch`ün meng
    chün meng
All the shoots, sprouts, or immature things, i.e. all the living as ignorant and undeveloped; all sprouts


see styles
(adjective) (1) young; youthful; (adjective) (2) immature; green; (adjective) (3) low (number); small


see styles
(noun - becomes adjective with の) (See ニンフ) nymph (immature form of an insect)

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