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Light / Bright / Shine

Light / Bright / Shine Scroll

光 is the simplest way to express "light" in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

It can also mean ray or bright. Chinese tend to use a two-character word for light/bright, so this character is probably best if your audience is Japanese. Also, when pronounced Rei, this can be a Japanese female given name.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
hikariguāng / guang1 / guangkuang

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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guāng / guang1
 hikari / ひかり
Light / Bright / Shine Scroll
light; ray; CL:道[dao4]; bright; only; merely; to use up
(1) light; (2) illumination; ray; beam; gleam; glow; (3) happiness; hope; (4) influence; power; (5) vision; eyesight; (female given name) Rei
光明 prabha, light, brightness, splendour, to illuminate.

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zhào / zhao4
variant of 照[zhao4]; to shine; to illuminate

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zhào / zhao4
 shō / ひかる
according to; in accordance with; to shine; to illuminate; to reflect; to look at (one's reflection); to take (a photo); photo; as requested; as before
(given name) Hikaru
To shine, illumine; to superintend; a dispatch, pass; as, according to; to illumine

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zhú / zhu2
 shoku / しょく
candle; (literary) to illuminate
(1) light; lamp; (n,n-suf) (2) obsolete unit of luminous intensity (approx. 1.0067 candela); (personal name) Shiki
a candle


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èr guāng / er4 guang1
erh kuang
The dual lights, i.e. 色光 the halo from a Buddha's body and 心光 the light from his mind. Also 常光 the constant halo from the bodies of Buddhas and 神通光 the supernatural light sent out by a Buddha (e.g. from between his eyebrows) to illuminate a distant world; two lights


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liù huì / liu4 hui4
liu hui
The six kinds of wisdom. Each is allotted seriatim to one of the six positions 六位 q. v. (1) 聞慧 the wisdom of hearing and apprehending the truth of the middle way is associated with the 十住; (2) 思慧 of thought with the 十行; (3) 修慧 of observance with the 十廻向; (4) 無相慧 of either extreme, or the mean, with the 十地; (5) 照寂慧 of understanding of nirvana with 等覺慧; (6) 寂照慧 of making nirvana illuminate all beings associated with 佛果 Buddha-fruition. They are a 別教 Differentiated School series and all are associated with 中道 the school of the 中 or middle way.



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yuán zhào / yuan2 zhao4
yüan chao
to completely illuminate; to completely illuminate


see styles
tiǎo míng / tiao3 ming2
t`iao ming / tiao ming
to illuminate; to open up (a topic)


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míng bai / ming2 bai5
ming pai
 meihaku / mehaku / めいはく
clear; obvious; unequivocal; to understand; to realize
(adjectival noun) obvious; clear; plain; evident; apparent; explicit; overt
to illuminate; to illuminate



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jiàn míng / jian4 ming2
chien ming
to illuminate gradually; to illuminate gradually


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zhào liàng / zhao4 liang4
chao liang
 teruaki / てるあき
to illuminate; to light up; lighting
(personal name) Teruaki


see styles
zhào xīn / zhao4 xin1
chao hsin
to illuminate the mind; to illuminate the mind


see styles
zhào míng / zhao4 ming2
chao ming
 shoumei / shome / しょうめい
lighting; illumination; to light up; to illuminate
(n,vs,adj-no) illumination; lighting; (given name) Teruaki


see styles
zhào yìng / zhao4 ying4
chao ying
 shouei / shoe / しょうえい
to shine; to illuminate
(noun/participle) portrait; (personal name) Terue


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zhào lǐ / zhao4 li3
chao li
 shōri / てり
according to reason; usually; in the normal course of events; to attend to
(personal name) Teri
to illuminate the principle; to illuminate the principle


see styles
zhào yào / zhao4 yao4
chao yao
to shine; to illuminate
to shine



see styles
zhào lín / zhao4 lin2
chao lin
 shourin / shorin / しょうりん
(noun/participle) looking down (from the heavens); visit of a high-ranking person
illuminate the surrounding area from a high place; illuminate the surrounding area from a high place



see styles
zhào jiàn / zhao4 jian4
chao chien
 shōken / てるみ
(female given name) Terumi
to illuminate; to illuminate


see styles
zhē zhào / zhe1 zhao4
che chao
To suppress or to reveal (or illuminate); destructive or constructive; to negate or to affirm; refuting and establishing



see styles
diǎn liàng / dian3 liang4
tien liang
to illuminate; to turn on the lights; to light (a blaze)


see styles
wěi nǐ yě / wei3 ni3 ye3
wei ni yeh
vibhā, to shine, illuminate, tr, by 明, a name for the Shingon sect 眞言 because of its power to dispel the darkness of delusion; (Skt. vibhā)


see styles
 terasu / てらす (transitive verb) (1) to shine on; to illuminate; (transitive verb) (2) to compare (with); to refer to



see styles
zhào fǎ lún / zhao4 fa3 lun2
chao fa lun
 shō hōrin
illuminate the wheel of the dharma; illuminate the wheel of the dharma


see styles
gǔ jiào zhào xīn / gu3 jiao4 zhao4 xin1
ku chiao chao hsin
 kokyō shōshin
the ancient teachings illuminate the mind; the ancient teachings illuminate the mind


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zhōu zā biàn zhào / zhou1 za1 bian4 zhao4
chou tsa pien chao
 shūsō henshō
to illuminate everywhere; to illuminate everywhere


see styles
 sashikomu / さしこむ (v5m,vi) (See 差し込む・さしこむ・3) to shine in (light); to illuminate


see styles
 hanaakari / hanakari / はなあかり the brilliance of cherry blossoms which illuminate the evening


see styles
 terashidasu / てらしだす (transitive verb) to illuminate; to shine a light on; to light up



see styles
xuān shuō kāi shì xiǎn fā / xuan1 shuo1 kai1 shi4 xian3 fa1
hsüan shuo k`ai shih hsien fa / hsüan shuo kai shih hsien fa
 sensetsu kaiji kenhotsu
explain, reveal, and illuminate; explain, reveal, and illuminate

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