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Darkness Scroll

闇 is the shortest and universal way (in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja) to write "darkness".

In Chinese this can mean: dark, gloomy, hidden, secret, to shut the door, unilluminated.

In Japanese this can mean: darkness, the dark, black-marketeering, dark, shady, illegal.

In old Korean Hanja this can mean: dark, obscure, hidden, secret.

暗 Note that there is an alternate form of this character. It is used as an alternate in all three languages (that rarely happens). You can see this alternate version to the right. If you want to order that version, please click on that character, instead of the button above.

Qi Gong / Chi Kung

qì gōng
Qi Gong / Chi Kung Scroll

Qigong is the title of a technique that is somewhere between a medical practice, meditation, and in some cases a religion. The definition is blurred depending on which school of Qigong you are following. In some cases, it is even incorporated with martial arts.

Some people (even Chinese people) mix this title with Tai Chi (Tai Qi) exercises.

Lately in China, people will claim to practice Tai Chi rather than Qigong because the Qigong title was recently used as a cover for an illegal pseudo-religious movement in China with the initials F.G. or F.D. (I can not write those names here for fear of our website being banned in China).

You can learn those names and more here: Further info about Qigong

If you are wondering about why I wrote "Qi Gong" and "Chi Kung" as the title of this calligraphy entry, I should teach you a little about the various ways in which Chinese can be Romanized. One form writes this as "Chi Kung" or "Chikung" (Taiwan). In the mainland and elsewhere, it is Romanized as "Qi Gong" or "Qigong". The actual pronunciation is the same in Taiwan, mainland, and Singapore Mandarin. Neither Romanization is exactly like English. If you want to know how to say this with English rules, it would be something like "Chee Gong" (but the "gong" has a vowel sound like the "O" in "go").

Romanization is a really confusing topic and has caused many Chinese words to be mispronounced in the west. One example is "Kung Pao Chicken" which should actually be more like "Gong Bao" with the "O" sounding like "oh" for both characters. Neither system of Romanization in Taiwan or the Mainland is perfect in my opinion and lead to many misunderstandings.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
yamiàn / an4 / an
Qi Gong
Chi Kung
kikou / kikoqì gōng / qi4 gong1 / qi gong / qigongch`i kung / chikung / chi kung
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Qi Gong / Chi Kung Scroll
to close (a door); to eclipse; muddled; stupid; ignorant; variant of 暗[an4]
(noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) darkness; the dark; (2) bewilderment; despair; hopelessness; (3) hidden place; secrecy; oblivion; (noun - becomes adjective with の) (4) black market; shady trading; underhand transactions; illegal channels; (personal name) Awa
To shut; dark; retired; translit. am, cf. 暗, 菴; to withdraw

see styles
Qi Gong / Chi Kung Scroll
black; dark; sinister; secret; shady; illegal; to hide (something) away; to vilify; (loanword) to hack (computing)
kāla; kṛṣṇa; black; dark.



see styles
sà dì
    sa4 di4
sa ti
Qi Gong / Chi Kung Scroll
sati (illegal Hindu practice)

see styles
fat; fertile; loose-fitting or large; to fertilize; to become rich by illegal means; fertilizer; manure
manure; night soil; dung; fertiliser; fertilizer; (personal name) Yutaka
Fat; fat


see styles
bù fǎ
    bu4 fa3
pu fa
 fuhou / fuho
lawless; illegal; unlawful
(noun or adjectival noun) (1) unlawful; illegal; (noun or adjectival noun) (2) unreasonable; outrageous; unjust; unwarranted
Not in accordance with the Buddha law, wrong, improper, unlawful.


see styles
rén shé
    ren2 she2
jen she
illegal immigrant


see styles
tōu dù
    tou1 du4
t`ou tu
    tou tu
illegal immigration; to stowaway (on a ship); to steal across the international border; to run a blockade


see styles
kè bó
    ke4 bo2
k`o po
    ko po
unkind; harsh; cutting; mean; acrimony; to embezzle by making illegal deductions
(noun or adjectival noun) cruel; inhumane; callous; brutal


see styles
(n,n-suf) (1) broken piece; (suffix noun) (2) below (a certain level, point, quantity, etc.); dropping below; (3) (slang) {comp} (See ワレズ) illegal downloading and distribution of commercial software; warez


see styles
shí yī
    shi2 yi1
shih i
 toichi; tooichi; toichi
    といち; とおいち; トイチ
eleven; 11
(1) (kana only) type of illegal loan charging 10% interest every 10 days; (2) {hanaf} (See 手役) dealt hand consisting of 1-point cards and one single 10-point card; (surname) Tokazu
ekādaśa, eleven.



see styles
kè yào
    ke4 yao4
k`o yao
    ko yao
to take (illegal) drugs


see styles
(abbreviation) (See 在留特別許可) Special Permission to Stay in Japan; residence status that can be granted to illegal immigrants or overstayers



see styles
tào huì
    tao4 hui4
t`ao hui
    tao hui
illegal currency exchange; arbitrage


see styles
tào qǔ
    tao4 qu3
t`ao ch`ü
    tao chü
to acquire fraudulently; an illegal exchange


see styles
dǎ hēi
    da3 hei1
ta hei
to crack down on illegal activities; to fight organized crime



see styles
sǎo hēi
    sao3 hei1
sao hei
to crack down on illegal activities; to fight organized crime



see styles
hèng cái
    heng4 cai2
heng ts`ai
    heng tsai
easy money; windfall; ill-gotten gains; undeserved fortune; illegal profit


see styles
(noun/participle) circumvention of the law; evasion of the law (by using legal means to obtain a result normally only obtainable by illegal ones)



see styles
làn fá
    lan4 fa2
lan fa
to denude; illegal logging; forest clearance
(noun/participle) reckless deforestation; overcutting of forests


see styles
fàn dú
    fan4 du2
fan tu
illegal drug; narcotic


see styles
 toukutsu / tokutsu
(noun/participle) illegal digging; illegal mining; grave robbing; tomb robbing



see styles
dào cǎi
    dao4 cai3
tao ts`ai
    tao tsai
to mine (or harvest, log, trap animals etc) illegally; illegal mining (or logging etc)



see styles
dào bǎn
    dao4 ban3
tao pan
pirated; illegal; see also 正版[zheng4 ban3]



see styles
wō diǎn
    wo1 dian3
wo tien
lair; den (of illegal activities)


see styles
(1) backdoor; rear entrance; (adj-no,n) (2) (See 裏口入学・うらぐちにゅうがく) unauthorized; illicit; illegal; (surname) Urakuchi



see styles
fàn sī
    fan4 si1
fan ssu
to traffic (smuggled goods); illegal trading



see styles
dǔ wō
    du3 wo1
tu wo
gamblers' den; illegal casino


see styles
lù bà
    lu4 ba4
lu pa
brigand; (modern) uncivil driver; road hog; (PRC) person who sets up an illegal toll; (Tw) person who uses a part of the street as their private parking place


see styles
(1) (illegal) riot; tumult; (2) disorder; (3) complaining; disagreeing; opposing



see styles
wéi jiàn
    wei2 jian4
wei chien
abbr. for 違章建築|违章建筑, illegal construction

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Qi Gong / Chi Kung Scroll
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There is some fear that true Chinese calligraphy may become a lost art in the coming years. Many art institutes in China are now promoting calligraphy programs in hopes of keeping this unique form of art alive.

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