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xiū níng
    xiu1 ning2
hsiu ning
Xiuning county in Huangshan 黃山|黄山[Huang2 shan1], Anhui


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tún xī
    tun2 xi1
t`un hsi
    tun hsi
Tunxi district of Huangshan city 黃山市|黄山市[Huang2 shan1 shi4], Anhui


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huī zhōu
    hui1 zhou1
hui chou
Huizhou district of Huangshan city 黃山市|黄山市[Huang2 shan1 shi4], Anhui



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shè xiàn
    she4 xian4
she hsien
She county in Huangshan 黃山|黄山[Huang2 shan1], Anhui



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qí mén
    qi2 men2
ch`i men
    chi men
Qimen county in Huangshan 黃山|黄山[Huang2 shan1], Anhui



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huáng shān
    huang2 shan1
huang shan
Mt Huang; Yellow mountains; Huangshan prefecture-level city centered around Huangshan Mountains in south Anhui



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yī xiàn
    yi1 xian4
i hsien
Yi County in Huangshan 黃山|黄山[Huang2 shan1], Anhui



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xiū níng xiàn
    xiu1 ning2 xian4
hsiu ning hsien
Xiuning county in Huangshan 黃山|黄山[Huang2 shan1], Anhui



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tún xī qū
    tun2 xi1 qu1
t`un hsi ch`ü
    tun hsi chü
Tunxi district of Huangshan city 黃山市|黄山市[Huang2 shan1 shi4], Anhui



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huī zhōu qū
    hui1 zhou1 qu1
hui chou ch`ü
    hui chou chü
Huizhou district of Huangshan city 黃山市|黄山市[Huang2 shan1 shi4], Anhui



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qí mén xiàn
    qi2 men2 xian4
ch`i men hsien
    chi men hsien
Qimen county in Huangshan 黃山|黄山[Huang2 shan1], Anhui


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yíng kè sōng
    ying2 ke4 song1
ying k`o sung
    ying ko sung
Greeting Pine, symbol of Huangshan 黃山|黄山[Huang2 shan1]



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huáng shān qū
    huang2 shan1 qu1
huang shan ch`ü
    huang shan chü
Huangshan district of Huangshan city 黃山市|黄山市[Huang2 shan1 shi4], Anhui



see styles
huáng shān shì
    huang2 shan1 shi4
huang shan shih
Huangshan prefecture-level city centered around Huangshan Mountains in south Anhui

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