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Courage to do what is right

jiàn yì yǒng wéi
Courage to do what is right Scroll

見義勇為 means courage to do what is right in Chinese.

This could also be translated as, "Never hesitate to do what is right".

This comes from Confucian thought:
It’s best for your courage to head in an honorable direction. For example, you should take to action when the goal is to attain a just result as without honorable intent, a person’s gutsy fervor can easily lead them astray.

One who flaunts courage but disregards justice is bound to do wrong; someone who possesses both courage and morality, is destined to become a hero.

Some text above paraphrased from The World of Chinese - The Character of 勇

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Title CharactersVarious forms of Romanized Chinese
Courage to do what is right見義勇為
jiàn yì yǒng wéi
jian4 yi4 yong3 wei2
jian yi yong wei
chien i yung wei
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
see 徘徊[pai2 huai2], to dither; to hesitate; to pace back and forth; irresolute

see styles

to doubt; to suspect
doubt; distrust; suspicion (of)
vicikitsā; doubt, suspect; hesitate, be uncertain, fear, surmise.

see styles

to knit (one's brows); wrinkled (of brows); to hesitate; distressed

see styles
walk carefully; to hesitate; to halter

see styles
to hesitate

see styles
to pace back and forth; to hesitate; to waver

see styles
falter, hesitate


see styles
bù xī
    bu4 xi1
pu hsi
not stint; not spare; not hesitate (to do something); not scruple (to do something)



see styles
jǐn guǎn
    jin3 guan3
chin kuan
despite; although; even though; in spite of; unhesitatingly; do not hesitate (to ask, complain etc); (go ahead and do it) without hesitating


see styles
zhǐ guǎn
    zhi3 guan3
chih kuan
solely engrossed in one thing; just (one thing, no need to worry about the rest); simply; by all means; please feel free; do not hesitate (to ask for something)
(adj-na,adv) (kana only) nothing but; earnest; intent; determined; set on (something); (personal name) Koreuchi



see styles
yí yóu
    yi2 you2
i yu
to hesitate


see styles
ān ē
    an1 e1
an o
(literary) to hesitate; indecisive


see styles
páng huáng
    pang2 huang2
p`ang huang
    pang huang
 houkou / hoko
to pace back and forth; to hesitate; to be indecisive
(noun/participle) wandering; rambling; roaming; (female given name) Kanata


see styles
pái huái
    pai2 huai2
p`ai huai
    pai huai
to dither; to hesitate; to pace back and forth; by ext. to hover around; to linger
(noun/participle) loitering; roaming; sauntering; wandering about; prowling


see styles
(v5r,vt,vi) (1) (kana only) to hesitate; to have scruples; to be afraid of what others may think; (v5r,vi) (2) (kana only) to lord it over; to have great influence


see styles
(v5m,vi) to stagnate; to be stagnant; to settle; to deposit; to be sedimented; to be precipitated; to hesitate; to be sluggish; to stammer; to stumble; to falter


see styles
(Godan verb with "ru" ending) (1) to hesitate; to hold back; to balk; to falter; (Godan verb with "ru" ending) (2) to be reluctant; to be unwilling; to begrudge; (Godan verb with "ru" ending) (3) to have loose painful bowel movement; to suffer from tenesmus


see styles
(v5m,vi) to stagnate; to be stagnant; to settle; to deposit; to be sedimented; to be precipitated; to hesitate; to be sluggish; to stammer; to stumble; to falter



see styles
yóu yí
    you2 yi2
yu i
to hesitate



see styles
yóu yù
    you2 yu4
yu yü
to hesitate



see styles
ài kǒu
    ai4 kou3
ai k`ou
    ai kou
to shy to speak out; tongue-tied; to hesitate; too embarrassing for words


see styles
 mayou / mayo
(v5u,vi) (1) to lose one's way; (2) to waver; to hesitate; to be of two minds over; to be puzzled; to be perplexed; (3) to give into temptation; to lose control of oneself; (4) to turn in one's grave


see styles
zī jū
    zi1 ju1
tzu chü
to advance with difficulty; to hesitate to advance



see styles
chí chú
    chi2 chu2
ch`ih ch`u
    chih chu
to waver; to hesitate



see styles
chóu chú
    chou2 chu2
ch`ou ch`u
    chou chu
 chuucho / chucho
to hesitate
(noun/participle) hesitation; indecision; vacillation


see styles
(Godan verb with "su" ending) (1) (See 辞する) to excuse oneself; to take one's leave; (Godan verb with "su" ending) (2) to quit; to resign; to retire; to leave post; (Godan verb with "su" ending) (3) to decline; to turn down; (Godan verb with "su" ending) (4) (adjectivally as 〜を辞さず, etc.) to not hesitate


see styles
 mayou / mayo
(v5u,vi) (1) to lose one's way; (2) to waver; to hesitate; to be of two minds over; to be puzzled; to be perplexed; (3) to give into temptation; to lose control of oneself; (4) to turn in one's grave


see styles
qūn xún
    qun1 xun2
ch`ün hsün
    chün hsün
to draw back; to move back and forth; to hesitate; in an instant
(noun/participle) hesitation; indecision



see styles
chí yí
    chi2 yi2
ch`ih i
    chih i
to hesitate


see styles
(suf,v1) (1) (kana only) (See 兼ねない) to be unable to; to find difficult (unpleasant, awkward, painful) to do; (transitive verb) (2) to serve two or more functions or roles simultaneously; to contain (or combine) two or more features; (transitive verb) (3) to work in two or more jobs simultaneously (positions, etc.); to do alongside; (transitive verb) (4) to hesitate to do something (out of consideration for others); (transitive verb) (5) to think of the future (as well as the present)

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Courage to do what is right Scroll
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