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Just as Liquor Turns a Face Red, Gold Turns a Heart Black

 bái jiǔ hóng rén miàn huáng jīn hēi shì xīn
Just as Liquor Turns a Face Red, Gold Turns a Heart Black Scroll

白酒紅人面黃金黑世心 literally says: [Just as] white liquor makes people's faces turn red, [So] yellow gold makes people's hearts turn black.

This is a warning about the nature of greed. The suggestion is that one who lusts for gold and riches will eventually have a black heart (or become a heartless greedy bastard). As a wall scroll, this is a reminder and warning to keep yourself from following the greedy path.

Wealth / Riches / Fortune

 cái fù
Wealth / Riches / Fortune Scroll

財富 means wealth or riches in Chinese.

Hanging this on your wall will label you as a “lover of money” or a “greedy person.” Order this only if you don't mind being seen in this light.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles

covetous; greedy; stingy

see styles
 tan; ton; don
    たん; とん; どん
to have a voracious desire for; to covet; greedy; corrupt
(1) coveting; (2) {Buddh} (usu. とん) raga (desire)
rāga; colouring, dyeing, tint, red; affection, passion, vehement longing or desire; cf. M. W. In Chinese: cupidity, desire; intp. tainted by and in bondage to the five desires; it is the first in order of the 五鈍使 pañca-kleśa q. v., and means hankering after, desire for, greed, which causes clinging to earthly life and things, therefore reincarnation.

see styles
gluttonous; greedy; to have a craving



see styles
shí lái
    shi2 lai2
shih lai
(female given name) Torai
(十來偈) The ten rhymes in "lai", a verse which expresses the Buddhist doctrine of moral determinism, i.e. that the position anyone now occupies is solely the result of his character in past lives; heredity and environment having nothing to do with his present condition, for, whether in prince or beggar, it is the reward of past deeds. The upright from the forbearing come,
The poor from the mean and greedy come,
Those of high rank from worshippers come,
The low and common from the Prideful come,
Those who are dumb from slanderers come,
The blind and deaf from unbelievers come,
The long-lived from the merciful come,
The short-lived from life, takers come,
The deficient in faculties from command-breakers come,
The complete in faculties from command-keepers come.


see styles
(1) (archaism) countryfolk; villager; provincial; (2) (derogatory term) (archaism) greedy person; underclass; low-standing person


see styles
(1) (derogatory term) corrupt monk; greedy monk; (2) (derogatory term) (archaism) liar


see styles
 gouyoku / goyoku
(noun or adjectival noun) greedy; avaricious


see styles
 gouyoku / goyoku
(noun or adjectival noun) greedy; avaricious


see styles
 yokufuka; yokubuka(p)
    よくふか; よくぶか(P)
(noun or adjectival noun) (See 欲張り) greedy; avaricious; covetous


see styles
(adjective) (1) dirty; filthy; foul; unclean; (2) disordered; messy; untidy; poor (e.g. handwriting); (3) indecent (language, etc.); dirty; vulgar; coarse; (4) dastardly; mean; base; underhanded; (5) stingy; greedy


see styles
(adjective) (1) dirty; filthy; foul; unclean; (2) disordered; messy; untidy; poor (e.g. handwriting); (3) indecent (language, etc.); dirty; vulgar; coarse; (4) dastardly; mean; base; underhanded; (5) stingy; greedy


see styles
 korou / koro
(1) tigers and wolves; (2) (idiom) cruel and greedy brute



see styles
jì yú
    ji4 yu2
chi yü
(literary) to covet; to cast greedy eyes on
(noun/participle) covetousness


see styles
chái láng
    chai2 lang2
ch`ai lang
    chai lang
 sairou / sairo
jackal and wolf; ravenous wolf; fig. evil person; vicious tyrant
(1) (See 狼・おおかみ・1,山犬・やまいぬ・1) wolf; (2) rapacious person; merciless and greedy person
A wolf.


see styles
(transitive verb) (1) (kana only) to covet; to crave; to be greedy for; to hunger for; to lust insatiably for; (transitive verb) (2) (kana only) to indulge in; to do ceaselessly; to keep doing (without losing interest); (transitive verb) (3) (kana only) to eat greedily; to devour



see styles
tān lán
    tan1 lan2
t`an lan
    tan lan
avaricious; greedy; rapacious; insatiable; avid
(noun or adjectival noun) covetousness; greed



see styles
tān guān
    tan1 guan1
t`an kuan
    tan kuan
corrupt official; grasping functionary; greedy mandarin



see styles
tān xīn
    tan1 xin1
t`an hsin
    tan hsin
desiring mind



see styles
tān láng
    tan1 lang2
t`an lang
    tan lang
Greedy wolf, wolfish desire or cupidity.



see styles
tān sè
    tan1 se4
t`an se
    tan se
greedy for sex; given to lust for women



see styles
tān xíng
    tan1 xing2
t`an hsing
    tan hsing
greedy temperament



see styles
tān cái
    tan1 cai2
t`an ts`ai
    tan tsai
to be greedy in getting money



see styles
tān shí
    tan1 shi2
t`an shih
    tan shih
gluttonous; greedy
(noun/participle) voracity; ravenousness



see styles
tān chán
    tan1 chan2
t`an ch`an
    tan chan
gluttonous; greedy; insatiable; avid


see styles
bǐ rén
    bi3 ren2
pi jen
your humble servant; I
(1) (archaism) countryfolk; villager; provincial; (2) (derogatory term) (archaism) greedy person; underclass; low-standing person; (archaism) countryfolk; villager; provincial



see styles
chán rén
    chan2 ren2
ch`an jen
    chan jen
to make one's mouth water; appetizing; greedy person; glutton



see styles
chán guǐ
    chan2 gui3
ch`an kuei
    chan kuei
glutton; greedy pig


see styles
 iyashii / iyashi
(adjective) (1) lowborn; humble; lowly; (2) vulgar; coarse; crude; mean; base; vile; (3) shabby; (4) greedy; gluttonous; avaricious



see styles
mò jiē luó
    mo4 jie1 luo2
mo chieh lo
matsara, 慳 grudging, stingy, greedy.


see styles
(v5r,vi) to be greedy; to be avaricious; to want badly; to desire intensely; to covet

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersVarious forms of Romanized Chinese
Just as Liquor Turns a Face Red, Gold Turns a Heart Black白酒紅人面黃金黑世心
bái jiǔ hóng rén miàn huáng jīn hēi shì xīn
bai2 jiu3 hong2 ren2 mian4 huang2 jin1 hei1 shi4 xin1
bai jiu hong ren mian huang jin hei shi xin
pai chiu hung jen mien huang chin hei shih hsin
cái fù / cai2 fu4 / cai fu / caifuts`ai fu / tsaifu / tsai fu
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Wealth / Riches / Fortune Scroll
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