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karigane / kari
Wild Goose Scroll

雁 is the single character for wild goose in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

tiān é
Swan Scroll

天鵝 is one of a few titles that can mean "swan" in Chinese.

This one can be literally-translated as "heavenly goose".

Beautiful Woman Proverb

chén yú luò yàn
chin gyo raku gan
Beautiful Woman Proverb Scroll

沈魚落雁 is an old proverb that literally means, "fish sink, goose alights".

...But this takes some explaining. 沈魚落雁 is a proverb from Zhuangzi (莊子) who lived in the late 4th century BC.

This figuratively refers to female beauty that is so captivating that even the birds and beasts take notice.

Perhaps a better way to and more accurate way to describe this is to say that it speaks of the charms of a uniquely beautiful woman who is so beautiful that fish stay on the bottom of the water, and flying wild geese fall from the sky in shame.

This proverb is so famous that it is also known and used in Japan (same characters, different pronunciation).

Note: This can also be written 沉魚落雁 instead of 沈魚落雁 (just the first character varies slightly).

Drain the pond to get all the fish

Kill the goose that lays the golden eggs

jié zé ér yú
Drain the pond to get all the fish Scroll

In 632 BC, Duke Wen of the Kingdom of Jin was about to lead an army against the forces of the Kingdom of Chu.
The Duke asked one of his advisers, Jiu Fan, how they could possibly win the impending battle, as they were drastically outnumbered.
Jiu Fan said, "All is fair in war", and went on to suggest a plan of dishonorable tactics (cheating).
The Duke was not sure of this advice, so he asked another adviser, Yong Ji, who replied, "If you catch fish by draining the pond, you can certainly get all the fish. But there will be no fish the following year. You can cheat this one time in battle but such tactics can only be used once, as the enemy will be wise in future encounters".

The Duke heard the words of his wiser adviser but cheated to gain victory in the battle. However, he rewarded Yong Ji more than Jiu Fan at the victory celebration, stating that while Jiu Fan's advice gained one victory, the wise words of Yong Ji would last forever.

This Chinese idiom/proverb is still used, over 2600 years later to remind people not to burn bridges, cheat, or dishonor oneself in exchange for a short term gain, while sacrificing the future.

竭澤而漁 is very similar to the meaning of the English phrase, "Kill the goose that lays the golden eggs".

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Drain the pond to get all the fish Scroll
wild goose
(kana only) wild goose; (1) call of a wild goose; (2) (kana only) wild goose (esp. a lesser white-fronted goose, Anser erythropus); (3) tea made from twigs of high-quality tea plants (esp. gyokuro); high-grade kukicha (esp. from gyokuro); (1) (kana only) wild goose; (2) (kana only) (abbreviation) (colloquialism) glans; head of a penis; (surname, given name) Gan; (wk) The Wild Geese (1913 novel by Mori Ōgai)
A hawk, also used for hamsa, a wild goose.


see styles
Drain the pond to get all the fish Scroll
(1) (kana only) wild goose; (2) (kana only) (abbreviation) (colloquialism) glans; head of a penis; (place-name) Cali (Colombia)



see styles
jié zé ér yú
    jie2 ze2 er2 yu2
chieh tse erh yü
Drain the pond to get all the fish Scroll
lit. to drain the pond to get at the fish (idiom); fig. to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs

see styles

cry of a crane or wild goose

see styles

grain; millet; goose bumps
(1) (obsolete) (See 粟・あわ) millet; grain; (2) (archaism) stipend in rice; (3) (See 尺・しゃく・1) 10,000th of a shaku; (surname) Awazaki
Maize, millet.

see styles
variant of 雁[yan4]
(kana only) wild goose; (1) (kana only) wild goose; (2) (kana only) (abbreviation) (colloquialism) glans; head of a penis; (surname) Gan
A wild goose; a wild goose


see styles
eastern bean goose; great; large
(kana only) bean goose (Anser fabalis); (1) large bird; (2) peng (in Chinese mythology, giant bird said to transform from a fish); (3) fenghuang (Chinese phoenix); (surname) Bishiyago

see styles
goose; CL:隻|只[zhi1]

see styles

 koku; kou / koku; ko
    こく; こう
(1) (See 白鳥・はくちょう・1) swan; (2) bullseye; (place-name) Kugui


see styles
 sanchou / sancho
(1) {food} chicken, goose and pheasant; (2) (archaism) (orig. meaning) cuckoo, Japanese bush warbler and wagtail


see styles
dà yàn
    da4 yan4
ta yen
wild goose; CL:隻|只[zhi1]


see styles
solitary wild goose (i.e. separated from its flock, esp. flying); (given name) Kogan


see styles
(kana only) (ksb:) goosebumps; goose pimples


see styles
héng pó
    heng2 po2
heng p`o
    heng po
(or恒亙婆), haṃsa, a goose.



see styles
mián fú
    mian2 fu2
mien fu
(bird species of China) cotton pygmy goose (Nettapus coromandelianus)


see styles
zhèng bù
    zheng4 bu4
cheng pu
goose-step (for military parades)


see styles
shuǐ rǔ
    shui3 ru3
shui ju
Water and milk— an illustration of the intermingling of things; but their essential separateness is recognized in that the rāja-haṃsa (a kind of goose) is said to be able to drink up the milk leaving behind the water; water and milk


see styles
huī yàn
    hui1 yan4
hui yen
(bird species of China) greylag goose (Anser anser)


see styles
 hakugan; hakugan
    はくがん; ハクガン
(kana only) snow goose (Chen caerulescens); blue goose


see styles
 magan; magan
    まがん; マガン
(kana only) greater white-fronted goose (Anser albifrons); (surname) Makari


see styles
shí jié
    shi2 jie2
shih chieh
goose barnacle (Pollicipes pollicipes)


see styles
hú yàn
    hu2 yan4
hu yen
Tatar goose, wild goose found in territories northwest of China in ancient times


see styles
(kana only) bean goose (Anser fabalis)


see styles
dòu yàn
    dou4 yan4
tou yen
(bird species of China) taiga bean goose (Anser fabalis)


see styles
qǐ sù
    qi3 su4
ch`i su
    chi su
to get goose bumps


see styles
flying goose


see styles
yàn tǎ
    yan4 ta3
yen t`a
    yen ta
Yanta District of Xi’an 西安市[Xi1 an1 Shi4], Shaanxi
The Wild Goose pagoda, name of a famous monastery; Haṃsa stūpa


see styles
yàn wáng
    yan4 wang2
yen wang
goose king; goose king


see styles
(1) call of a wild goose; (2) (kana only) wild goose (esp. a lesser white-fronted goose, Anser erythropus); (3) tea made from twigs of high-quality tea plants (esp. gyokuro); high-grade kukicha (esp. from gyokuro); (surname) Karigane


see styles
(1) head of a pipe, incl. the bowl and stem attachment; (2) (colloquialism) neck; head; (1) (something resembling a) goose's neck; (2) glans; head of a penis

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Wild Goosekarigane / kariyàn / yan4 / yanyen
tiān é / tian1 e2 / tian e / tianet`ien o / tieno / tien o
Beautiful Woman Proverb沈魚落雁
chin gyo raku gan
chén yú luò yàn
chen2 yu2 luo4 yan4
chen yu luo yan
ch`en yü lo yen
chen yü lo yen
Drain the pond to get all the fish竭澤而漁
jié zé ér yú
jie2 ze2 er2 yu2
jie ze er yu
chieh tse erh yü
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Drain the pond to get all the fish Scroll
Drain the pond to get all the fish Scroll
Drain the pond to get all the fish Scroll
Drain the pond to get all the fish Scroll

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Drain the pond to get all the fish Vertical Portrait
Drain the pond to get all the fish Horizontal Wall Scroll
Drain the pond to get all the fish Vertical Portrait

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