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 jǐ zú yǐ
I am Enough Scroll

己足以 is a profound and philosophical way to say “I am enough” in Chinese.

The first character means self or oneself.

The last two characters are a word that means sufficient or enough.

Happiness / Contentment

 mǎn zú
 man zoku
Happiness / Contentment Scroll

滿足 is the kind of happiness that involves being satisfied and content.

This can also suggest the actions of “to satisfy,” and “to meet the needs of.”

Other single-word definitions include satisfaction, contentment, sufficient, enough, adequate, full, or complete.

満In Japanese, the Kanji for this word is an alternate Chinese form. You can see and select this version at the right (recommended only if your audience is specifically Japanese).

See Also:  Satisfaction | Contentment | Pleasure | Well-Being

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Power of Oneself / Self-Sufficient

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
zhī zú
    zhi1 zu2
chih tsu

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content with one's situation; to know contentment (hence happiness)
(personal name) Tomotaru
Complete knowledge; satisfaction.

see styles
measure of length, ten Chinese feet (3.3 m); to measure; husband; polite appellation for an older male
(particle) (1) (kana only) only; just; merely; simply; no more than; nothing but; alone; (particle) (2) (kana only) as much as; to the extent of; enough to; (given name) Masuo
Ten feet; an elder; a wife's parents; a husband.

see styles
part; share; ingredient; component
(n,n-suf) (1) part; portion; share; (suffix noun) (2) amount; worth (as in "two days' worth"); enough (for); (3) one's means; one's place; one's lot; one's social position; (4) one's duty; one's part; (5) condition; state (of affairs); extent; rate (as in "at this rate"); (n,adv) (6) in proportion to; just as much as; to the same degree; (suffix noun) (7) content (e.g. alcohol); percentage; (suffix noun) (8) (See 兄貴分・2) equivalent to (e.g. an old brother); (surname) Wake
To divide. separate; a fractional part: a share: a duty.

see styles
enough (sufficient); enough (too much); (coll.) (before adj.) really; (coll.) to reach by stretching out

see styles
to draw a bow to the full; the range of a bow and arrow; old variant of 夠|够[gou4], enough

see styles

to spread; to lay out; to apply (powder, ointment etc); sufficient (to cover); enough
(suffix) suffix indicating room size (following a number of tatami mats and a counter); (n-suf,n-pref,n) (1) spreading; laying out; covering; (2) (abbreviation) security deposit; (3) (abbreviation) Japanese mattress; (surname) Shiki
Diffuse, spread, promulgate, announce.

see styles
 uru; uruchi
    うる; うるち
round-grained nonglutinous rice (Japonica rice); Taiwan pr. [geng1]
(うるち refers only to rice) (See 糯) nonglutinous grain (not sticky enough to make mochi rice cakes)

see styles
glutinous rice; sticky rice
(See 粳) mochi (glutinous rice or other grain, sticky enough to make mochi rice cakes)

see styles
to support; to provide for
To supply; supplied, enough; translit. jam.

see styles

foot; to be sufficient; ample
(counter) counter for pairs of socks, shoes, etc.; (given name) Mitsuru
Foot, leg; enough, full.; A man's two legs, compared to goodness and wisdom, 福 being counted as the first five of the pāramitās, 智 as the sixth; v. 六度. 二足尊 The honoured one among bipeds or men, i. e. a Buddha; cf. 兩足.


see styles
(aux-v,v5r) (derogatory term) (ksb:) (after the -masu stem of a verb; indicates contempt or disdain) to have the nerve to; to be bastard enough to


see styles
dīng fū
    ding1 fu1
ting fu
(in ancient times) a man old enough for corvée or military service


see styles
shàng kǒu
    shang4 kou3
shang k`ou
    shang kou
 jouguchi / joguchi
to be able to read aloud fluently; to be suitable (easy enough) for reading aloud
(place-name, surname) Jōguchi



see styles
bù gòu
    bu4 gou4
pu kou
not enough; insufficient; inadequate


see styles
bù zú
    bu4 zu2
pu tsu
insufficient; lacking; deficiency; not enough; inadequate; not worth; cannot; should not
(n,vs,vi,adj-na) (1) insufficiency; deficiency; shortage; lack; scarcity; deficit; (noun or adjectival noun) (2) dissatisfaction; discontent; complaint


see styles
bǎo miáo
    bao3 miao2
pao miao
to protect young plants, ensuring that enough survive to produce a good crop


see styles
(irregular okurigana usage) (v1,vi) to get tired of; to lose interest in; to have enough


see styles
chōng fèn
    chong1 fen4
ch`ung fen
    chung fen
 juubun / jubun
ample; sufficient; adequate; full; fully; to the full
(adjectival noun) (1) plenty; enough; sufficient; satisfactory; adequate; (adverb) (2) perfectly; thoroughly; fully; in full



see styles
yǒng yú
    yong3 yu2
yung yü
to dare to; to be brave enough to



see styles
miǎn qiǎng
    mian3 qiang3
mien ch`iang
    mien chiang
 benkyou / benkyo
to do with difficulty; to force sb to do something; reluctant; barely enough
(noun, transitive verb) (1) study; (n,vs,vi) (2) diligence; working hard; (3) experience; lesson (for the future); (n,vs,vt,vi) (4) discount; price reduction


see styles
shí fēn
    shi2 fen1
shih fen
    juubun / jubun
very; completely; utterly; extremely; absolutely; hundred percent; to divide into ten equal parts
(adjectival noun) (1) plenty; enough; sufficient; satisfactory; adequate; (noun/participle) (2) division into ten; (adverb) (3) perfectly; thoroughly; fully; in full; 10 minutes



see styles
yàn zú
    yan4 zu2
yen tsu
to have had enough of


see styles
qǔ zú
    qu3 zu2
ch`ü tsu
    chü tsu
to get enough



see styles
shòu gòu
    shou4 gou4
shou kou
to have had enough of; to be fed up with; to have had one's fill of



see styles
shòu jìn
    shou4 jin4
shou chin
 ju jin
to suffer enough from; to suffer all kinds of; to have one's fill of
extinction of sensation



see styles
yǎ yáng
    ya3 yang2
ya yang
(啞羊僧) A dumb sheep (monk), stupid, one who does not know good from bad, nor enough to repent of sin.



see styles
gòu qiàng
    gou4 qiang4
kou ch`iang
    kou chiang
unbearable; terrible; enough; unlikely



see styles
gòu yòng
    gou4 yong4
kou yung
adequate; sufficient; enough


see styles
yǐ zú
    yi3 zu2
i tsu
 i soku


see styles
(adv,n) (1) approximate age; apparent age; (2) marriageable age (esp. of a woman); age of independence; age of adulthood; (3) appropriate age (to ...); old enough (to ...); (n,n-adv) (4) (archaism) for some years

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
I am Enough己足以jǐ zú yǐ
ji3 zu2 yi3
ji zu yi
chi tsu i
滿足 / 満足
man zoku / manzokumǎn zú / man3 zu2 / man zu / manzuman tsu / mantsu
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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