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Infinity / Infinite / Endless / Boundless

(Chinese / Korean)
China wú qióng
Japan mu kyuu
Infinity / Infinite / Endless / Boundless Vertical Wall Scroll

無窮 is the Chinese and Korean word meaning infinity, eternity, infinitude, infinite or endless.

無窮 literally translates as "without [ever becoming] exhausted/poor," and in that context, can mean "inexhaustible" or "boundless" but this is usually read as "without end." Some extended definitions include eternity, infinitude, or immortality.

In certain context, it can mean "immortality."

The first character means "never" or "not." The second means "exhausted," "finished," or "ending."

Note: 無窮 is a Japanese word but rarely used in modern Japan.

Endless / Without Limit

China wú jìn
Japan mu jin
Endless / Without Limit Vertical Wall Scroll

無盡 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja for endless; inexhaustible; without limits; infinite.

In Buddhist context, this can refer to the infinitude of living beings, of worlds, of space, of the dharmadhātu, of nirvāṇa, etc.

Samsara / Endless Cycle of Rebirth

China lún huí
Japan rinne
Samsara / Endless Cycle of Rebirth Vertical Wall Scroll

輪廻 is one of a few ways to express संसार or Saṃsāra in Chinese, Japanese, and old Korean.

The Buddhist term can be translated several ways, including:
Endless cycle of death and rebirth.
The turning of the wheel.
To revolve.
Transmigration in the six ways.
The wheel of transmigration.
The round of existence.

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Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
Mandarin wú jìn / wu2 jin4
Taiwan wu chin
Japanese mujin / むじん
Samsara / Endless Cycle of Rebirth Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese endless; inexhaustible
Japanese (given name) Mujin
Inexhaustible, without limit. It is a term applied by the 權教 to the noumenal or absolute; by the 實教 to the phenomenal, both being considered as infinite. The Huayan sūtra 十地品 has ten limitless things, the infinitude of living beings, of worlds, of space, of the dharmadhātu, of nirvāṇa, etc; inexhaustible



see styles
Mandarin wú qióng / wu2 qiong2
Taiwan wu ch`iung / wu chiung
Japanese mu gū / むきゅう
Chinese endless; boundless; inexhaustible
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) eternity; infinitude; immortality



see styles
Mandarin lún huí / lun2 hui2
Taiwan lun hui
Japanese rinne / りんね
Samsara / Endless Cycle of Rebirth Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (noun/participle) (Buddhist term) samsara; endless cycle of death and rebirth; (female given name) Rinne
輪轉 saṃsāra, the turning of the wheel, to revolve, i.e. transmigration in the six ways, the wheel of transmigration; the round of existence.



see styles
Mandarin sān jiān / san1 jian1
Taiwan san chien
Japanese sanken
The three sure or certain things are 身, 命 and 財, i.e. the reward of the true disciple is an infinite body or personality, an endless life, and boundless (spiritual) possessions, 無極之身, 無窮之命, 無盡之財, v. 能摩經:菩薩品; three certainties



see styles
Mandarin bù qióng / bu4 qiong2
Taiwan pu ch`iung / pu chiung
Japanese fu kyū
Chinese endless; boundless; inexhaustible
does not exhaust


see styles
Japanese ritai / りたい Japanese tank tread; continuous track; caterpillar track; endless track; crawler track



see styles
Mandarin yè hǎi / ye4 hai3
Taiwan yeh hai
Japanese gō kai
Chinese sea of evil; endless crime
The vast, deep ocean of (evil) karma; ocean of karma


see styles
Japanese tsudo / つど Japanese (adj-t,adv-to) gushing; overflowing; everlasting; unfailing; endless; (surname) Tsudo


see styles
Mandarin jīn jīn / jin1 jin1
Taiwan chin chin
Japanese shinshin / しんしん
Chinese enthusiastic; ardent; (with) great relish
Japanese (adj-t,adv-to) gushing; overflowing; everlasting; unfailing; endless; (female given name) Shinshin


see styles
Japanese namidagawa / なみだがわ Japanese (archaism) endless flood of tears


see styles
Mandarin màn màn / man4 man4
Taiwan man man
Japanese manman / まんまん
Chinese long; endless; boundless
Japanese (adj-t,adv-to) vast; boundless



see styles
Mandarin màn cháng / man4 chang2
Taiwan man ch`ang / man chang
Chinese very long; endless


see styles
Japanese bibou / bibo / びぼう Japanese (obscure) endless river; boundless water



see styles
Mandarin wú biān / wu2 bian1
Taiwan wu pien
Japanese muhen
Chinese without boundary; not bordered
ananta; endless, boundless, limitless, infinite, e.g. like space.


see styles
Mandarin xù xu / xu4 xu5
Taiwan hsü hsü
Chinese endless prattle; to chatter incessantly


see styles
Japanese menmen / めんめん Japanese (adj-t,adv-to) unbroken; endless; continuous



see styles
Mandarin mián mián / mian2 mian2
Taiwan mien mien
Japanese menmen / めんめん
Chinese continuous; uninterrupted
Japanese (adj-t,adv-to) unbroken; endless; continuous


see styles
Japanese moumou / momo / もうもう    boubou / bobo / ぼうぼう Japanese (n,adv,adv-to) (1) (kana only) wide expanse of flat surface (e.g. sea, plains); (2) (kana only) endless; (n,n-suf,adv,adv-to) (3) (kana only) rampant growth of (weeds, hair)


see styles
Mandarin máng máng / mang2 mang2
Taiwan mang mang
Japanese moumou / momo / もうもう    boubou / bobo / ぼうぼう
Chinese boundless; vast and obscure
Japanese (n,adv,adv-to) (1) (kana only) wide expanse of flat surface (e.g. sea, plains); (2) (kana only) endless; (n,n-suf,adv,adv-to) (3) (kana only) rampant growth of (weeds, hair)



see styles
Mandarin lún huí / lun2 hui2
Taiwan lun hui
Japanese meguru / めぐる
Chinese variant of 輪迴|轮回[lun2 hui2]
Japanese (irregular kanji usage) (noun/participle) (Buddhist term) samsara; endless cycle of death and rebirth; (female given name) Meguru



see styles
Mandarin cháng yān / chang2 yan1
Taiwan ch`ang yen / chang yen
Chinese endless mist



see styles
Mandarin bù sǐ yào / bu4 si3 yao4
Taiwan pu ssu yao
Japanese fushi yaku
Medicine of immortality, called shāhē 裟訶, which grows on 雪山 the Himālayas and bestows on anyone seeing it endless and painless life; medicine of immortality



see styles
Mandarin wǔ wú jiān / wu3 wu2 jian1
Taiwan wu wu chien
Japanese go mugen
The uninterrupted, or no-interval hell, i. e. avīci hell, the worst, or eighth of the eight hells. It is ceaseless in five respects— karma and its effects are an endless chain with no escape; its sufferings are ceaseless; it is timeless; its fate or life is endless; it is ceaselessly full. Another interpretation takes the second, third, and fifth of the above and adds that it is packed with 罪器 implements of torture, and that it is full of all kinds of living beings; (hell of the) five kinds of non-remission


see styles
Japanese mizukakeron / みずかけろん Japanese endless argument; pointless argument; arguing over whose field to water (e.g. during a drought)



see styles
Mandarin wèi shì shī / wei4 shi4 shi1
Taiwan wei shih shih
Japanese Eiseishi
Vaiśeṣika; derived from viśeṣa, characteristic, individuality, particularity or individual essence. M.W. Also 鞞世師 (or 鞞思迦); 吠世史迦; 勝論宗 An atomistic school founded by Kaṇāda. Like the Saṅkhya philosophy it taught a dualism and an endless number of souls, also by its doctrine of particularity or individual essence maintained 'the eternally distinct or sui generis nature of the nine substances' (see below), 'of which the first five including mind are held to be atomic.' M.W. The interaction of these with the six mentioned below produces cosmic evolution. It chiefly occupied itself, like the orthodox Nyāya philosophy, with the theory of knowledge, but it differed by distinguishing only six categories of cognition 六諦, viz. substance, quality, activity, species, distinction, and correlation, also a seventh of non-existence, and nine substances possessed of qualities, these 九陰 being: the five elements, air, fire, water, earth, ether, together with time, space, spirit (manas), and soul (ātman). Cf. Keith, Indian Logic and Atomism, and Dasgupta, History of Indian Philosophy.


see styles
Japanese zurazura / ずらずら Japanese (adverb taking the "to" particle) (onomatopoeic or mimetic word) in succession; in an endless stream; continuing without pause or interruption


see styles
Japanese sangairuten / さんがいるてん Japanese (yoji) {Buddh} endless cycle of rebirth through the three worlds of past, present, and future existences



see styles
Mandarin liù dào lún huí / liu4 dao4 lun2 hui2
Taiwan liu tao lun hui
Japanese rokudō rinne / ろくどうりんね
Japanese (yoji) endless circle of transmigration in the six posthumous worlds
transmigration through the six kinds of rebirth


see styles
Japanese senshibantai / せんしばんたい Japanese (yoji) endless variety


see styles
Japanese sentaibanjou / sentaibanjo / せんたいばんじょう Japanese (yoji) an endless variety of forms; multifariousness

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Samsara / Endless Cycle of Rebirth Vertical Wall Scroll
Samsara / Endless Cycle of Rebirth Vertical Wall Scroll

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
mu kyuu / mukyuu / mu kyu / mukyuwú qióng / wu2 qiong2 / wu qiong / wuqiongwu ch`iung / wuchiung / wu chiung
Without Limit
mu jin / mujinwú jìn / wu2 jin4 / wu jin / wujinwu chin / wuchin
Endless Cycle of Rebirth
rinnelún huí / lun2 hui2 / lun hui / lunhui
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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