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If you have not been a monk, how can you know what it is like to be a vegetarian?

Only by experiencing hardship will allow you to understand the plight of others
bù dāng hé shang bù zhī zhāi jiè kǔ
If you have not been a monk, how can you know what it is like to be a vegetarian? Scroll

This literally translates as:
[One who has] not been a monk [does not] know the suffering of [being on a] vegetarian diet.

不當和尚不知齋戒苦 is a bit like the "walk a mile in another man's shoes" saying. Basically it's about you cannot fully understand the plight of others until you experience it yourself.

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Title CharactersVarious forms of Romanized Chinese
If you have not been a monk, how can you know what it is like to be a vegetarian?不當和尚不知齋戒苦
bù dāng hé shang bù zhī zhāi jiè kǔ
bu4 dang1 he2 shang bu4 zhi1 zhai1 jie4 ku3
bu dang he shang bu zhi zhai jie ku
pu tang ho shang pu chih chai chieh k`u
pu tang ho shang pu chih chai chieh ku
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
jīng jìn
    jing1 jin4
ching chin
 shoujin(p); soujin(ok); shouji(ok); souji(ok) / shojin(p); sojin(ok); shoji(ok); soji(ok)
    しょうじん(P); そうじん(ok); しょうじ(ok); そうじ(ok)
to forge ahead vigorously; to dedicate oneself to progress
(noun/participle) (1) concentration; diligence; devotion; (noun/participle) (2) (See 六波羅蜜) asceticism; zeal in one's quest for enlightenment; (noun/participle) (3) adherence to a vegetarian diet; (surname) Shoujin
vīrya, one of the seven bodhyaṅga; 'vigour,' 'valour, fortitude,' 'virility' (M.W.); 'welldoing' (Keith). The Chinese interpretation may be defined, as pure or unadulterated progress, i.e. 勤 zeal, zealous, courageously progressing in the good and eliminating the evil.; vīrya, zeal, unchecked progress; effort

see styles

raw silk; white; plain, unadorned; vegetarian (food); essence; nature; element; constituent; usually; always; ever
(adj-na,adj-no,n) (1) plain, white silk; (adj-na,n,adj-no) (2) {math} (See 互いに素) prime; (given name) Motoi
Original colour or state; plain, white; heretofore, usual; translit. su.; To keep to vegetarian diet; vegetarian; simple

see styles
courtyard; institution; CL:個|个[ge4]
(1) (See 下院・かいん) house of parliament (congress, diet, etc.); (2) graduate school; postgraduate school; (suffix) (3) (See 医院・いいん,病院・びょういん) institution (often medical); institutional building; government office; (suffix) (4) {Buddh} sub-temple; minor temple building; temple; cloister; (5) (honorific or respectful language) imperial palace; (6) (honorific or respectful language) (archaism) (See 女院・にょういん) title bestowed on empresses, princesses, etc.; (suffix) (7) former (esp. of emperors, daimyos, etc.); late; (surname, female given name) In
ārāma, pleasaunce, garden, grove; a monastery, hall, court.

see styles
to fast or abstain from meat, wine etc; vegetarian diet; study room; building; to give alms (to a monk)
(surname) Hitoshi
To reverence: abstinence; to purify as by fasting, or abstaining, e.g. from flesh food; religious or abstinential duties, or times; upavasatha (uposatha), a fast; the ritual period for food, i.e. before noon; a room for meditation, a study, a building, etc., devoted to abstinence, chastity, or the Buddhist religion; mourning (for parents); to abstain


see styles
eating only one's favourite food; having an unvarying diet; eating poorly


see styles
dī tàn
    di1 tan4
ti t`an
    ti tan
(attributive) low-carbon; low-carb (diet)


see styles
piān shí
    pian1 shi2
p`ien shih
    pien shih
partial to (some kinds of food, usu. unhealthy); having likes and dislikes; partial eclipse
(noun/participle) unbalanced diet


see styles
(abbreviation) (See 参議院) House of Councillors (upper house of the National Diet of Japan)


see styles
eating only one's favourite food; having an unvarying diet; eating poorly


see styles
(1) National Diet; legislative assembly of Japan (1947-); (2) (abbreviation) (See 帝国議会・ていこくぎかい・1) Imperial Diet; legislative assembly of Japan (1889-1947); (3) (See 議会) legislative assembly; parliament; congress


see styles
(abbreviation) Committee of the National Diet



see styles
guó huì
    guo2 hui4
kuo hui
Parliament (UK); Congress (US); Diet (Japan); Legislative Yuan (Taiwan)
See: 国会


see styles
xiǎo shí
    xiao3 shi2
hsiao shih
light eating; spare diet; not eating much
The small meal, breakfast, also called 點心.


see styles
 shoushoku / shoshoku
light eating; spare diet; not eating much


see styles
 joukai / jokai
(1) regular meeting; (2) ordinary Diet session


see styles
 joushoku / joshoku
(noun/participle) daily food; regular diet; staple food


see styles
jì kǒu
    ji4 kou3
chi k`ou
    chi kou
abstain from certain food (as when ill); avoid certain foods; be on a diet


see styles
 akujiki; akushoku
    あくじき; あくしょく
(noun/participle) (1) eating strange food; eating bizarre things; (noun/participle) (2) (See 粗食) simple diet; plain food; simple food; frugal meal; (noun/participle) (3) eating meat (thus breaking Buddhist rules)


see styles
chí shuǐ
    chi2 shui3
ch`ih shui
    chih shui
Jātiṃdhara, a physician who adjusted prescriptions and diet to the seasons; reborn as Śuddhodana.


see styles
bǐ qiū
    bi3 qiu1
pi ch`iu
    pi chiu
Buddhist monk (loanword from Sanskrit "bhiksu")
bhikkhu (fully ordained Buddhist monk) (san: bhiksu)
比呼; 苾芻; 煏芻 bhikṣu, a religious mendicant, an almsman, one who has left home, been fully ordained, and depends on alms for a living. Some are styled 乞士 mendicant scholars, all are 釋種 Śākya-seed, offspring of Buddha. The Chinese characters are clearly used as a phonetic equivalent, but many attempts have been made to give meanings to the two words, e. g. 比 as 破 and 丘 as 煩惱, hence one who destroys the passions and delusions, also 悕能 able to overawe Māra and his minions; also 除饉 to get rid of dearth, moral and spiritual. Two kinds 内乞 and 外乞; both indicate self-control, the first by internal mental or spiritual methods, the second by externals such as strict diet. 苾芻 is a fragrant plant, emblem of the monastic life; (Skt. bhikṣu)


see styles
fǎ shí
    fa3 shi2
fa shih
dharmāhāra. Diet in harmony with the rules of Buddhism; truth as food. 法食時 The regulation time for meals, at or before noon, and not after; dharmic diet


see styles
 touin / toin
(noun/participle) attendance at the House (Diet)


see styles
(n,vs,adj-no) cereal diet; grain-eating



see styles
jié shí
    jie2 shi2
chieh shih
to save food; to go on a diet
(noun/participle) eating lightly (to save money, food, calories, etc.)


see styles
 beishoku / beshoku
rice-based or centered diet (centred)


see styles
(noun/participle) simple diet; plain food; simple food; frugal meal


see styles
sù shí
    su4 shi2
su shih
 soshoku; soshi(ok)
    そしょく; そし(ok)
vegetables; vegetarian food
(1) usual diet; (2) vegetarian food; vegetarian diet
素饌 Vegetarian food; plain food


see styles
měi shí
    mei3 shi2
mei shih
culinary delicacy; fine food; gourmet food
(1) gourmet food; delicious food; (noun/participle) (2) dining on gourmet food; following a lavish diet; living as an epicure
gourmet food


see styles
ròu shí
    rou4 shi2
jou shih
 nikushoku(p); nikujiki
    にくしょく(P); にくじき
(n,vs,adj-no) (1) (See 菜食) meat eating; eating of meat; meat diet; (can act as adjective) (2) (にくしょく only) (See 草食) carnivorous
māṃsabhakṣaṇa, meat-eating.


see styles
rú sù
    ru2 su4
ju su
to eat a vegetarian diet

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If you have not been a monk, how can you know what it is like to be a vegetarian? Scroll
If you have not been a monk, how can you know what it is like to be a vegetarian? Scroll
If you have not been a monk, how can you know what it is like to be a vegetarian? Scroll
If you have not been a monk, how can you know what it is like to be a vegetarian? Scroll

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If you have not been a monk, how can you know what it is like to be a vegetarian? Vertical Portrait

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