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China lòu
Japan ro
Dew Vertical Wall Scroll

露 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja for dew.

Depending on the context in which this character is used, it can also mean: tears; syrup; nectar; outdoors (not under cover); to show; to reveal; to betray; to expose; scanty; bare; unconcealed; naked; public.

露 can be a Chinese surname Lu. 露 can also be the Japanese surname Tsuyuzaki or Tsuyusaki, and the given names Tsuyu or Akira.

Oddly, 露 is sometimes used as an abbreviation for Russia.

In Buddhist context, 露 also means dew, but can be a symbol of transience. Sometimes used as a metaphor to expose or disclose knowledge and truth.

One who is drenched in rain, does not fear drops of dew

China bèi yǔ lín guò de rén bù pà lù shuǐ
One who is drenched in rain, does not fear drops of dew Vertical Wall Scroll

被雨淋過的人不怕露水 is a Chinese proverb that literally translates as, "One who has been drenched by the rain is not afraid of dew drops."

Figuratively, this means:
One who has gone through hardships is not afraid of (minor)setbacks.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin lòu // lù / lou4 // lu4
Taiwan lou // lu
Japanese ro;ro / ロ;ろ    tsuyu / つゆ
One who is drenched in rain, does not fear drops of dew Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese dew; syrup; nectar; outdoors (not under cover); to show; to reveal; to betray; to expose; to show; to reveal; to betray; to expose; surname Lu
Japanese (abbreviation) (See 露西亜) Russia; (1) dew; (2) tears; (adverb) (3) (See 露聊かも) (not) a bit; (not) at all; (place-name) Russia; (surname) Rozaki; (surname) Rosaki; (place-name) Ro; (surname) Tsuyuzaki; (surname) Tsuyusaki; (surname, female given name) Tsuyu; (given name) Akira
Dew; symbol of transience; to expose, disclose.



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Mandarin yīn yuán / yin1 yuan2
Taiwan yin yüan
Japanese innen
Chinese chance; opportunity; predestined relationship; (Buddhist) principal and secondary causes; chain of cause and effect
hetupratyaya. Cause; causes; 因 hetu, is primary cause, 緣 pratyaya, secondary cause, or causes, e. g. a seed is 因, rain, dew, farmer, etc., are 緣. The 十二因緣 twelve nidānas or links are 'the concatenation of cause and effect in the whole range of existence'.

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Mandarin tuán / tuan2
Taiwan t`uan / tuan
Chinese heavy dew

see styles
Mandarin zhū / zhu1
Taiwan chu
Japanese tama / たま
Chinese bead; pearl; CL:粒[li4],顆|颗[ke1]
Japanese (1) ball; sphere; globe; orb; (2) bead (of sweat, dew, etc.); drop; droplet; (3) ball (in sports); (4) pile (of noodles, etc.); (5) bullet; (6) bulb (i.e. a light bulb); (7) lens (of glasses, etc.); (8) bead (of an abacus); (9) (slang) (abbreviation) ball (i.e. a testicle); (10) gem; jewel (esp. spherical; sometimes used figuratively); pearl; (11) female entertainer (e.g. a geisha); (12) (derogatory term) person (when commenting on their nature); character; (13) item, funds or person used as part of a plot; (n,n-suf) (14) egg; (suffix noun) (15) coin; (16) precious; beautiful; excellent; (female given name) Megumi; (female given name) Tamami; (female given name) Tamaki; (female given name) Tama; (female given name) Arata
mani. A pearl; a bead; synonym for buddha-truth.


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Japanese shitatsuyu / したつゆ Japanese dew under (dripping from) trees; (place-name) Shimotsuyu


see styles
Mandarin jiǔ yù / jiu3 yu4
Taiwan chiu yü
Japanese kuyu
The nine similes: stars, eye-film, lamp, prestidigitation, dew, bubble, dream, lightning, cloud. There is also another group; nine examples


see styles
Mandarin liù yù / liu4 yu4
Taiwan liu yü
Japanese rokuyu / ろくゆ
Japanese (personal name) Rokuyu
The six illustrations of unreality Diamond Sutra: a dream, a phantasm, a bubble, a shadow, dew, and lightning. Also 六如; six metaphors


see styles
Mandarin liù rú / liu4 ru2
Taiwan liu ju
Japanese rokunyo
The six 'likes' or comparisons, like a dream, a phantasm, a bubble, a shadow, dew, and lightning, v. 六喩; six metaphors


see styles
Japanese yotsuyu;yaro / よつゆ;やろ Japanese evening dew; night dew


see styles
Mandarin tiān shí / tian1 shi2
Taiwan t`ien shih / tien shih
Japanese tenjiki
sudhā, food of the gods sweet dew, ambrosia, nectar; blue, yellow, red, and white in colour, white for the higher ranks, the other colours for the lower; divine nourishment


see styles
Mandarin hán lù / han2 lu4
Taiwan han lu
Japanese kanro / かんろ
Chinese Hanlu or Cold Dew, 17th of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 8th-22nd October
Japanese (1) late-autumn or early-winter dew; (2) (See 二十四節気) "cold dew" solar term (approx. Oct. 8)


see styles
Mandarin chén lù / chen2 lu4
Taiwan ch`en lu / chen lu
Chinese morning dew


see styles
Mandarin zhāo lù / zhao1 lu4
Taiwan chao lu
Japanese asatsuyu;chouro / asatsuyu;choro / あさつゆ;ちょうろ
Chinese morning dew; fig. precarious brevity of human life; ephemeral
Japanese morning dew
Morning dew, e.g. man's life as transient.


see styles
Japanese mizujimo / みずじも Japanese (1) frozen dew (at the end of autumn); (2) amniotic fluid


see styles
Mandarin jī làng / ji1 lang4
Taiwan chi lang
Japanese gekirou / gekiro / げきろう
Chinese Mountain Dew
Japanese raging sea


see styles
Mandarin yù lù / yu4 lu4
Taiwan yü lu
Japanese gyokuro / ぎょくろ
Chinese gyokuro (shaded Japanese green tea); (old) early-morning autumn dew; fine liquor
Japanese (1) (See 煎茶・2,番茶) high-quality green tea; (2) (orig. meaning) jewel-like dewdrop


see styles
Mandarin gān lù / gan1 lu4
Taiwan kan lu
Japanese kanro / かんろ
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) nectar; sweetness; (surname, female given name) Kanro
阿密哩多 (or 啞密哩多) (or 啞密哩達) amṛta, sweet dew, ambrosia, the nectar of immortality; tr. by 天酒 deva-wine, the nectar of the gods. Four kinds of ambrosia are mentioned— green, yellow, red, and white, all coming from 'edible trees' and known as 蘇陀 sudhā, or 蘇摩 soma.


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Mandarin bái lù / bai2 lu4
Taiwan pai lu
Japanese shiratsuyu;hakuro / しらつゆ;はくろ
Chinese Bailu or White Dew, 15th of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 8th-22nd September
Japanese (1) glistening dew; (2) (はくろ only) (See 二十四節気) "white dew" solar term (approx. Sept 8); (female given name) Hakuro; (surname) Shiratsuyu


see styles
Japanese ketsuro / けつろ Japanese (noun/participle) condensation; formation of dew


see styles
Mandarin yǔ lù / yu3 lu4
Taiwan yü lu
Japanese uro;ametsuyu;amatsuyu(ik) / うろ;あめつゆ;あまつゆ(ik)
Chinese rain and dew; (fig.) favor; grace
Japanese rain and dew


see styles
Japanese reiro / rero / れいろ Japanese dripping dew


see styles
Mandarin shuāng lù / shuang1 lu4
Taiwan shuang lu
Japanese sōro
Chinese frost and dew; fig. difficult conditions
frost and dew; frost and dew


see styles
Mandarin lù mìng / lu4 ming4
Taiwan lu ming
Japanese romei / rome / ろめい
Japanese transient life; ephemeral existence
Dew-like life; transient.


see styles
Mandarinde / lu4 de
Taiwan lu te
Japanese roji / ろじ
Japanese (1) bare earth (i.e. ground not covered by a roof); open field; outdoors (non-greenhouse cultivation of crops); (2) teahouse garden; (3) path through a gate (or through a garden, etc.); (surname) Tsuyuchi
Bare ground; like dew on the ground, dewy ground; dew-laden ground


see styles
Mandarin lù shuǐ / lu4 shui3
Taiwan lu shui
Japanese romi / ろみ
Chinese dew; fig. short-lasting; ephemeral
Japanese (female given name) Romi


see styles
Japanese roten / ろてん Japanese dew point


see styles
Japanese roka / ろか Japanese beautiful dew; comparing the beauty of dew to that of a flower; (female given name) Tsuyuka


see styles
Japanese tsuyujimo / つゆじも Japanese frozen dew



see styles
Mandarin lù diǎn / lu4 dian3
Taiwan lu tien
Chinese dew point; (coll.) (of a woman) to expose one of the three areas (nipples and genitals)
Japanese See: 露点


see styles
Japanese oriru / おりる Japanese (v1,vi) (1) to descend (e.g. a mountain); to go down; to come down; (2) to alight (e.g. from bus); to get off; to disembark; to dismount; (3) to step down; to retire; to give up; to quit; (4) to be granted; to be issued; to be given; (5) to form (of frost, dew, mist, etc.); (6) to be passed (from the body; e.g. of a roundworm)

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Dewrolòu / lou4 / lou
One who is drenched in rain, does not fear drops of dew被雨淋過的人不怕露水
bèi yǔ lín guò de rén bù pà lù shuǐ
bei4 yu3 lin2 guo4 de ren2 bu4 pa4 lu4 shui3
bei yu lin guo de ren bu pa lu shui
pei yü lin kuo te jen pu p`a lu shui
pei yü lin kuo te jen pu pa lu shui
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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