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Idea / Concept

lǐ niàn
ri nen
Idea / Concept Scroll

理念 / 理唸 means idea, notion, concept, principle, theory, philosophy*, or doctrine in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

理念 / 理唸 is OK for a wall scroll, although it's more commonly used as an oral/informal word in Asia.

* 理念 / 理唸 is not the title for philosophy but rather is about having a certain philosophy or approach to something.

Idea / Thought

yì jiàn
i ken
Idea / Thought Scroll

意見 means idea, thought, opinion, or view in Japanese.

意見 also has a similar meaning in Chinese, just often used in China.

Idea / Thought

yì niàn
Idea / Thought Scroll

意念 / 意唸 means idea or thought in Chinese.

Thought / Thinking / Idea

sī xiǎng
Thought / Thinking / Idea Scroll

思想 means thought, thinking, or idea in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja. Sometimes it can mean ideology, depending on context.

This can refer to someone's personality - like saying, "he is a thinker".

The Buddha is in Each Sentient Being

butsu wa shujou no naka ni ari
The Buddha is in Each Sentient Being Scroll

佛は衆生の中に在り is "Butsu wa shujo no naka ni ari" and means that the Buddha (potential for Buddhahood) exists in all beings in the universe.

So yes, your dog has the potential to be a Buddha (but only in a future reincarnation as a human). But all things, from the tiny cricket to the humpback whale have Buddha-nature within them. If one takes the time to look and contemplate, one will see the Buddha in all things.

In Japan, sometimes the Buddha character is written 仏 instead of 佛, so you might see the whole phrase written as 仏は衆生の中に在り.

Note: Because this selection contains some special Japanese Hiragana characters, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Taoist monastery; palace gate watchtower; platform
vipaśyanā; vidarśanā. To look into, study, examine, contemplate; contemplation, insight; a study, a Taoist monastery; to consider illusion and discern illusion, or discern the seeming from the real; to contemplate and mentally enter into truth. 覺 is defined as awakening, or awareness, 觀 as examination or study. It is also an old tr. of the word Yoga; and cf. 禪 17. Guan is especially a doctrine of the Tiantai school as shown in the 止觀 q.v; meditative insight



see styles
bù guān
    bu4 guan1
pu kuan
 fu kan
does not contemplate; does not contemplate


see styles
chén sī
    chen2 si1
ch`en ssu
    chen ssu
to contemplate; to ponder; contemplation; meditation



see styles
yuán lǐ
    yuan2 li3
yüan li
To study, or reason on fundamental principles; to contemplate ultimate reality, cf. 緣事; to contemplate the principle



see styles
guān fó
    guan1 fo2
kuan fo
To contemplate, or meditate upon, Buddha; to contemplate on the Buddha



see styles
guān niàn
    guan1 nian4
kuan nien
notion; thought; concept; sense; views; ideology; general impressions
To look into and think over, contemplate and ponder; to look into and think over



see styles
guān jiě
    guan1 jie3
kuan chieh
To contemplate ultimate reality and unravel or expound it; to contemplate and unravel



see styles
guān dì
    guan1 di4
kuan ti
to contemplate the truths; to contemplate the truths



see styles
guān xiàng
    guan1 xiang4
kuan hsiang
Describing an elephant from sight rather than 摸觀, as would a blind man, from feeling it; i.e. immediate and correct knowledge; contemplate an image



see styles
suí guān
    sui2 guan1
sui kuan
accordingly contemplate; accordingly contemplate


see styles
(irregular okurigana usage) (transitive verb) (1) to look back (e.g. over shoulder or at the past); to turn around; (2) to reflect on the past; to reconsider; to review; (3) to reflect on oneself; to introspect; to contemplate oneself; (4) to consider (usu. used in negative); to concern oneself about; to pay attention to; to take into consideration


see styles
mò niàn
    mo4 nian4
mo nien
to read silently; to mouth (the words of a prayer etc); to say to oneself; to contemplate inwardly



see styles
bù guān chá
    bu4 guan1 cha2
pu kuan ch`a
    pu kuan cha
 fu kansatsu
does not contemplate; does not contemplate


see styles
(transitive verb) (1) to plan; to plot; to propose; to design; to intend; to contemplate; (transitive verb) (2) to attempt (e.g. suicide, murder); to undertake (e.g. business); (transitive verb) (3) (archaism) to stand on tip-toes



see styles
shàn guān chá
    shan4 guan1 cha2
shan kuan ch`a
    shan kuan cha
 zen kansatsu
skillfully analyze (ascertain, observe, contemplate); skillfully analyze (ascertain, observe, contemplate)



see styles
shuò sī wéi
    shuo4 si1 wei2
shuo ssu wei
 saku shiyui
to repeatedly contemplate; to repeatedly contemplate


see styles
(transitive verb) (See 顧みる・1) to reflect on (oneself, past conduct, etc.); to contemplate; to examine; to think over; to introspect


see styles
(Ichidan verb) (See 観ずる) to view; to contemplate


see styles
(vz,vt) (See 観じる) to view; to contemplate



see styles
guān sì dì
    guan1 si4 di4
kuan ssu ti
 kan shitai
contemplate the four truths; contemplate the four truths



see styles
ā yé luó
    a1 ye2 luo2
a yeh lo
āyanā has the same meaning as 阿耶, but is intp. by 觀 to contemplate, look into.


see styles
(transitive verb) (1) to look back (e.g. over shoulder or at the past); to turn around; (2) to reflect on the past; to reconsider; to review; (3) to reflect on oneself; to introspect; to contemplate oneself; (4) to consider (usu. used in negative); to concern oneself about; to pay attention to; to take into consideration



see styles
bù kān shè xiǎng
    bu4 kan1 she4 xiang3
pu k`an she hsiang
    pu kan she hsiang
too horrible to contemplate; unthinkable; inconceivable



see styles
fǎn zhào guān chá
    fan3 zhao4 guan1 cha2
fan chao kuan ch`a
    fan chao kuan cha
 honshō kansatsu
illumine and contemplate thoroughly; illumine and contemplate thoroughly



see styles
rú lǐ guān chá
    ru2 li3 guan1 cha2
ju li kuan ch`a
    ju li kuan cha
 nyori kansatsu
correctly contemplate; correctly contemplate


see styles
 omoiiru / omoiru
(Godan verb with "ru" ending) to ponder; to contemplate



see styles
sī liáng wú wǒ
    si1 liang2 wu2 wo3
ssu liang wu wo
 shiryō muga
to contemplate selflessness; to contemplate selflessness



see styles
guān xiàng niàn fó
    guan1 xiang4 nian4 fo2
kuan hsiang nien fo
 kanzō nenbutsu
To contemplate the image of (Amitābha) Buddha and repeat his name; to contemplate the image of (Amitâbha) Buddha and repeat his name



see styles
guān chá xué duàn
    guan1 cha2 xue2 duan4
kuan ch`a hsüeh tuan
    kuan cha hsüeh tuan
 kansatsu gaku dan
to contemplate, train, and eliminates [afflictions]; to contemplate, train, and eliminates [afflictions]



see styles
guān xiǎng niàn fó
    guan1 xiang3 nian4 fo2
kuan hsiang nien fo
 kansō nenbutsu
To contemplate Buddha (especially Amitābha) in the mind and repeat his name; to contemplate Buddha (especially Amitâbha) in the mind and repeat his name

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
理念 / 理唸
ri nen / rinenlǐ niàn / li3 nian4 / li nian / linianli nien / linien
意見i ken / ikenyì jiàn / yi4 jian4 / yi jian / yijiani chien / ichien
意念 / 意唸
yì niàn / yi4 nian4 / yi nian / yiniani nien / inien
思想shisou / shisosī xiǎng / si1 xiang3 / si xiang / sixiangssu hsiang / ssuhsiang
The Buddha is in Each Sentient Being佛は衆生の中に在りbutsu wa shujou no naka ni ari
butsu wa shujo no naka ni ari
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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The Buddha is in Each Sentient Being Scroll
The Buddha is in Each Sentient Being Scroll
The Buddha is in Each Sentient Being Scroll
The Buddha is in Each Sentient Being Scroll

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The Buddha is in Each Sentient Being Vertical Portrait

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