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Birch in Chinese / Japanese...

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China huà
Japan kanba / kaba
Birch Vertical Wall Scroll

This Chinese and old Japanese Kanji and old Korean Hanja means birch [tree].

If you are a botanist, this can refer to "betula japonica" or "Japanese white birch."

Note: In Japanese, as a single Kanji, this is a little antiquated. There are several more common multi-character words that include this Kanji that specify different species of birch trees.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin huà / hua4
Taiwan hua
Japanese kanba / かんば    kaba / かば    kaniwa / かにわ
Chinese birch tree; Betula japonica
Japanese (out-dated or obsolete kana usage) (kana only) birch (esp. Japanese white birch); (surname) Kanba; (surname) Kaba

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Mandarin chuí / chui2
Taiwan ch`ui / chui
Japanese shide / しで
Chinese to hang (down); droop; dangle; bend down; hand down; bequeath; nearly; almost; to approach
Japanese (1) zigzag-shaped paper streamer often used to adorn Shinto-related objects; (2) hornbeam (deciduous tree in the birch family); (surname) Sui; (female given name) Shidzu; (personal name) Shidaru; (female given name) Shizuri; (personal name) Shigeru
Drop, droop, let down, pass down; regard; to suspend

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Mandarin/ zi3
Taiwan tzu
Japanese azusa;shi;azusa / あずさ;し;アズサ
Chinese Catalpa kaempferi; printing blocks
Japanese (1) (あずさ, アズサ only) (kana only) (See 夜糞峰榛) Japanese cherry birch (Betula grossa); (2) (あずさ, アズサ only) (See キササゲ) yellow catalpa (Catalpa ovata); (3) (あずさ, アズサ only) (See 赤芽柏・1) Japanese mallotus (Mallotus japonicus); (4) printing block; (5) (あずさ only) (abbreviation) (See 梓弓) catalpa bow; (6) (あずさ only) (abbreviation) (See 梓巫女) catalpa medium; (surname) Shin; (personal name) Shi; (female given name) Adzusa; (surname, female given name) Azusa; (female given name) Azu; (personal name) Agishi; (personal name) Agi; (personal name) Aki


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Japanese kaba / カバ Japanese (noun/participle) (1) cover (e.g. book); coverage; (noun or participle which takes the aux. verb suru) (2) to compensate for (a loss); to offset (a weakness); to back up; (3) kava (Piper methysticum); cava; kavakava; (4) cava; Spanish sparkling wine; (kana only) hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius); (kana only) birch (esp. Japanese white birch); (personal name) Cava


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Japanese shide / しで Japanese (1) zigzag-shaped paper streamer often used to adorn Shinto-related objects; (2) hornbeam (deciduous tree in the birch family); (place-name, surname) Shide


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Japanese dakekanba;dakekanba / だけかんば;ダケカンバ Japanese (kana only) Erman's birch (Betula ermanii); Russian rock birch


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Mandarin bǎn zi / ban3 zi5
Taiwan pan tzu
Japanese itago / いたご
Chinese board; plank; bamboo or birch for corporal punishment
Japanese ship plank; (personal name) Itago; (surname, female given name) Itako


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Japanese edamuchi / えだむち Japanese birch rod


see styles
Japanese azusayumi / あずさゆみ Japanese {Shinto} catalpa bow; spirit bow; bow used to summon spirits, made of Japanese cherry birch, catalpa, or other wood; (female given name) Ayumi; (female given name) Azumi; (surname) Azusayumi


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Mandarin táng lí / tang2 li2
Taiwan t`ang li / tang li
Japanese zumi / ずみ
Chinese birch-leaved pear (Pyrus betulaefolia)
Japanese (kana only) Toringo crabapple (Malus sieboldii)



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Mandarin huà mù / hua4 mu4
Taiwan hua mu
Japanese kabaki / かばき
Chinese birch
Japanese (surname) Kabaki


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Japanese kabazakura / かばざくら    kaniwazakura / かにわざくら Japanese (1) (kana only) ornamental variety of double weeping rosebud cherry; (2) any cherry tree with birch-like bark; (3) (archaism) Japanese bird cherry (Prunus grayana); (1) any cherry tree with birch-like bark; (2) (archaism) Japanese bird cherry (Prunus grayana)



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Mandarin huà shù / hua4 shu4
Taiwan hua shu
Chinese birch


see styles
Japanese mizume;mizume / みずめ;ミズメ Japanese (See ヨグソミネバリ) Japanese cherry birch; betula grossa; (place-name) Mizume


see styles
Japanese shirakaba(p);shirakanba;shirakaba;shirakanba / しらかば(P);しらかんば;シラカバ;シラカンバ Japanese Japanese white birch (Betula platyphylla var. japonica); (female given name) Hakka; (place-name, surname) Shirakaba


see styles
Japanese kabazakura / かばざくら    kaniwazakura / かにわざくら Japanese (1) (kana only) ornamental variety of double weeping rosebud cherry; (2) any cherry tree with birch-like bark; (3) (archaism) Japanese bird cherry (Prunus grayana); (1) any cherry tree with birch-like bark; (2) (archaism) Japanese bird cherry (Prunus grayana)


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Japanese azusa / アズサ Japanese (1) (kana only) Japanese cherry birch (Betula grossa); (2) yellow catalpa (Catalpa ovata); (3) Japanese mallotus (Mallotus japonicus); (4) printing block; (female given name) Azusa


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Japanese mizume / ミズメ Japanese Japanese cherry birch; betula grossa


see styles
Japanese edamuchi / えだむち Japanese birch rod


see styles
Japanese kabanoki;kabanoki / かばのき;カバノキ Japanese (kana only) birch tree (esp. the Japanese white birch, Betula platyphylla var. japonica)



see styles
Mandarin huà mù kē / hua4 mu4 ke1
Taiwan hua mu k`o / hua mu ko
Japanese kabanokika / かばのきか
Chinese Betulaceae (broadleaf tree family including birch and alder)
Japanese Betulaceae; birch family


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Japanese shirakabayu / しらかばゆ Japanese (See 白樺) Japanese white birch oil



see styles
Mandarin yín bái yáng / yin2 bai2 yang2
Taiwan yin pai yang
Chinese silver birch; white poplar


see styles
Japanese kabanoki / カバノキ Japanese (kana only) birch tree (esp. the Japanese white birch, Betula platyphylla var. japonica)


see styles
Japanese shirakaba / シラカバ Japanese Japanese white birch (Betula platyphylla var. japonica)


see styles
Japanese yogusominebari;yogusominebari / よぐそみねばり;ヨグソミネバリ Japanese (kana only) (See 水目) Japanese cherry birch (Betula grossa)


see styles
Japanese kaba(樺);kanba(樺);kaniwa(ok);kaba / かば(樺);かんば(樺);かにわ(ok);カバ Japanese (kana only) birch (esp. Japanese white birch)


see styles
Japanese kabanokika / かばのきか Japanese Betulaceae; birch family



see styles
Mandarin niú huáng jiā chí / niu2 huang2 jia1 chi2
Taiwan niu huang chia ch`ih / niu huang chia chih
Japanese gokō keji
(or 牛王加持) Cow-bezoar aid, a charm used for childless women to obtain children— the four words should be written with cow bezoar on birch-bark and carried on the person; cow bezoar aid


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Japanese udaikanba;udaikanba / うだいかんば;ウダイカンバ Japanese (kana only) monarch birch (Betula maximowicziana); Japanese birch

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
kanba / kabahuà / hua4 / hua
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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