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鎧 is a simple way to write armor or armour in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

Armor This can also be Yoroi (a Japanese place-name). It can also refer to mail as in chain mail.

Jujitsu / Jujutsu

róu shù
juu jutsu
Jujitsu / Jujutsu Scroll

柔術 has been somewhat incorrectly spelled and pronounced "Jujitsu" for some time in the English-speaking world. The correct Japanese Romaji is Jujutsu or Juujutsu.

A little background on the word: By combining the Kanji pronounced "Ju" (which means flexible, pliable, gentle, yielding) with the Kanji pronounced "Jutsu" (which means art, or technique), we get a meaning that can be translated as "flexible technique", "gentle art" or "yielding technique".
柔術 does make sense in Chinese as well, although pronounced, "rou shu" in China.

The Jujutsu system has a history in Japan that started well-before the 1600's. Some see this style as a variation of the "Empty Hand Method" (Karate-do). Even the samurai of old used some Jujutsu methods in defending themselves with their unarmed hands against weapons that could pierce their heavy armor.

There are convoluted relationships between various schools and systems of martial arts but it's generally accepted that Jujutsu led to the development of Judo and a few other variations.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
yoroikǎi / kai3 / kaik`ai / kai
juu jutsu / juujutsu / ju jutsu / jujutsuróu shù / rou2 shu4 / rou shu / roushujou shu / joushu
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
kǎi / kai3
k`ai / kai
 kai / よろい
Jujitsu / Jujutsu Scroll
armor; armour; (place-name) Yoroi
Armour, mail. 鎧甲; armor

see styles
liǎng / liang3
 ryou / ryo / りょう
Japanese variant of 兩|两
(pref,adj-no) (1) both (hands, parents, sides, etc.); (counter) (2) (See 輛・りょう) counter for carriages (e.g. in a train); counter for vehicles; (3) (See 匁・もんめ・1) ryō; tael; traditional unit of weight (for gold, silver and drugs), 4-5 monme, 15-19 g; (4) ryō; pre-Meiji unit of currency, orig. the value of one ryō of gold; (5) (See 反・たん・1) ryō; traditional measure of fabric, 2 tan; (6) (archaism) (See 斤・1) ryō; tael; unit of weight under the Ritsuryo system, 1-16 kin, 42-43 g; (counter) (7) (archaism) (See 領・りょう・2) counter for suits of clothing, sets of armor, etc.; (place-name) Ryou

see styles
jiè / jie4
 kai / たすく
to introduce; to lie between; between; shell; armor
(given name) Tasuku
scales, mail: important; resolute, firm; an attendant; petty, small; to bring together

see styles
dōu / dou1
 tō / かぶと
pocket; bag; to wrap up or hold in a bag; to move in a circle; to canvas or solicit; to take responsibility for; to disclose in detail; combat armor (old)
helmet (of armor, armour); headpiece; (place-name, surname) Kabuto
Helmet, hood; pocket, bag; translit. tu; helmet

see styles
/ ju4
 gu / ぐ
tool; device; utensil; equipment; instrument; talent; ability; to possess; to have; to provide; to furnish; to state; classifier for devices, coffins, dead bodies
(1) tool; means; (2) ingredients (added to soup, rice, etc.); (counter) (3) counter for sets of armor, utensils, furniture, etc.; (female given name) Tomo
All; complete; to present; implements; translit. gh; endowed with

see styles
zhòu / zhou4
 kabuto / かぶと
variant of 胄[zhou4]
helmet (of armor, armour); headpiece

see styles
jiān / jian1
 ken / けん
strong; solid; firm; unyielding; resolute
(1) (obscure) strength; solidity; firmness; (2) (obscure) armour; armor; (male given name) Tsuyoshi
dṛḍha. sthira : firm, firmly fixed, reliable; hard

see styles
huàn / huan4
pass through; to get into (armor)

see styles
zhá / zha2
 sane / さね
thin piece of wood used a writing tablet (in ancient China); a kind of official document (in former times); letter; note; plague
armor platelet; (place-name) Fuda
slip of wood

see styles
jiǎ / jia3
 kou / ko / こう
first of the ten Heavenly Stems 十天干[shi2 tian1 gan1]; (used for an unspecified person or thing); first (in a list, as a party to a contract etc); letter "A" or roman "I" in list "A, B, C", or "I, II, III" etc; armor plating; shell or carapace; (of the fingers or toes) nail; bladed leather or metal armor (old); ranking system used in the Imperial examinations (old); civil administration unit in the baojia 保甲[bao3 jia3] system (old); ancient Chinese compass point: 75°
(1) carapace; shell; (2) 1st in rank; grade A; (3) instep; back of hand; (4) (See 乙・おつ・1) the A party (e.g. in a contract); the first party; plaintiff (label in legal documents); (surname) Yoroi
Scale, mail; the first of the ten 'celestial stems '; armor

see styles
 odoshi / おどし leather strap binding the plates of traditional Japanese armor (armour)

see styles
suō / suo1
 shuku / しゅく
to withdraw; to pull back; to contract; to shrink; to reduce; abbreviation; also pr. [su4]
(1) (See 一縮) wearing armour (armor); (suf,ctr) (2) counter for suits of armour; (surname) Chidzimi

see styles
zhòu / zhou4
 chū / かぶと
helmet; descendants
(irregular kanji usage) helmet (of armor, armour); headpiece

see styles
/ xi4
 geki / ひま
crack; crevice; gap or interval; loophole; discord; rift
gap; space; (1) gap; space; (2) break; interlude; interval; (3) chink (in one's armor, armour); chance; opportunity; weak spot; (1) gap; space; (2) chink (in one's armor, armour); chance; opportunity; weak spot; (3) breach (of a relationship between people)
A crack, crevice, rift; translit. kha.

see styles
kào / kao4
k`ao / kao
to lean against or on; to stand by the side of; to come near to; to depend on; to trust; to fuck (vulgar); traditional military costume drama where the performers wear armor (old)
resting on or in

see styles
lǐng / ling3
 ryou / ryo / りょう
neck; collar; to lead; to receive; classifier for clothes, mats, screens etc
(n,n-suf) (1) territory (of country, feudal domain, etc.); (counter) (2) (archaism) (See 両・りょう・7) counter for suits of clothing, sets of armor, etc.; (given name) Ryou
Neck, collar; lead, direct; receive; throat


see styles
 isshuku / いっしゅく (noun/participle) (1) one suit of armour (armor); (noun/participle) (2) wearing armour; (noun/participle) (3) armoured warrior


see styles
 sankaku / さんかく (1) (obscure) armor, helmet and shield (armour); (2) (See 陰陽道) kakurei, kakuun and kakumei (first, fifth and fifty-eighth years of the sexagenary cycle; times of civil unrest according to Onmyōdō)


see styles
jiè zhòu / jie4 zhou4
chieh chou



see styles
qīn chè / qin1 che4
ch`in ch`e / chin che
(of a projectile) to penetrate (armor etc)


see styles
jù zú / ju4 zu2
chü tsu
 gusoku / ぐそく
(noun/participle) (1) completeness; being fully equipped; (2) (suit of) armor; armour; (personal name) Tomotaru
All, complete; to be endowed with


see styles
hán rén / han2 ren2
han jen
 kanjin / かんじん
armor maker
armorer; armourer



see styles
zhuàng shì / zhuang4 shi4
chuang shih
hero; fighter; brave strong guy; warrior (in armor)
See: 壮士


see styles
 gaisou / gaiso / がいそう (noun - becomes adjective with の) exterior; packaging; cladding; armor (armour); arm


see styles
 komi / こみ armor platelet; (personal name) Komi


see styles
 kozane / こざね armor platelet



see styles
rěn kǎi / ren3 kai3
jen k`ai / jen kai
(忍辱鎧) Patience as armour, protecting against evils; also the kaṣāya, monk's robe; patience as armor


see styles
róng jiǎ / rong2 jia3
jung chia
weapons and armor



see styles
pī guà / pi1 gua4
p`i kua / pi kua
to put on a suit of armor; to put on dress; to wear


see styles
pī jiǎ / pi1 jia3
p`i chia / pi chia
to don armor

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