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Adamantine / King Kong

jīn gāng
Adamantine / King Kong Scroll

金剛 can translate as adamantine from Chinese, Japanese, and old Korean.

Other meanings and translations can include diamond, thunderbolt, Indra's indestructible weapon, Buddhist symbol of the indestructible truth, Vajra (a mythical weapon), guardian deity, hardness, indestructibility, power, the least frangible of minerals.

The Chinese pronunciation of "Jīn Gāng" became the loanword used in English as "King Kong". You can see King Kong as the indestructible ape guardian deity depending on how you read the story.

Stay Strong / Indestructible / Unbreakable

jīn gāng bù huài
kon gou fu e
Stay Strong / Indestructible / Unbreakable Scroll

金剛不壞 is originally a Buddhist term for, "The diamond indestructible".

Sometimes, it's written 金剛不壞身, The diamond indestructible body.

Outside that context, it still means firm and solid, sturdy and indestructible, unshakable, or adamantine (a mythological indestructible material).

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jīn gāng
kon gou
Diamond Scroll

金剛 is a common way to call diamonds in Chinese and Japanese.

Traditionally, there were not that many diamonds that made their way to Asia, so this word does not have the deep cultural significance that it does in the west (thanks mostly to De Beers marketing). Therefore, this word was kind of borrowed from other uses.

This title can also refer to vajra (a Sanskrit word meaning both thunderbolt and diamond that originally refers to an indestructible substance); hard metal; pupa of certain insects; Vajrapani, Buddha's warrior attendant; King Kong; adamantine; Buddhist symbol of the indestructible truth.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
King Kong
kongou / kongojīn gāng / jin1 gang1 / jin gang / jingangchin kang / chinkang
Stay Strong
金剛不壞 / 金剛不壊
kon gou fu e
kon go fu e
jīn gāng bù huài
jin1 gang1 bu4 huai4
jin gang bu huai
chin kang pu huai
kon gou / kongou / kon go / kongojīn gāng / jin1 gang1 / jin gang / jingangchin kang / chinkang
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
jīn gāng
    jin1 gang1
chin kang
 kongou / kongo
Diamond Scroll
diamond; (used to translate Sanskrit "vajra", a thunderbolt or mythical weapon); guardian deity (in Buddhist iconography)
(1) vajra (indestructible substance); diamond; adamantine; (2) thunderbolt; Indra's weapon; Buddhist symbol of the indestructible truth; (p,s,g) Kongou
vajra, 伐闍羅; 跋折羅 (or跋闍羅); 縛曰羅(or 縛日羅) The thunderbolt of Indra, often called the diamond club; but recent research considers it a sun symbol. The diamond, synonym of hardness, indestructibility, power, the least frangible of minerals. It is one of the saptaratna 七寶; adamantine


see styles
fèn nù quán
    fen4 nu4 quan2
fen nu ch`üan
    fen nu chüan
 funnu ken
adamantine fists; adamantine fists



see styles
fú rì luó
    fu2 ri4 luo2
fu jih lo
vajra, 嚩日囉 (or 嚩馹囉); 跋日囉 (or 跋折囉, or 跋闍囉); 跋折囉; 波闍羅; 伐折羅 (or 伐闍羅); intp. as 金剛 (金剛杵), a diamond (club). Adamantine, hard. The sceptre of Indra as god of thunder and lightning with which he slays the enemies of Buddhism. Used by monks to indicate spiritual authority, and the all-subduing power of Buddha; (Skt. vajra)



see styles
bō rě lùn
    bo1 re3 lun4
po je lun
 Hannya ron
Treatise on the Sūtra of Adamantine Transcendent Wisdom; Treatise on the Sūtra of Adamantine Transcendent Wisdom



see styles
jīn gāng shèng
    jin1 gang1 sheng4
chin kang sheng
 kongō jō
vajrayāna. The diamond vehicle, another name of the 眞言 Shingon; adamantine vehicle



see styles
jīn gāng wèi
    jin1 gang1 wei4
chin kang wei
 kongō i
adamantine stage; adamantine stage



see styles
jīn gāng lì
    jin1 gang1 li4
chin kang li
 kongouriki / kongoriki
superhuman (Herculean) strength
vajra-power, irresistible strength; 金剛力 (or 金剛力士) is the 金剛神 q.v; adamantine power



see styles
jīn gāng kǒu
    jin1 gang1 kou3
chin kang k`ou
    chin kang kou
 kongō ku
Diamond mouth, that of a buddha; adamantine mouth



see styles
jīn gāng yù
    jin1 gang1 yu4
chin kang yü
 kongō yu



see styles
jīn gāng dì
    jin1 gang1 di4
chin kang ti
 kongō chi
(surname) Kongouchi
adamantine stage; adamantine stage



see styles
jīn gāng dìng
    jin1 gang1 ding4
chin kang ting
 kongō jō
vajrasamādhi, 金剛喩定; 金剛三昧; 金剛滅定 diamond meditation, that of the last stage of the bodhisattva, characterized by firm, indestructible knowledge, penetrating all reality; attained after all remains of illusion have been cut off; adamantine absorption



see styles
jīn gāng xīn
    jin1 gang1 xin1
chin kang hsin
 kongoushin / kongoshin
{Buddh} extreme religious piety; unshakable faith
Diamond heart, that of the bodhisattva, i.e. infrangible, unmoved by 'illusion'; adamantine mind



see styles
jīn gāng huì
    jin1 gang1 hui4
chin kang hui
 kongō e
Diamond wisdom, which by its reality overcomes all illusory knowledge; adamantine wisdom



see styles
jīn gāng quán
    jin1 gang1 quan2
chin kang ch`üan
    chin kang chüan
 kongō ken
vajra-fist, the hands doubled together on the breast; adamantine fists



see styles
jīn gāng zhì
    jin1 gang1 zhi4
chin kang chih
 kongō chi
vajramati. The indestructible and enriching diamond wisdom of the Buddha. Also the name of an Indian who came to China A.D. 619; he is said to have introduced the Yogācāra system and founded the esoteric school, but this is attributed to Amoghavajra, v. 大教. 金剛智三藏 Vajrabodhi may be the same person, but there is doubt about the matter, cf. 大教; adamantine wisdom



see styles
jīn gāng yuán
    jin1 gang1 yuan2
chin kang yüan
 kongō gen
adamantine fount; adamantine fount



see styles
jīn gāng yǎn
    jin1 gang1 yan3
chin kang yen
 kongō gen
adamantine eye; adamantine eye



see styles
jīn gāng pí
    jin1 gang1 pi2
chin kang p`i
    chin kang pi
 Kongō bei
Adamantine Scalpel; Adamantine Scalpel



see styles
jīn gāng dǐng
    jin1 gang1 ding3
chin kang ting
 kongō chō
The diamond apex or crown, a general name of the esoteric doctrines and sutras of Vairocana. The sutra金剛頂經 is the authority for the金剛頂宗 sect; adamantine apex



see styles
jīn gāng tǐ
    jin1 gang1 ti3
chin kang t`i
    chin kang ti
 kongō tai
The diamond body, that of Buddha, and his merits; adamantine body



see styles
jīn pí lùn
    jin1 pi2 lun4
chin p`i lun
    chin pi lun
 Konbei ron
Adamantine Scalpel; Adamantine Scalpel



see styles
bù huài jīn gāng
    bu4 huai4 jin1 gang1
pu huai chin kang
 fue kongō
Vairocana the indestructible, or eternal; indestructible-adamantine



see styles
jīn gāng sān mèi
    jin1 gang1 san1 mei4
chin kang san mei
 kongō zanmai
adamantine absorption; adamantine absorption


see styles
 kongoufue / kongofue
(yoji) firm and solid; sturdy and indestructible; unshakable; adamantine



see styles
jīn gāng bù huài
    jin1 gang1 bu4 huai4
chin kang pu huai
 kongō fue
(金剛不壞身) The diamond indestructible (body), the Buddha; adamantine-indestructible



see styles
jīn gāng yǐ huán
    jin1 gang1 yi3 huan2
chin kang i huan
 kongō igen
the stage of the adamantine absorption and below; the stage of the adamantine absorption and below



see styles
jīn gāng fó zǐ
    jin1 gang1 fo2 zi3
chin kang fo tzu
 Kongō busshi
A son of the vajra-buddha, i.e. of Vairocana, a term applied to those newly baptized into the esoteric sect; son of the adamantine Buddha


see styles
 kongoukoutaku / kongokotaku
{geol} adamantine lustre (luster)



see styles
jīn gāng wéi shān
    jin1 gang1 wei2 shan1
chin kang wei shan
 kongō isan
encircling adamantine mountains; encircling adamantine mountains



see styles
jīn gāng jiān gù
    jin1 gang1 jian1 gu4
chin kang chien ku
 kongoukengo / kongokengo
(yoji) firm and solid; sturdy and indestructible; unshakable; adamantine

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