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瑜伽 in Chinese / Japanese...

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China yú jiā
Japan yu ga
Yoga Vertical Wall Scroll

瑜伽 is probably the most common and universal title for Yoga.

In Chinese and Japanese, this is considered a Buddhist practice. 瑜伽 is really a loanword from an original Buddhist Sanskrit word.

Yoga can also be written 瑜誐 or 遊迦. The literal meaning is yoke, yoking, union, especially an ecstatic union of the individual soul with a divine being, or spirit, also of the individual soul with the universal soul.

Note: Yoga is sometimes written incorrectly as 瑜珈 in Chinese. Watch out for that.

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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
Mandarin yú jiā / yu2 jia1
Taiwan yü chia
Japanese yuga / ゆが
Yoga Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese yoga (loanword)
Japanese {Buddh} (See ヨーガ) yoga; (surname) Yuka
yoga; also 瑜誐; 遊迦; a yoke, yoking, union, especially an ecstatic union of the individual soul with a divine being, or spirit, also of the individual soul with the universal soul. The method requires the mutual response or relation of 境, 行, 理, 果 and 機; i.e. (1) state, or environment, referred to mind; (2) action, or mode of practice; (3) right principle; (4) results in enlightenment; (5) motivity, i.e. practical application in saving others. Also the mutual relation of hand, mouth, and mind referring to manifestation, incantation, and mental operation; these are known as 瑜伽三密, the three esoteric (means) of Yoga. The older practice of meditation as a means of obtaining spiritual or magical power was distorted in Tantrism to exorcism, sorcery, and juggling in general.


see styles
Mandarin jiǔ yú qié / jiu3 yu2 qie2
Taiwan chiu yü ch`ieh / chiu yü chieh
Japanese ku yuga
nine yogas



see styles
Mandarin yè yú qié / ye4 yu2 qie2
Taiwan yeh yü ch`ieh / yeh yü chieh
Japanese gōyuga
(Skt. karma-yoga)


see styles
Mandarin yú jiā zōng / yu2 jia1 zong1
Taiwan yü chia tsung
Japanese Yuga Shū
Chinese see 唯識宗|唯识宗[Wei2 shi2 zong1]
The Yogācāra, Vijñānavāda, Tantric, or esoteric sect. The principles of Yoga are accredited to Patañjali in the second century B.C., later founded as a school in Buddhism by Asaṅga, fourth century A.D. Cf. 大教. Xuanzang became a disciple and advocate of this school. [Note: The information given above by Soothill and Hodous contains serious errors. Please see this entry in the Digital Dictionary of Buddhism for correction.]; Yoga School


see styles
Mandarin yú qié sì / yu2 qie2 si4
Taiwan yü ch`ieh ssu / yü chieh ssu
Japanese Yugaji



see styles
Mandarin yú jiā shī / yu2 jia1 shi1
Taiwan yü chia shih
Japanese yuga shi
瑜伽阿闍梨 yogācāra, a teacher, or master of magic, or of this school; meditation master


see styles
Mandarin yú qié chāo / yu2 qie2 chao1
Taiwan yü ch`ieh ch`ao / yü chieh chao
Japanese Yuga shō
Extracts of the Yogâcārabhūmi


see styles
Mandarin yú qié pài / yu2 qie2 pai4
Taiwan yü ch`ieh p`ai / yü chieh pai
Japanese Yuga ha
the Yoga school



see styles
Mandarin yú jiā zhǐ / yu2 jia1 zhi3
Taiwan yü chia chih
Japanese yugagi
瑜岐; 瑜祁 yogin, one who practises yoga; (Skt. yogin)



see styles
Mandarin yú qié chù / yu2 qie2 chu4
Taiwan yü ch`ieh ch`u / yü chieh chu
Japanese yugasho
yoga stage


see styles
Mandarin yú qié xíng / yu2 qie2 xing2
Taiwan yü ch`ieh hsing / yü chieh hsing
Japanese yugagyō
yoga practice



see styles
Mandarin yú qié lùn / yu2 qie2 lun4
Taiwan yü ch`ieh lun / yü chieh lun
Japanese Yugaron



see styles
Mandarin yú qié shì / yu2 qie2 shi4
Taiwan yü ch`ieh shih / yü chieh shih
Japanese Yuga shaku
Explanation of the Stages of Yoga Practice Treatise



see styles
Mandarin yú qié chāo / yu2 qie2 chao1
Taiwan yü ch`ieh ch`ao / yü chieh chao
Japanese Yugashō
Commentary on the Yogâcārabhūmi-śāstra


see styles
Mandarin sān mì yú qié / san1 mi4 yu2 qie2
Taiwan san mi yü ch`ieh / san mi yü chieh
Japanese sanmitsu yuga
joining of the three mysteries


see styles
Mandarin shàng chéng yú jiā / shang4 cheng2 yu2 jia1
Taiwan shang ch`eng yü chia / shang cheng yü chia
Japanese jōjō yuga
Mahāyāna-yoga, chiefy associated with 上乘密宗.



see styles
Mandarin jiǔ zhǒng yú qié / jiu3 zhong3 yu2 qie2
Taiwan chiu chung yü ch`ieh / chiu chung yü chieh
Japanese kushu yuga
nine yogas



see styles
Mandarin yú qié shī dì / yu2 qie2 shi1 di4
Taiwan yü ch`ieh shih ti / yü chieh shih ti
Japanese yuga shiji
stages of yoga practice


see styles
Mandarin yú jiā xíng pài / yu2 jia1 xing2 pai4
Taiwan yü chia hsing p`ai / yü chia hsing pai
Japanese Yugagyō ha
Chinese see 唯識宗|唯识宗[Wei2 shi2 zong1]



see styles
Mandarin yú qié lùn jì / yu2 qie2 lun4 ji4
Taiwan yü ch`ieh lun chi / yü chieh lun chi
Japanese Yugaron ki
Commentaries on the Yogâcārabhūmi



see styles
Mandarin yú qié lùn shì / yu2 qie2 lun4 shi4
Taiwan yü ch`ieh lun shih / yü chieh lun shih
Japanese Yugaron shaku
Commentary on the Yogâcārabhūmi-śāstra



see styles
Mandarin yú qié shì lùn / yu2 qie2 shi4 lun4
Taiwan yü ch`ieh shih lun / yü chieh shih lun
Japanese Yuga shakuron
Explanation of the Stages of Yoga Practice Treatise



see styles
Mandarin mì mì yú jiā / mi4 mi4 yu2 jia1
Taiwan mi mi yü chia
Japanese himitsu yuga
The yoga rules of the esoteric sect; also a name for the sect; secret yoga



see styles
Mandarin zhū yú qié shī / zhu1 yu2 qie2 shi1
Taiwan chu yü ch`ieh shih / chu yü chieh shih
Japanese sho yugashi



see styles
Mandarin fēn bié yú qié lùn / fen1 bie2 yu2 qie2 lun4
Taiwan fen pieh yü ch`ieh lun / fen pieh yü chieh lun
Japanese Funbetsu yugaron
Fenbie yuqie lun



see styles
Mandarin yú jiā shī de lùn / yu2 jia1 shi1 de lun4
Taiwan yü chia shih te lun
Japanese Yuga shiji ron
Yogācāryabhūmi-śāstra, the work of Asaṅga, said to have been dictated to him in or from the Tuṣita heaven by Maitreya, tr. by Xuanzang, is the foundation text of this school, on which there are numerous treatises, the 瑜伽師地論釋 being a commentary on it by Jinaputra, tr. by Xuanzang.



see styles
Mandarin yú qié lùn zhōng shí / yu2 qie2 lun4 zhong1 shi2
Taiwan yü ch`ieh lun chung shih / yü chieh lun chung shih
Japanese Yugaron chūjitsu
Marrow of the Yogâcārabhūmi



see styles
Mandarin yú qié lùn lüè zuǎn / yu2 qie2 lun4 lve4 zuan3
Taiwan yü ch`ieh lun lve tsuan / yü chieh lun lve tsuan
Japanese Yugaron ryakusan
Commentary on the Yogâcārabhūmi-śāstra



see styles
Mandarin yú jiā dà jiào wáng jīng / yu2 jia1 da4 jiao4 wang2 jing1
Taiwan yü chia ta chiao wang ching
Japanese Yuga daikyōō kyō
Yujia dajiaowang jing



see styles
Mandarin yú qié shī dì lùn shì / yu2 qie2 shi1 di4 lun4 shi4
Taiwan yü ch`ieh shih ti lun shih / yü chieh shih ti lun shih
Japanese Yugashijiron shaku
Explanation of the Stages of Yoga Practice Treatise

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Yoga瑜伽yu ga / yugayú jiā / yu2 jia1 / yu jia / yujiayü chia / yüchia

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