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  1. Journey / Travel

  2. Traveler / To Live Abroad

  3. Traveler

  4. Traveler / Wanderer / Vagabond / Rolling Stone

  5. It is the Journey, Not the Destination

  6. Life is a Journey

  7. The Destination is Nothing Without the Journey

  8. If you love your child, send them out into the world

Journey / Travel

Japan ryo / tabi
Journey / Travel Vertical Wall Scroll

旅 is the single Chinese character, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja for trip, travel, or journey.

In older context, this could refer to an army brigade or a 500-man battalion from the Zhou-dynasty Chinese army.

Journey / Travel

China lǚ xíng
Japan ryokou
Journey / Travel Vertical Wall Scroll

旅行 means journey or travels. It is sometimes used to refer to a vacation.

If you like a good adventure, maybe this is the word for you.

Traveler / To Live Abroad

China jī lǚ
Japan kiryo
Traveler / To Live Abroad Vertical Wall Scroll

羈旅 is a Chinese and Japanese title for traveler / traveller, to live abroad, to be traveling, or just travel.


Japan ryojin / tabibito / tabinin
Traveler Vertical Wall Scroll

旅人 is a Japanese title for traveller / traveler, wayfarer, nomad, person who goes from place to place, pilgrim, etc.

Traveler / Wanderer / Vagabond / Rolling Stone

China xíng lǚ
Japan kou ryo
Traveler / Wanderer / Vagabond / Rolling Stone Vertical Wall Scroll

行旅 is a Chinese and Japanese title meaning traveler / traveller, wanderer, vagabond, rolling stone, traveling, or travelling.

It is the Journey, Not the Destination

China shì lǚ tú bú shì mù dì
It is the Journey, Not the Destination Vertical Wall Scroll

是旅途不是目的 is the English proverb, "It's the journey, not the destination," translated into Chinese.

Life is a Journey

China rén shēng shì yí duàn lǚ chéng
Life is a Journey Vertical Wall Scroll

This proverb means "Life is a Journey."

If this matches your philosophy, this might be the perfect Chinese calligraphy for you.

The Destination is Nothing Without the Journey

China bù jīng lǚ tú bù chéng mù dì
The Destination is Nothing Without the Journey Vertical Wall Scroll

不經旅途不成目的 is the English proverb, "The destination is nothing without the journey," translated into Chinese.

If you love your child, send them out into the world

Japan kawaii ko ni wa tabi o sa seyo
If you love your child, send them out into the world Vertical Wall Scroll

This Japanese proverb means, "If you love your children, send them out on a journey into the world."

This is kind of similar to the western phrase, "Spare the rod and spoil the child."

More literally, this reads, "Cute child, a journey granted."
That "granted" could also be understood as "should be initiated."

Note: Because this selection contains some special Japanese Hiragana characters, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Mandarin/ lu:3
Japanese ryo / りょ    tabi / たび
If you love your child, send them out into the world Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese trip; travel; to travel; brigade (army)
Japanese 500-man battalion (Zhou-dynasty Chinese army); (noun/participle) travel; trip; journey; (surname) Taya


see styles
Japanese tabinin / たびにん
If you love your child, send them out into the world Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (See 旅人・たびびと) nomad; person who goes from place to place, gambling, etc.; pilgrim; (personal name) Ryojin; (personal name) Tabihito; (surname) Tabito


see styles
Mandarin lǚ xíng / lu:3 xing2
Taiwan lü hsing
Japanese ryokou / ryoko / りょこう
If you love your child, send them out into the world Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese to travel; journey; trip; CL:趟[tang4],次[ci4],個|个[ge4]
Japanese (noun/participle) travel; trip; journey; excursion; tour



see styles
Mandarin jī lǚ / ji1 lu:3
Taiwan chi lü
Japanese kiryo / きりょ
Chinese to live abroad; to be traveling; traveler
Japanese travel; traveler; traveller


see styles
Mandarin xíng lǚ / xing2 lu:3
Taiwan hsing lü
Japanese kouryo / koryo / こうりょ
Chinese traveler; wanderer; vagabond; rolling stone
Japanese (noun/participle) (1) traveling; travelling; (2) traveler; traveller


see styles
Japanese kawaiikonihatabiosaseyo / kawaikonihatabiosaseyo / かわいいこにはたびをさせよ Japanese (expression) (proverb) Spare the rod and spoil the child; If you love your children, send them out into the world


see styles
Japanese shuuryo / shuryo / しゅうりょ Japanese (abbreviation) (colloquialism) (See 修学旅行・しゅうがくりょこう) excursion; field trip; school trip



see styles
Mandarin jìng lǚ / jing4 lu:3
Taiwan ching lü
Chinese strong contingent; elite squad


see styles
Mandarin shāng lǚ / shang1 lu:3
Taiwan shang lü
Chinese traveling merchant


see styles
Japanese ryotei / ryote / りょてい Japanese hotel; inn


see styles
Japanese ryoshin;tabidayori / りょしん;たびだより Japanese (obscure) message from someone on a journey


see styles
Japanese tabisou / tabiso / たびそう Japanese traveling priest; travelling priest


see styles
Japanese tabisaki / たびさき Japanese destination; goal (of travel); place one stays during a journey


see styles
Japanese ryoken / りょけん Japanese (See パスポート) passport


see styles
Japanese ryodan / りょだん Japanese brigade


see styles
Mandarin lǚ dà / lu:3 da4
Taiwan lü ta
Chinese Lüshun 順|顺[Lu:3 shun4] port and Dalian city 大連|大连[Da4 lian2], Liaoning Province 遼寧省|辽宁省[Liao2 ning2 Sheng3]


see styles
Japanese tabisugata / たびすがた Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) traditional Japanese travel outfit; travel kit


see styles
Japanese tabiko / たびこ Japanese (archaism) (See 飛子・2) travelling male homosexual prostitute; (female given name) Tabiko; (female given name) Takako


see styles
Mandarin lǚ kè / lu:3 ke4
Taiwan lü k`o / lü ko
Japanese ryokaku(p);ryokyaku / りょかく(P);りょきゃく
Chinese traveler; tourist
Japanese (1) passenger; (2) traveller; traveler; tourist


see styles
Japanese ryoshuku;tabiyado(ok) / りょしゅく;たびやど(ok) Japanese travellers' inn; stage inn


see styles
Japanese tabine / たびね Japanese (noun/participle) sleeping away from home; overnight stay when traveling


see styles
Mandarin lǚ jū / lu:3 ju1
Taiwan lü chü
Chinese to stay away from home; residence abroad; sojourn


see styles
Mandarin lǚ diàn / lu:3 dian4
Taiwan lü tien
Chinese inn; small hotel


see styles
Japanese tabigokoro / たびごころ Japanese desire to travel


see styles
Japanese ryojou / ryojo / りょじょう Japanese one's mood while traveling (travelling)


see styles
Japanese ryoshuu / ryoshu / りょしゅう Japanese loneliness on a journey


see styles
Japanese tabisho / たびしょ Japanese (See 御旅所) place where the sacred palanquin is lodged during a festival


see styles
Japanese tabimakura / たびまくら Japanese sleeping away from home



see styles
Mandarin lǚ jiǎn / lu:3 jian3
Taiwan lü chien
Chinese passenger inspection (customs)


see styles
Japanese ryoji / りょじ Japanese hotel; inn

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
ryo / tabilǚ / lu:3 / lu:
旅行ryokou / ryokolǚ xíng / lv3 xing2 / lv xing / lvxinglü hsing / lühsing
To Live Abroad
kiryojī lǚ / ji1 lv3 / ji lv / jilvchi lü / chilü
Traveler旅人ryojin / tabibito / tabinin
Rolling Stone
行旅kou ryo / kouryo / ko ryo / koryoxíng lǚ / xing2 lv3 / xing lv / xinglvhsing lü / hsinglü
It is the Journey, Not the Destination是旅途不是目的shì lǚ tú bú shì mù dì
shi4 lu:3 tu2 bu2 shi4 mu4 di4
shi lu: tu bu shi mu di
shih lü t`u pu shih mu ti
shih lü tu pu shih mu ti
Life is a Journey人生是一段旅程rén shēng shì yí duàn lǚ chéng
ren2 sheng1 shi4 yi2 duan4 lv3 cheng2
ren sheng shi yi duan lv cheng
jen sheng shih i tuan lü ch`eng
jen sheng shih i tuan lü cheng
The Destination is Nothing Without the Journey不經旅途不成目的
bù jīng lǚ tú bù chéng mù dì
bu4 jing1 lu:3 tu2 bu4 cheng2 mu4 di4
bu jing lu: tu bu cheng mu di
pu ching lü t`u pu ch`eng mu ti
pu ching lü tu pu cheng mu ti
If you love your child, send them out into the world可愛い子には旅をさせよkawaii ko ni wa tabi o sa seyo
kawai ko ni wa tabi o sa seyo
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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