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chuān qí
kawa saki
Kawasaki Vertical Wall Scroll

This Japanese name romanizes as Kawasaki.

These are the same Kanji used for the motorcycle manufacturer, the surname, and a city in Japan. Other than Kawasaki, as a surname, this can also be romanized/pronounced as Yamazaki or Hanedabouru. Some also write Kawazaki instead of Kawasaki.

In Chinese, this will be read as a Japanese surname/place-name. Some in China will also be familiar with Kawazaki motorcycles.

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Kawasaki川崎kawa saki / kawasakichuān qí / chuan1 qi2 / chuan qi / chuanqich`uan ch`i / chuanchi / chuan chi

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
chuān qí / chuan1 qi2
ch`uan ch`i / chuan chi
 kawasaki / かわさき
Kawasaki Vertical Wall Scroll
Kawasaki (name)
Kawasaki (city); (surname) Yamazaki


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 kamigawasaki / かみがわさき (place-name) Kamigawasaki


see styles
 shimogawasaki / しもがわさき (place-name) Shimogawasaki


see styles
 nakakawasaki / なかかわさき (place-name) Nakakawasaki


see styles
 kitakawasaki / きたかわさき (place-name) Kitakawasaki


see styles
 minamikawasaki / みなみかわさき (place-name) Minamikawasaki


see styles
 kabegozaki / かべござき (personal name) Kabegozaki


see styles
 oogawasaki / おおがわさき (place-name) Oogawasaki


see styles
 kogasaki / こがさき (place-name) Kogasaki


see styles
 kawasakiku / かわさきく (place-name) Kawasakiku


see styles
 kawasakisori / かわさきそり (place-name) Kawasakisori


see styles
 kawasakiakira / かわさきあきら (person) Kawasaki Akira


see styles
 kawasakijiri / かわさきじり (place-name) Kawasakijiri


see styles
 kawasakiyama / かわさきやま (place-name) Kawasakiyama


see styles
 kawasakishi / かわさきし (place-name) Kawasaki (city)


see styles
 kawasakitooru / かわさきとおる (person) Kawasaki Tooru (1948.1.2-)


see styles
 kawasakiakira / かわさきあきら (person) Kawasaki Akira


see styles
 kawasakimura / かわさきむら (place-name) Kawasakimura


see styles
 kawasakibashi / かわさきばし (place-name) Kawasakibashi


see styles
 kawasakisawa / かわさきさわ (place-name) Kawasakisawa


see styles
 kawasakihiroshi / かわさきひろし (person) Kawasaki Hiroshi


see styles
 kawasakikou / kawasakiko / かわさきこう (place-name) Kawasakikou


see styles
 kawasakimachi / かわさきまち (place-name) Kawasakimachi


see styles
 kawasakibyou / kawasakibyo / かわさきびょう Kawasaki disease; mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome; MCLS


see styles
 kawasakiya / かわさきや (surname) Kawasakiya


see styles
 kawasakieki / かわさきえき (st) Kawasaki Station


see styles
 shinkawasaki / しんかわさき (place-name) Shinkawasaki


see styles
 higashikawasaki / ひがしかわさき (place-name) Higashikawasaki


see styles
 ekawasaki / えかわさき (place-name) Ekawasaki


see styles
 hamakawasaki / はまかわさき (place-name, surname) Hamakawasaki

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Kawasaki Vertical Wall Scroll
Kawasaki Vertical Wall Scroll
Kawasaki Vertical Wall Scroll

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Kawasaki Vertical Portrait

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