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Mistress / Concubine / Servant

China qiè
Japan mekake / sobame / onname
Mistress / Concubine / Servant Vertical Wall Scroll

妾 is the most simple way to say concubine or mistress in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

Sometimes this can mean servant. Occasionally, a woman may use this title in place of "I" or "me" to say "your humble servant" in a self-deprecating way.

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Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Mandarin qiè / qie4
Taiwan ch`ieh / chieh
Japanese warawa / わらわ    mekake / めかけ    sobame / そばめ    onname / おんなめ
Mistress / Concubine / Servant Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese concubine; I, your servant (deprecatory self-reference for women)
Japanese (pn,adj-no) (archaism) (humble language) (feminine speech) I; me; (out-dated or obsolete kana usage) mistress; kept woman; concubine


see styles
Mandarin shì qiè / shi4 qie4
Taiwan shih ch`ieh / shih chieh
Japanese jishou / jisho / じしょう
Chinese concubine
Japanese concubine; mistress


see styles
Japanese gaishou / gaisho / がいしょう Japanese foreigner's mistress


see styles
Mandarin qī qiè / qi1 qie4
Taiwan ch`i ch`ieh / chi chieh
Japanese saishou / saisho / さいしょう
Chinese wives and concubines (of a polygamous man); harem
Japanese one's wife and mistress(es)


see styles
Mandarin qiè shì / qie4 shi4
Taiwan ch`ieh shih / chieh shih
Chinese maids and concubines


see styles
Japanese shoushutsu / shoshutsu / しょうしゅつ Japanese illegitimate (e.g. born to a mistress)


see styles
Japanese shoutaku / shotaku / しょうたく Japanese house in which a mistress is kept


see styles
Japanese shoufuku;mekakebara / shofuku;mekakebara / しょうふく;めかけばら Japanese illegitimate (e.g. born to a mistress)


see styles
Mandarin jī qiè / ji1 qie4
Taiwan chi ch`ieh / chi chieh
Chinese concubine



see styles
Mandarin chǒng qiè / chong3 qie4
Taiwan ch`ung ch`ieh / chung chieh
Chinese favored concubine


see styles
Japanese aishou / aisho / あいしょう Japanese (See めかけ) beloved concubine; favourite concubine (e.g. of the shogun)


see styles
Japanese youshou / yosho / ようしょう Japanese Westerner's mistress


see styles
Japanese danshou / dansho / だんしょう Japanese male paramour



see styles
Mandarin nà qiè / na4 qie4
Taiwan na ch`ieh / na chieh
Chinese to take a concubine


see styles
Mandarin chén qiè / chen2 qie4
Taiwan ch`en ch`ieh / chen chieh
Japanese shinshō
Chinese (literary) I, your servant (self-appellation of a lower-rank female); (archaic) male and female slaves; subjects (of a ruler)
This term is used in Buddhism, but due to a licensing issue, we cannot show the definition


see styles
Japanese chikushou / chikusho / ちくしょう Japanese (noun/participle) keeping a mistress (concubine)


see styles
Japanese warawa / わらわ Japanese (pn,adj-no) (archaism) (humble language) (feminine speech) I; me


see styles
Japanese mekakeboukou / mekakeboko / めかけぼうこう Japanese (noun/participle) serving as a concubine



see styles
Mandarin chǒng qiè miè qī / chong3 qie4 mie4 qi1
Taiwan ch`ung ch`ieh mieh ch`i / chung chieh mieh chi
Chinese favor the concubine and do away with the wife (idiom); spoil one's mistress and neglect one's wife


see styles
Japanese mekakeboukou / mekakeboko / めかけぼうこう Japanese (noun/participle) serving as a concubine


see styles
Japanese ittounihisanshoushigigosai / ittonihisanshoshigigosai / いっとうにひさんしょうしぎごさい Japanese (expression) most thrilling relationships for a man (another man's wife, a maidservant, a mistress, a prostitute, and finally his own wife)


see styles
Japanese mekake(,目掛ke,目掛);sobame(,側女,側妻);onname()(ok) / めかけ(妾,目掛け,目掛);そばめ(妾,側女,側妻);おんなめ(妾)(ok) Japanese mistress; kept woman; concubine

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
mekake / sobame / onnameqiè / qie4 / qiech`ieh / chieh

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