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Infinity Symbol in Chinese / Japanese...

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  1. Infinity / Infinite / Unlimited / Unbounded
  2. Infinity / Infinite / Endless / Boundless
  3. Love Forever / Love Eternally
  4. Forever Love
  5. Eternal / Eternity
  6. Eternity / Always and Forever
  7. Forever Family
  8. Sky / Ether / Void / Emptiness / Unreality
  9. Enso - Japanese Zen Circle

Infinity / Infinite / Unlimited / Unbounded

Japanese = Infinity / Chinese = No limits
China wú xiàn
Japan mu gen
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Infinity / Infinite / Unlimited / Unbounded

This is the Chinese and Japanese word meaning infinity, unlimited or unbounded.

Literally, this means "without limits" or "without (being) bound".

The first character means "never" or "not" or like a prefix "un-". The second means "limited", "restricted", or "bound".

Please note that the Japanese definition leans more toward "infinity" and the Chinese is more about being "boundless" or "without limits".

In Korean, this means infinity, infinitude, or boundlessness. But in Korean, this term has many interpretations or contexts, so your intended meaning might come out a little vague or ambiguous.

Infinity / Infinite / Endless / Boundless

(Chinese / Korean)
China wú qióng
Japan mu kyuu
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Infinity / Infinite / Endless / Boundless

This is the Chinese and Korean word meaning infinity, eternity, infinitude, infinite or endless.

Literally, this means "without (ever becoming) exhausted / poor", and in that context, can mean "inexhaustible" or "boundless", but this is usually read as "without end". Some extended definitions include eternity, infinitude, or immortality.

In some contexts it can mean "immortality".

The first character means "never" or "not". The second means "exhausted", "finished", or "ending".

Note: This is a Japanese word, but rarely used in modern Japan.

Love Forever / Love Eternally

China ài yǒng yuǎn
Japan ai ei en
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Love Forever / Love Eternally

The first character here means "love".

The last two mean forever, eternity, eternal, perpetuity, immortality, and/or permanence.

This is the shortest and most universal way to express this idea in Chinese and Japanese.

Japanese note: This sound more like a title than a phrase in Japanese (if that makes any sense). This is a great title for a romantic book, title of a movie, name of a perfume, or even a name for a store.

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Forever Love

China yǒng yuǎn de ài
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Forever Love

The first two characters mean forever, eternal, eternity, perpetuity, immortality, and/or permanence.

The third character is a possessive article which sort of makes this selection mean "The forever kind of love".

The last character is "love".

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Eternal / Eternity

China yǒng héng
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Eternal / Eternity

This is the Chinese word for eternity.
The first character means always, forever and perpetual. The second character holds the meaning of permanent. Together, they create a word that means eternal, eternally or infinite time.

See Also...  Immortality

Eternity / Always and Forever

China yǒng yuǎn
Japan ei-en
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Eternity / Always and Forever

This is the Chinese, Korean and Japanese word for "forever".

If we take this word apart, the first character means "always", "forever" or "perpetual". While the second character means "far" or "distant".

See Also...  Immortality

Forever Family

China yǒng yuǎn de jiā
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Forever Family

This is a special phrase that we composed for a "family by adoption" or "adoptive family".

It's the dream of every orphan and foster child to be formally adopted and find their "forever family".

The first two characters mean forever, eternal, eternity, perpetuity, immortality, and/or permanence. The third character connects this idea with the last character which means "family" and/or "home".

See Also...  Family

Sky / Ether / Void / Emptiness / Unreality

(Used in Japanese version of five elements)
China kōng
Japan kuu / kara / sora / ron
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Sky / Ether / Void / Emptiness / Unreality

This single character means empty, void, hollow, vacant, vacuum, blank, nonexistent, vacuity, voidness, emptiness, non-existence, immateriality, unreality, the false or illusory nature of all existence, being unreal.

In Buddhist context, this relates to the doctrine that all phenomena and the ego have no reality, but are composed of a certain number of skandhas or elements, which disintegrate. The void, the sky, space. The universal, the absolute, complete abstraction without relativity. The doctrine further explains that all things are compounds, or unstable organisms, possessing no self-essence, i.e. are dependent, or caused, come into existence only to perish. The underlying reality, the principle of eternal relativity, or non-infinity, i.e. śūnya, permeates all phenomena making possible their evolution.

From Sanskrit and/or Pali, this is the translation to Chinese and Japanese of the title śūnya or śūnyatā.

In Japanese, when pronounced as "ron" (sounds like "roan") this can be a given name. It should be noted that this Kanji has about 5 different possible pronunciations in Japanese: kuu, kara, sora, ron, and uro. This is also an element in the Japanese version of the five elements.

Enso - Japanese Zen Circle

Japan en sou
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Enso - Japanese Zen Circle

This is Enso, which is really NOT a regular Japanese Kanji character. It falls more into the category of a symbol. In this case, it can be considered a religious symbol, as it is strongly-associated with Japanese Zen Buddhism.

Enso Circle

This is a typical appearance of Enso with an inscription by master calligrapher Michiko Imai.

Some call this "The Circle of Enlightenment". Others call it the "Infinity Circle". If you actually took the meanings of the two Kanji that make up the word "Enso", you could read it as "Mutual Circle" or "Circle of Togetherness". I think the Enso symbol can simply mean different things to different people. Therefore, you should let it have the meaning that you perceive.

Please note when you start making your customizations for an Enso wall scroll, you will see some possible ways it might be written, listed under the different calligraphy styles that we normally offer. However, Enso does not really conform to normal Asian calligraphy styles. Therefore, do not expect that you can make a style selection and expect the actual result to be identical. The appearance of your Enso will be determined by the artist's personal style, feeling, mood, etc. You cannot control or constrain that, to do so, would remove the art from the symbol.

Note: Our calligraphy selection process does not take this into account, as it was designed for Chinese characters and Japanese Kanji selection.

Please ignore the part where you are invited to pick a calligraphy style in the following pages.

Both our Japanese and Chinese master calligraphers are Buddhist (not as devout as monks, but Buddhist none the less). Therefore you can be assured that your Enso symbol will be written with the utmost effort and feeling.

By the way, when "Enso" is written in Kanji, it looks like this: 円相

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The following table is only helpful for those studying Chinese (or Japanese), and perhaps helps search engines to find this page when someone enters Romanized Chinese or Japanese

Romaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Infinity / Infinite / Unlimited / Unbounded无限
mu gen
wú xiàn
wu xian
wu hsien
wu2 xian4
Infinity / Infinite / Endless / Boundless无穷
mu kyuu
mu kyu
wú qióng
wu qiong
wu ch`iung
wu2 qiong2
wu chiung
Love Forever / Love Eternally爱永远
ai ei en
ài yǒng yuǎn
ai yong yuan
ai yung yüan
ai4 yong3 yuan3
Forever Love永远的爱
n/ayǒng yuǎn de ài
yong yuan de ai
yung yüan te ai
yong3 yuan3 de ai4
Eternal / Eternity永恒
n/ayǒng héng
yong heng
yung heng
yong3 heng2
Eternity / Always and Forever永远
ei-enyǒng yuǎn
yong yuan
yung yüan
yong3 yuan3
Forever Family永远的家
n/ayǒng yuǎn de jiā
yong yuan de jia
yung yüan te chia
yong3 yuan3 de jia1
Sky / Ether / Void / Emptiness / Unreality
kuu / kara / sora / ron
ku / kara / sora / ron
Enso - Japanese Zen Circle〇 / 円相
〇 / 円相
en sou
en so

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