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Will of Fire in Chinese / Japanese...

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Will of Fire

hi no ishi
Will of Fire Scroll

火の意志 or the "Will of Fire" is an element from the Naruto series.

The word order in Japanese makes this more like, "Fire's Will".

火 is fire.

の is a possessive article.

意志 means will, volition, intention, or intent.

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)
Will of Fire火の意志hi no ishi / hinoishi

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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
tiān kǒu / tian1 kou3
t`ien k`ou / tien kou
 tenku / あまぐち
(surname) Amaguchi
The mouth of Brahma, or the gods, a synonym for fire, as that element devours the offerings; to this the 護摩 homa, or fire altar cult is attributed, fire becoming the object of worship for good fortune. Fire is also said to speak for or tell the will of the gods; celestial mouth


see styles
 kaika / かいか (1) (See 不審火) fire of suspicious origin; suspected arson; mysterious fire; (2) will-o'-the-wisp


see styles
 kitsunebi / きつねび St. Elmo's fire; will-o'-the-wisp



see styles
bā biàn huà / ba1 bian4 hua4
pa pien hua
 hachi henge
Eight supernatural powers of transformation, characteristics of every Buddha: (1) to shrink self or others, or the world and all things to an atom; (2) to enlarge ditto to fill all space; (3) to make the same light as a feather; (4) to make the same any size or anywhere at will; (5) everywhere and in everything to be omnipotent; (6) to be anywhere at will, either by self-transportation, or bringing the destination to himself, etc; (7) to shake all things (in the six, or eighteen ways); (8) to be one or many and at will pass through the solid or through space, or through fire or water, or transform the four elements at will, e.g. turn earth into water. Also 八神變; 八自在; eight supernatural powers


see styles
 hinotama / ひのたま (1) fireball; ball of fire; (2) will-o'-the-wisp; jack-o'-lantern


see styles
shí èr huǒ tiān / shi2 er4 huo3 tian1
shih erh huo t`ien / shih erh huo tien
The homa-, or fire-spirits; Whose representations, colours, magic words, signs, symbols, and mode of worship are given in the 大日經疏20. Also 十二火尊; 十二種火法. The twelve fire-spirits are: (1) Indra or Vairocana, the discoverer or source of fire, symbolizing 智 knowledge; (2) the moon 行滿 which progresses to fullness, with mercy as root and enlightenment as fruit, i,e. Buddha; (3) the wind, represented as a half-moon, fanner of fame, of zeal, and by driving away dark clouds, of enlightenment; (4) the red rays of the rising sun, rohitaka, his swords (or rays) indicating 議 wisdom; (5) 沒M004101拏 a form half stern, half smiling, sternly driving away the passions and trials; (6) 忿怒 irate, bellowing with open mouth, showing four teeth, flowing locks, one eye closed; (7) 闍吒羅 fire burning within, i.e. the inner witness, or realization; (8) 迄灑耶 the waster, or destroyer of waste and injurious products within, i.e. inner purification; (9) 意生 the producer at will, capable of all variety, resembling Viśvakarman, the Brahmanic Vulcan; (10) 羯羅微 the fire-eater; (11) untraceable; (12) 謨賀那 the completer, also the subduer of demons; twelve fire celestials



see styles
zhǐ bāo bù zhù huǒ / zhi3 bao1 bu4 zhu4 huo3
chih pao pu chu huo
lit. paper can't wrap fire; fig. the truth will out



see styles
chéng mén shī huǒ , yāng jí chí yú / cheng2 men2 shi1 huo3 , yang1 ji2 chi2 yu2
ch`eng men shih huo , yang chi ch`ih yü / cheng men shih huo , yang chi chih yü
a fire in the city gates is also a calamity for the fish in the moat (idiom); the bystander will also suffer; fig. you can't escape responsibility for your actions; ask not for whom the bell tolls - it tolls for thee

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