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Risk / Venture

fēng xiǎn
Risk / Venture Scroll

風險 is the Chinese word that means risk or venture. 風險 is mostly used in the context of a business venture or the risk you might take on the stock market.

If you like to gamble on the stock market or "let it all hang out" when doing business transactions, this might be the wall scroll for you.

Take Up a Challenge

Take Up a Challenge Scroll

敢て is a Japanese word that can mean a few things related to the idea of taking up a challenge.

It can be defined as daring (to do something), or to venture (often overcoming reluctance), take action (even in the face of probable failure). It can also be to take upon oneself or take up a challenge.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
fēng xiǎn
feng1 xian3
feng xian
feng hsien
Take Up a Challenge敢てaete
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
 bouken / boken / ぼうけん
Take Up a Challenge Scroll
(noun/participle) (1) adventure; venture; (n,adj-na,vs) (2) venture which is unlikely to succeed; risky attempt; danger; hazard; risk

see styles
gǎn / gan3
 kan / つよし
to dare; daring; (polite) may I venture
(personal name) Tsuyoshi
To dare, venture; to dare


see styles
zhōng fāng / zhong1 fang1
chung fang
 nakahou / nakaho / なかほう
the Chinese side (in an international venture)
(place-name) Nakahou



see styles
shì yè / shi4 ye4
shih yeh
 jigyou(p);kotowaza / jigyo(p);kotowaza / じぎょう(P);ことわざ
undertaking; project; activity; (charitable, political or revolutionary) cause; publicly funded institution, enterprise or foundation; career; occupation; CL:個|个[ge4]
(1) project; enterprise; business; industry; operations; venture; service; (2) (ことわざ only) (See 仕業・しわざ) act; deed; conduct


see styles
 okasu / おかす (transitive verb) (1) to brave; to risk; to face; to venture; (transitive verb) (2) (of a disease, chemical, etc.) to harm; to afflict; to affect; (transitive verb) (3) to desecrate; to profane; (transitive verb) (4) to assume (someone else's surname); to take



see styles
chuàng yè / chuang4 ye4
ch`uang yeh / chuang yeh
 sougyou / sogyo / そうぎょう
to begin an undertaking; to start a major task; to initiate; to venture; venture; entrepreneurship
(noun/participle) establishment (of a business); founding



see styles
hé yíng / he2 ying2
ho ying
to operate jointly; a joint venture; cooperative



see styles
hé zī / he2 zi1
ho tzu
 goushi / goshi / ごうし
joint venture
(noun/participle) joint stocks; entering into partnership



see styles
tóu jī / tou2 ji1
t`ou chi / tou chi
 touki / toki / とうき
to speculate (on financial markets); opportunistic; congenial; agreeable
speculation; venture; stockjobbing; gambling (on stocks)
To avail oneself of an opportunity; to surrender oneself to the principles of the Buddha in the search for perfect enlightenment; to seize the opportunity


see styles
 totsunyuu / totsunyu / とつにゅう (noun/participle) (1) rushing into; breaking into; storming; (noun/participle) (2) plunging into (war, etc.); embarking on (a new venture)



see styles
lián yíng / lian2 ying2
lien ying
joint venture; under joint management


see styles
 kokoromi / こころみ (1) attempt; trial; experiment; (2) endeavour (endeavor); effort; venture; initiative



see styles
zéi chuán / zei2 chuan2
tsei ch`uan / tsei chuan
pirate ship; fig. venture of dubious merit; criminal gang; reactionary faction



see styles
jìn chū / jin4 chu1
chin ch`u / chin chu
 shinshutsu / しんしゅつ
to enter or exit; to go through
(noun/participle) advance (into a new market or stage of progress); launching (a new career or venture); expanding (into a new market); stepping forward; emerging; (surname) Shinde


see styles
 noriidasu / noridasu / のりだす (transitive verb) (1) to set out; to set sail; (2) to embark on (a new venture); to set out (to achieve something); (3) to begin to ride; (4) to lean forward


see styles
 bencha / ベンチャ venture


see styles
bù chuǎi mào mèi / bu4 chuai3 mao4 mei4
pu ch`uai mao mei / pu chuai mao mei
to venture to; to presume to; to take the liberty of


see styles
 noriidasu / noridasu / のりだす (transitive verb) (1) to set out; to set sail; (2) to embark on (a new venture); to set out (to achieve something); (3) to begin to ride; (4) to lean forward


see styles
 kyoudoujigyou / kyodojigyo / きょうどうじぎょう (See 共同企業) joint enterprise; joint venture


see styles
 kyoudoukigyou / kyodokigyo / きょうどうきぎょう (See 共同事業) joint venture


see styles
 kyoudouseisan / kyodosesan / きょうどうせいさん joint manufacturing; joint production; production joint venture


see styles
 boukenshihon / bokenshihon / ぼうけんしほん (noun - becomes adjective with の) venture capital



see styles
chuàng tóu jī jīn / chuang4 tou2 ji1 jin1
ch`uang t`ou chi chin / chuang tou chi chin
venture capital fund



see styles
chuàng yè tóu zī / chuang4 ye4 tou2 zi1
ch`uang yeh t`ou tzu / chuang yeh tou tzu
venture capital


see styles
 goubenjigyou / gobenjigyo / ごうべんじぎょう joint venture


see styles
 goubengaisha / gobengaisha / ごうべんがいしゃ joint venture or concern


see styles
 habakarinagara / はばかりながら (adverb) (kana only) with all due respect ...; I venture to say ...; Excuse me, but ...



see styles
fēng xiǎn tóu zī / feng1 xian3 tou2 zi1
feng hsien t`ou tzu / feng hsien tou tzu
venture capital


see styles
 benchaa / bencha / ベンチャー venture


see styles
 kyoudoukigyoutai / kyodokigyotai / きょうどうきぎょうたい joint venture; consortium; JV

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