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 ten dou ryuu
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天道流 is the martial arts title Tendo-ryu or Tendō-ryū in Japanese Kanji. The meaning is “Heaven Way Style” or “Sky Way Method.”

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tiān táng
    tian1 tang2
t`ien t`ang
    tien tang
 tendou / tendo
paradise; heaven
heaven; paradise; (surname) Tendou
The mansions of the devas, located between the earth and the Brahmalokas; the heavenly halls; heaven. The Ganges is spoken of as 天堂來者 coming from the heavenly mansions.


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tiān tóng
    tian1 tong2
t`ien t`ung
    tien tung
 tendou / tendo
cherub; gods disguised as children; children parading as cherubs; (place-name, surname) Tendou
Divine youths, i. e. deva guardians of the Buddha-law who appear as Mercuries, or youthful messengers of the Buddhas and bodhisattvas.


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 tendou / tendo
(surname) Tendō


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tiān dào
    tian1 dao4
t`ien tao
    tien tao
 tendou / tendo
natural law; heavenly law; weather (dialect)
(1) the sun; (2) god of heaven and the earth; (3) laws governing the heavens; (4) (astron) celestial path; celestial motion; (5) (Buddhist term) deva realm (svarga); (1) (Buddhist term) deva realm (svarga); (2) path in the heavens; (surname, given name) Tendō
deva-gati, or devasopāna, 天趣. (1) The highest of the six paths 六道, the realm of devas, i. e. the eighteen heavens of form and four of formlessness. A place of enjoyment, where the meritorious enjoy the fruits of good karma, but not a place of progress toward bodhisattva perfection. (2) The Dao of Heaven, natural law, cosmic energy; according to the Daoists, the origin and law of all things.


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 tendou / tendo
    tentou / tento
(Buddhist term) cognitive distortion; (n,vs,adj-no) (1) falling down; tumbling; overturning; turning over; (2) reversing; inverting; inversion; (3) getting upset


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 tendou / tendo
(surname) Tendou



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diān dǎo
    dian1 dao3
tien tao
 tendou / tendo
    tentou / tento
to turn upside down; to reverse; back to front; confused; deranged; crazy
(Buddhist term) cognitive distortion; (n,vs,adj-no) (1) falling down; tumbling; overturning; turning over; (2) reversing; inverting; inversion; (3) getting upset


see styles
sān diān dào
    san1 dian1 dao4
san tien tao
 san tendō
The three subversions or subverters: (evil) thoughts, (false) views, and (a deluded) mind.


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bā diān dào
    ba1 dian1 dao4
pa tien tao
 hachi tendō
The eight upside-down views: heretics believe in 常樂我淨 permanence, pleasure, personality, and purity; the two Hīnayāna vehicles deny these both now and in nirvāṇa. Mahāyāna denies them now, but asserts them in nirvāṇa. Also 八倒.


see styles
sì diān dǎo
    si4 dian1 dao3
ssu tien tao
 shi tendō
four distortions


see styles
tiān tóng shān
    tian1 tong2 shan1
t`ien t`ung shan
    tien tung shan
 Tendō zan
Tiantong shan


see styles
tiān tóng sì
    tian1 tong2 si4
t`ien t`ung ssu
    tien tung ssu
 Tendō ji
Tiantong si


see styles
xīn diān dào
    xin1 dian1 dao4
hsin tien tao
 shin tendō
subtle wrong notions


see styles
xiǎng diān dào
    xiang3 dian1 dao4
hsiang tien tao
 sō tendō
Inverted thoughts or perceptions, i.e. the illusion of regarding the seeming as real.


see styles
wǒ diān dào
    wo3 dian1 dao4
wo tien tao
 ga tendō
The illusion that the ego is real; also the incorrect view that the nirvana-ego is non-ego. One of the 四顚倒.


see styles
yǒu diān dào
    you3 dian1 dao4
yu tien tao
 u tendō
is confused



see styles
wú diān dào
    wu2 dian1 dao4
wu tien tao
 mu tendō



see styles
jiàn diān dào
    jian4 dian1 dao4
chien tien tao
 ken tendō
To see things upside down; to regard illusion as reality.



see styles
lí diān dào
    li2 dian1 dao4
li tien tao
 ri tendō
without cognitive distortion



see styles
sì zhǒng diān dào
    si4 zhong3 dian1 dao4
ssu chung tien tao
 shi shu tendō
four kinds of errors



see styles
tiān táng dì yù
    tian1 tang2 di4 yu4
t`ien t`ang ti yü
    tien tang ti yü
 tendō jigoku
The heavens and the hells, places of reward or punishment for moral conduct.


see styles
tiān tóng rú jìng
    tian1 tong2 ru2 jing4
t`ien t`ung ju ching
    tien tung ju ching
 Tendō Nyojō
Tiantong Rujing



see styles
tiān tóng jué sòng
    tian1 tong2 jue2 song4
t`ien t`ung chüeh sung
    tien tung chüeh sung
 Tendō kaku ju
verse commentary of Tiantong Jue


see styles
wàng xiǎng diān dào
    wang4 xiang3 dian1 dao4
wang hsiang tien tao
 mōsō tendō
deluded and distorted



see styles
wú diān dào xìng
    wu2 dian1 dao4 xing4
wu tien tao hsing
 mu tendō shō



see styles
wú diān dào zhì
    wu2 dian1 dao4 zhi4
wu tien tao chih
 mu tendō chi
undistorted cognition



see styles
xū wàng diān dào
    xu1 wang4 dian1 dao4
hsü wang tien tao
 komō tendō
cognitive distortion



see styles
sì zhǒng fēi diān dào
    si4 zhong3 fei1 dian1 dao4
ssu chung fei tien tao
 shi shu hi tendō
four kinds of non-distorted teaching


see styles
 tentou(天道); tendou(天道); amaji / tento(天道); tendo(天道); amaji
    てんとう(天道); てんどう(天道); あまじ
(1) (てんとう, てんどう only) the sun; (2) (てんとう, てんどう only) god of heaven and the earth; (3) (てんとう, てんどう only) laws governing the heavens; (4) (てんとう, てんどう only) {astron} celestial path; celestial motion; (5) {Buddh} (See 六道) deva realm (svarga); (6) (あまじ only) path in the heavens


see styles
 tendou / tendo
{Buddh} cognitive distortion

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)
Tendo-Ryu天道流ten dou ryuu
ten do ryu

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