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Stronghold in Chinese / Japanese...

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China zhài
Japan toride
Stronghold Vertical Wall Scroll

寨 is a Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja word that means stronghold, stockade, camp, fort, fortress, or fortification.

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin zhài / zhai4
Taiwan chai
Japanese toride / とりで
Stronghold Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese stronghold; stockade; camp; (stockaded) village
Japanese fort; fortress; stronghold; fortification

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Mandarin pù // bǎo / pu4 // bao3
Taiwan p`u // pao / pu // pao
Chinese variant of 鋪|铺[pu4]; used in place names; an earthwork; castle; position of defense; stronghold; used in place names, often as phonetic bao for "burg" or "bad"

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Mandarin lěi / lei3
Taiwan lei
Japanese rui / るい
Chinese Japanese variant of 壘|垒
Japanese (1) {baseb} base; bag; sack; (2) fortress; stronghold; (female given name) Rui; (female given name) Kasane

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Mandarin zhài / zhai4
Taiwan chai
Japanese aza / あざ
Chinese variant of 寨[zhai4]
Japanese fort; fortress; stronghold; fortification; (personal name) Aza


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Mandarin jié zhài / jie2 zhai4
Taiwan chieh chai
Chinese to seize a stronghold; to surprise the enemy in his camp


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Mandarin fěi cháo / fei3 chao2
Taiwan fei ch`ao / fei chao
Chinese bandit stronghold


see styles
Mandarin fěi xué / fei3 xue2
Taiwan fei hsüeh
Chinese bandit den; rebel stronghold


see styles
Japanese jousai / josai / じょうさい Japanese fortress; stronghold; citadel


see styles
Japanese jousai / josai / じょうさい Japanese fortress; stronghold; citadel


see styles
Japanese kenrui / けんるい Japanese stronghold


see styles
Japanese kenrui / けんるい Japanese stronghold


see styles
Japanese kenjin / けんじん Japanese stronghold


see styles
Japanese hourui;horui / horui;horui / ほうるい;ほるい Japanese fort; stronghold



see styles
Mandarin tiān xiǎn / tian1 xian3
Taiwan t`ien hsien / tien hsien
Chinese a natural stronghold


see styles
Japanese korui / こるい Japanese isolated stronghold


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Japanese sansai / さんさい Japanese mountain stronghold


see styles
Mandarin shān zhài / shan1 zhai4
Taiwan shan chai
Japanese sansai / さんさい
Chinese fortified hill village; mountain stronghold (esp. of bandits); (fig.) knockoff (goods); counterfeit; imitation
Japanese mountain stronghold


see styles
Japanese sansai / さんさい Japanese mountain stronghold



see styles
Mandarin jù diǎn / ju4 dian3
Taiwan chü tien
Chinese stronghold; defended military base; base for operations; strategic point; foothold; (market) presence


see styles
Japanese honrui / ほんるい Japanese (1) base; stronghold; main fort; (2) {baseb} home base; home plate


see styles
Japanese honkyo / ほんきょ Japanese stronghold; inner citadel; base; headquarters


see styles
Japanese honjin / ほんじん Japanese (1) troop headquarters; stronghold; (2) inn designated for use by a daimyo (Edo period); (place-name, surname) Honjin


see styles
Japanese nejiro / ねじろ Japanese stronghold; citadel; headquarters; (place-name, surname) Nejou


see styles
Mandarin yá chéng / ya2 cheng2
Taiwan ya ch`eng / ya cheng
Japanese gajou / gajo / がじょう
Chinese citadel; military headquarters
Japanese stronghold (esp. of an enemy or opponent); inner citadel; bastion; (given name) Gajou



see styles
Mandarin wō zi / wo1 zi5
Taiwan wo tzu
Chinese lair; den; stronghold


see styles
Mandarin yào sài / yao4 sai4
Taiwan yao sai
Japanese yousai / yosai / ようさい
Chinese stronghold; fort; fortification
Japanese fort; stronghold; fortification


see styles
Mandarin yào hài / yao4 hai4
Taiwan yao hai
Japanese yougai / yogai / ようがい
Chinese vital part; (fig.) key point; crucial
Japanese (1) stronghold; fortress; (noun - becomes adjective with の) (2) strategic position; key position; (place-name, surname) Yougai


see styles
Mandarin gōng yù tuó / gong1 yu4 tuo2
Taiwan kung yü t`o / kung yü to
Japanese Kyōgyoda
Konyodha, a kingdom mentioned by Xuanzang as a stronghold of unbelievers; it is said to be in south, east Orissa, possibly Ganjam as suggested in Eitel; there is a Konnāda further south.


see styles
Japanese honkyochi / ほんきょち Japanese stronghold; inner citadel; base; headquarters



see styles
Mandarin fù lán tuó luō / fu4 lan2 tuo2 luo1
Taiwan fu lan t`o lo / fu lan to lo
Japanese Furandara
Purandara; stronghold-breaker, fortress-destroyer, a name for Indra as thunder-god; Pūrandhara

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Strongholdtoridezhài / zhai4 / zhaichai

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