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liú qiú
Ryukyu Scroll

琉球 refers to the Ryukyu (Ryūkyū) Islands which include Okinawa and are located between Japan and Taiwan.

This can also refer to the Ryukyu kingdom of old Okinawa. Ryukyu is also used in martial arts terms for styles with origins in Okinawa.

Ryukyu Kobujutsu

Okinawan Kobudo
Ryukyu Kobujutsu Scroll

琉球古武術 is the title for "Ryukyu Kobujutsu" or "Ryukyu Islands Martial Arts".

Sometimes referred to as "Okinawan Kobudo".

Kenpo / Kempo / Quan Fa / Chuan Fa

quán fǎ
Kenpo / Kempo / Quan Fa / Chuan Fa Scroll

This form of martial arts can be translated in several ways. Some will call it "fist principles" or "the way of the fist", or even "law of the fist". The first character literally means fist. The second can mean law, method, way, principle or Buddhist teaching.

Kempo is really a potluck of martial arts. Often a combination of Chinese martial arts such as Shaolin Kung Fu with Japanese martial arts such as Karate, Jujutsu (Jujitsu), Aikido, and others. You may see the term "Kempo Karate" which basically means Karate with other disciplines added. In this way, Kempo becomes an adjective rather than a title or school of martial arts.

These facts will long be argued by various masters and students of Kempo. Even the argument as to whether it should be spelled "kenpo" or "Kempo" ensues at dojos around the world (the correct Romaji should actually be "kenpou" if you precisely follow the rules).

The benefit of Kempo is that the techniques are easier to learn and master compared to pure Kung Fu (wu shu). Students are often taught basic Karate moves, kicks, and punches before augmenting the basic skills with complex Kung Fu techniques. This allows students of Kempo achieve a level where they can defend themselves or fight in a relatively short amount of time (a few years rather than a decade or more).

Because the definition of this word is so fluid, I should make some notes here:

1. Purists in Okinawa will claim that "Okinawa Kenpo" or "Ryukyu Hon Kenpo" is the original and true version of this martial art from the old kingdom. There is actually little or no connection between Okinawa Kenpo and the way the word is used elsewhere.

2. In Chinese, where these characters are pronounced "quan fa" (sometimes Romanized as "chuan fa" because the Chinese-pinyin "q" actually sounds like an English "ch" sound), these characters do not hold the connotation of being a mixed martial art. It is simply defined as "the law of the fist".

3. In my Japanese dictionary, it oddly defines Kenpo as "Chinese art of self-defense". I personally don't feel this is the most common way that people perceive the word but just something you should know.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Ryukyu琉球ryuukyuu / ryukyuliú qiú / liu2 qiu2 / liu qiu / liuqiuliu ch`iu / liuchiu / liu chiu
Ryukyu Kobujutsu琉球古武術ryuukyuukobujutsu
Quan Fa
Chuan Fa
拳法kenpou / kenpoquán fǎ / quan2 fa3 / quan fa / quanfach`üan fa / chüanfa / chüan fa

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
liú qiú / liu2 qiu2
liu ch`iu / liu chiu
 ryuukyuu / ryukyu / りゅうきゅう
Kenpo / Kempo / Quan Fa / Chuan Fa Scroll
Ryūkyū; refers to the Ryūkyū Islands 琉球群島|琉球群岛[Liu2 qiu2 Qun2 dao3] stretching from Japan to Taiwan; Liuchiu township in Pingtung County 屏東縣|屏东县[Ping2 dong1 Xian4], Taiwan
(See 沖縄) Ryukyu; chain of southwestern Japanese islands comprising Okinawa Prefecture; (place-name) Ryuukyuu


see styles
 ryuukyuukobujutsu / ryukyukobujutsu / りゅうきゅうこぶじゅつ
Kenpo / Kempo / Quan Fa / Chuan Fa Scroll
(See 古武道) Okinawan kobudo; traditional martial arts of the Ryukyu Islands


see styles
 togenezumi / とげねずみ (kana only) Ryukyu spiny rat (Tokudaia osimensis)



see styles
liú qiú / liu2 qiu2
liu ch`iu / liu chiu


see styles
 shoushi / shoshi / しょうし Shō clan (royal family of the Ryukyu Kingdom)


see styles
 aji;anji;anzu / あじ;あんじ;あんず chieftain (of the Ryukyu Kingdom)


see styles
 togenezumi / とげねずみ (kana only) Ryukyu spiny rat (Tokudaia osimensis)


see styles
 doぅnchi / どぅんち (archaism) residence of a government official in the Ryukyu Kingdom; (surname) Tonouchi


see styles
 ryuukyuu / ryukyu / りゅうきゅう (place-name) Liuqiu (Chinese name for islands in the East China Sea, perhaps referring to Ryukyu or Taiwan); Lewchew


see styles
liú qiú / liu2 qiu2
liu ch`iu / liu chiu
variant of 琉球[Liu2 qiu2], Ryūkyū, e.g. the Ryūkyū Islands 琉球群島|琉球群岛[Liu2 qiu2 Qun2 dao3] stretching from Japan to Taiwan


see styles
wáng fǔ / wang2 fu3
wang fu
 oufu / ofu / おうふ
prince's mansion
(archaism) royal government (esp. Ryukyu Kingdom)


see styles
 kyuuyou / kyuyo / きゅうよう (1) history of the Ryukyu Kingdom, written in 1743-1745; (2) (alt. name) Ryukyu islands


see styles
 ryuukyuu / ryukyu / りゅうきゅう (surname) Ryuukyuu


see styles
liú qiú / liu2 qiu2
liu ch`iu / liu chiu
Luzon, island of the Philippines; the Ryukyu islands


see styles
 akahige / あかひげ (1) (kana only) red beard; person with a red beard; (2) (derogatory term) Westerner; (3) (kana only) Ryukyu robin (Erithacus komadori); (surname) Akahige


see styles
 akahige / あかひげ (1) (kana only) red beard; person with a red beard; (2) (derogatory term) Westerner; (3) (kana only) Ryukyu robin (Erithacus komadori)


see styles
 magiri / まぎり (irregular okurigana usage) (1) sailing windward; (2) (obsolete) land division in the Ryukyu Kingdom equivalent to modern prefectures (but the size of cities or towns)


see styles
 suzumedai;suzumedai / すずめだい;スズメダイ (kana only) pearl-spot chromis (Chromis notata, species of damselfish found in southern Japan, Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan, and China)


see styles
 kashirashoku / かしらしょく appointed official sent to administer a certain region (in the Ryukyu Kingdom)


see styles
 himehabu / ひめはぶ (kana only) Okinawa pit viper (Ovophis okinavensis); Ryukyu Island pit viper


see styles
 miyakohikigaeru;miyakohikigaeru / みやこひきがえる;ミヤコヒキガエル (kana only) Miyako toad (Bufo gargarizans miyakonis, a subspecies of the Asiatic toad endemic to the Ryukyu Islands)


see styles
 kenaganezumi;kenaganezumi / けながねずみ;ケナガネズミ (kana only) Ryukyu long-haired rat (Diplothrix legata)


see styles
 ryuukyuukoku / ryukyukoku / りゅうきゅうこく Ryukyu Kingdom; (place-name) (former) Ryukyu Kingdom



see styles
liú qiú guó / liu2 qiu2 guo2
liu ch`iu kuo / liu chiu kuo
Ryūkyū kingdom 1429-1879 (on modern Okinawa)
See: 琉球国


see styles
liú qiú hǎi / liu2 qiu2 hai3
liu ch`iu hai / liu chiu hai
Ryūkyū Sea; refers to the Ryūkyū Islands 琉球群島|琉球群岛[Liu2 qiu2 Qun2 dao3] stretching from Japan to Taiwan


see styles
 ryuukyuuayu;ryuukyuuayu / ryukyuayu;ryukyuayu / りゅうきゅうあゆ;リュウキュウアユ (kana only) (See 鮎・1) Ryukyu sweetfish (Plecoglossus altivelis ryukyuensis)


see styles
 iboimori;iboimori / いぼいもり;イボイモリ (kana only) Anderson's crocodile newt (Echinotriton andersoni); Anderson's newt; Ryukyu spiny newt; Japanese warty newt


see styles
 shinkousen / shinkosen / しんこうせん ship used by the Ryūkyū Kingdom to transport diplomatic envoys to China


see styles
 magiri / まぎり (1) sailing windward; (2) (obsolete) land division in the Ryukyu Kingdom equivalent to modern prefectures (but the size of cities or towns)


see styles
 hanasakigaeru;hanasakigaeru / はなさきがえる;ハナサキガエル (kana only) Ryukyu tip-nosed frog (Odorrana narina)

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Kenpo / Kempo / Quan Fa / Chuan Fa Scroll
Kenpo / Kempo / Quan Fa / Chuan Fa Scroll
Kenpo / Kempo / Quan Fa / Chuan Fa Scroll

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