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Revolution in Chinese / Japanese...

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Rebel / Revolutionary

China gé mìng zhě
Japan kaku mei sha
Rebel / Revolutionary Vertical Wall Scroll

革命者 is a noun, meaning a rebel or revolutionary in Chinese (rarely-used in Japanese Kanji).

The first two characters mean "revolution" (specifically a political revolution or revolt).
The third character means "person."

Che Guevara

Latin American / Cuban Revolutionary
China qiè gé wǎ lā
Che Guevara Vertical Wall Scroll

Che Guevara切格瓦拉 is the name "Che Guevara," as written (transliterated) in Mandarin Chinese.

Once revered by Chinese people as a Socialist rebel, he's now just a historical figure that school children briefly learn about in China.

切格瓦拉 is because China used to be a truly-Communist/Socialist nation, and thus, other Communists and Socialists were heroes.

In modern China, with its free-market economy, those former heroes fade a little.

We are not offering the "Che" character alone, as few would associate it with Che Guevara, so you really need the full name to be clear (minus Ernesto, which is his real first name).

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Simple Dictionary Definition



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Mandarin wàn suì / wan4 sui4
Taiwan wan sui
Chinese Long live (the king, the revolution etc)!; Your Majesty; His Majesty



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Mandarin fēng bào / feng1 bao4
Taiwan feng pao
Chinese storm; violent commotion; fig. crisis (e.g. revolution, uprising, financial crisis etc)

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Mandarin xī // guī / xi1 // gui1
Taiwan hsi // kuei
Chinese place name in Sichuan; cuckoo; revolution of a wheel

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Mandarin lún / lun2
Taiwan lun
Japanese rin / りん
Chinese wheel; disk; ring; steamship; to take turns; to rotate; by turn; classifier for big round objects: disk, or recurring events: round, turn
Japanese (counter) counter for wheels and flowers; (female given name) Run; (female given name) Rin; (female given name) Meguri
cakra; wheel, disc, rotation, to revolve; v. 研. The three wheels are 惑業苦illusion, karma, suffering, in constant revolution. The five are earth, water, fire, wind, and space; the earth rests on revolving spheres of water, fire, wind, and space. The nine are seen on the tops of pagodas, cf. 九輪.; The two wheels of a cart compared by the Tiantai school to 定 (or to its Tiantai form 止觀) and 慧 meditation and wisdom; see 止觀 5. Also 食 food and 法 the doctrine, i. e. food physical and spiritual.


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Mandarin yī zhōu / yi1 zhou1
Taiwan i chou
Japanese isshuu / isshu / いっしゅう
Chinese one week; all the way around; a whole cycle
Japanese (noun/participle) a round; a circuit; a revolution; a lap; a turn; (personal name) Kazumasa


see styles
Mandarin dīng jī / ding1 ji1
Taiwan ting chi
Chinese butyl group (chemistry); Ding Ji (1917-1944), real name Li Baicen 李百岑, journalist based in Yanan, martyr of the revolution


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Japanese kouten / koten / こうてん Japanese (noun/participle) revolution (of heavens)



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Mandarin gōng zhuàn / gong1 zhuan4
Taiwan kung chuan
Chinese orbital revolution


see styles
Japanese hanki / はんき Japanese standard of revolt; banner of revolution


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Mandarin fǎn qīng / fan3 qing1
Taiwan fan ch`ing / fan ching
Chinese anti-Qing; refers to the revolutionary movements in late 19th and early 20th century leading up to 1911 Xinhai Revolution 辛亥革命[Xin1 hai4 Ge2 ming4]


see styles
Japanese hanki / はんき Japanese standard of revolt; banner of revolution



see styles
Mandarin wú hán / wu2 han2
Taiwan wu han
Chinese Wu Han (1909-1969), historian, author of biography of Zhu Yuanzhang 朱元璋, hounded to his death together with several members of his family during the cultural revolution


see styles
Japanese shuuten / shuten / しゅうてん Japanese (1) the full scope of the heavens; 360 degrees; one full revolution of the earth; (2) twelve years; one full cycle of the Chinese calendar



see styles
Mandarin chàng dǎo / chang4 dao3
Taiwan ch`ang tao / chang tao
Japanese shoudou / shodo / しょうどう
Japanese (noun/participle) (1) leading (movement, revolution, etc.); guiding; (2) {Buddh} instructing in Buddhism; converting (someone) to Buddhism; (3) (See 唱道) advocacy
To preach to people and lead them to conversion.



see styles
Mandarin sì jiù / si4 jiu4
Taiwan ssu chiu
Chinese the Four Olds (target of the Cultural Revolution)


see styles
Japanese kaiki / かいき Japanese (noun/participle) (1) return (to); revolution; recurrence; recursion; comeback; revival; (2) {math} regression


see styles
Mandarin huí xuán / hui2 xuan2
Taiwan hui hsüan
Japanese kaisen / かいせん
Chinese to cycle around; cyclotron; slalom
Japanese (n,vs,adj-no) rotation; revolution; convolution


see styles
Japanese kaiten / かいてん Japanese (noun/participle) rotation (usu. around something); revolution; turning


see styles
Japanese henkaku / へんかく Japanese (noun/participle) (1) change; transformation; innovation; reform; revolution; revolutionizing; upheaval; (2) Reformation


see styles
Mandarin kāng shēng / kang1 sheng1
Taiwan k`ang sheng / kang sheng
Japanese yasunaru / やすなる    yasunari / やすなり    yasutaka / やすたか    yasuo / やすお    kousei / kose / こうせい    kouki / koki / こうき
Chinese Kang Sheng (1896-1975), Chinese communist leader, a politburo member during the Cultural Revolution and posomethingumously blamed for some of its excesses
Japanese (given name) Yasunaru; (given name) Yasunari; (personal name) Yasutaka; (given name) Yasuo; (given name) Kousei; (personal name) Kouki


see styles
Japanese kaiten / かいてん Japanese (noun/participle) rotation (usu. around something); revolution; turning



see styles
Mandarin pī dòu / pi1 dou4
Taiwan p`i tou / pi tou
Chinese to drag sb before a public meeting to denounce, humiliate and physically abuse them (esp. during the Cultural Revolution)



see styles
Mandarin chā duì / cha1 dui4
Taiwan ch`a tui / cha tui
Chinese to cut in line; to jump a queue; to live on a rural community (during the Cultural Revolution)



see styles
Mandarin jiū dòu / jiu1 dou4
Taiwan chiu tou
Chinese to seize and subject to public criticism (form of persecution during the Cultural Revolution)


see styles
Japanese seihen / sehen / せいへん Japanese political disturbance; political change; change of government; political upheaval; overthrowing of a government; coup d'état; coup; revolution


see styles
Mandarin wén gé / wen2 ge2
Taiwan wen ko
Japanese bunkaku / ぶんかく
Chinese Cultural Revolution (1966-76); abbr. for 文化大革命[Wen2 hua4 Da4 ge2 ming4]
Japanese (abbreviation) (See 文化大革命) (China's) Cultural Revolution (1966-76); (given name) Bunkaku


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Mandarin xuán huí / xuan2 hui2
Taiwan hsüan hui
Japanese senkai / せんかい
Chinese to cycle
Japanese (noun/participle) revolution; rotation; turning; swiveling; circling


see styles
Japanese senkai / せんかい Japanese (noun/participle) revolution; rotation; turning; swiveling; circling


see styles
Japanese senten / せんてん Japanese (noun/participle) revolution; gyration; whirling; rotation


see styles
Mandarin lín biāo / lin2 biao1
Taiwan lin piao
Japanese rinpyou / rinpyo / りんぴょう
Chinese Lin Biao (1908-1971), Chinese army leader at time of the Cultural Revolution
Japanese (personal name) Rinpyou

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
革命者kaku mei sha
gé mìng zhě
ge2 ming4 zhe3
ge ming zhe
ko ming che
Che Guevara切格瓦拉qiè gé wǎ lā
qie4 ge2 wa3 la1
qie ge wa la
ch`ieh ko wa la
chieh ko wa la

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