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 zé rèn
Responsibility Scroll

責任 is the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean word for “responsibility.”

責任 can also refer to someone who is willing to take the blame when things go wrong (instead of making excuses or passing the blame to someone else). While this is a noble idea, I think it is getting rare these days in both eastern and western cultures.

Also associated with the idea of "duty."

Duty / Responsibility / Obligation

 zhí zé
Duty / Responsibility / Obligation Scroll

職責 is a Chinese and Korean word that means duty or responsibility.

If you have a sense of duty or sense of responsibility, this might be the wall scroll that you want to hang above your desk. It is a great way to quietly remind yourself to take pride in your duties at all times.

In a different context, this can mean “official duties” or “position.”

Great Responsibility

 zhòng dàn
 juu tan
Great Responsibility Scroll

重擔 means heavy burden, difficult task, heavy load, or great responsibility.

Duty to Defend and Protect Country

 shǒu tǔ yǒu zé
Duty to Defend and Protect Country Scroll

守土有責 is a Chinese proverb that expresses one's duty to defend the country.

守 means to guard, defend, keep watch, abide by the law, and/or observe (rules or ritual).
土 means land, earth, or soil.
有 is a possessive modifier in effect meaning “is a.”
責 means duty or responsibility.

So you get a literal translation of “Protecting [the] land is [a] duty/responsibility.”

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Duty / Responsibility / Obligation

Duty to Defend and Protect Country

Loyalty to Duty or Master

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
zhí zé
    zhi2 ze2
chih tse

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Duty / Responsibility / Obligation
duty; responsibility; obligation
one's duty; responsibilities pertaining to one's work



see styles
zé rèn
    ze2 ren4
tse jen

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responsibility; blame; duty; CL:個|个[ge4]
(1) duty; responsibility (incl. supervision of staff); (2) liability; onus



see styles
zhòng dàn
    zhong4 dan4
chung tan

More info & calligraphy:

Great Responsibility
heavy burden; difficult task; great responsibility
heavy load

see styles
to assign; to appoint; to take up a post; office; responsibility; to let; to allow; to give free rein to; no matter (how, what etc); classifier for terms served in office, or for spouses, girlfriends etc (as in 前任男友)
obligation; duty; charge; responsibility; (given name) Makoto
Bear, endure, let; office; it is used to connote laisser-faire; one of the 四病, as 任運 implies laisser-aller; it is intp. by let things follow their own course, or by 自然 naturally, without intervention.

see styles
pocket; bag; to wrap up or hold in a bag; to move in a circle; to canvas or solicit; to take responsibility for; to disclose in detail; combat armor (old)
helmet (of armor, armour); headpiece; (place-name, surname) Kabuto
Helmet, hood; pocket, bag; translit. tu.

see styles

forced labor; corvée; obligatory task; military service; to use as servant; to enserf; servant (old); war; campaign; battle
(1) role; assignment; responsibility; duty; function; job; service; (2) position (of responsibility); post; office; (3) part (in a play, film, etc.); role; character; (4) {mahj;cards;hanaf} scoring combination; hand; yaku; meld; (given name) Mamoru

see styles
to push; to cut; to refuse; to reject; to decline; to shirk (responsibility); to put off; to delay; to push forward; to nominate; to elect; massage
To push away, recede from, decline, resign, push, put, put of; investigate.

see styles
to monopolize; to seize; to take into one's arms; to embrace; to fasten (with a rope etc); to take on (responsibility etc); to canvass
To seize, hold in the arms, embrace; monopolize.

see styles
to return; to go back to; to give back to; (of a responsibility) to be taken care of by; to belong to; to gather together; (used between two identical verbs) despite; to marry (of a woman) (old); division on the abacus with a one-digit divisor
Return to, give oneself up to; commit oneself to, surrender; cf. 三歸 śaraṇa-gamana.

see styles
guilt; crime; fault; blame; sin
(n,adj-na,adj-no) (1) crime; sin; wrongdoing; indiscretion; (2) penalty; sentence; punishment; (3) fault; responsibility; culpability; (noun or adjectival noun) (4) thoughtlessness; lack of consideration
That which is blameworthy and brings about bad karma; entangled in the net of wrong-doing; sin, crime.

see styles

to carry on one's shoulder or back; burden; responsibility
(1) load; baggage; cargo; freight; goods; (2) burden; responsibility; (personal name) Hasu
A small-leaved water-lily, a marshmallow; to carry bear.

see styles
powerful; vigorous; pungent; towards; in view of
(1) important point (e.g. on a route); (2) important role (responsibility, etc.); (3) {astron} (See 合・ごう・4) opposition; (personal name) Katsuhiro

see styles

duty; responsibility; to reproach; to blame
(See 責任・1) responsibility; duty; obligation; (given name) Seki
to upbraid


see styles
one's own discretion (idea, responsibility); (given name) Kazumasa



see styles
shì quán
    shi4 quan2
shih ch`üan
    shih chüan
position; authority; responsibility


see styles
jiāo yóu
    jiao1 you2
chiao yu
to hand over (responsibility for something) to (sb); to leave it to (sb else to take charge of the next stage of a process)


see styles
zī jiān
    zi1 jian1
tzu chien
to bear responsibility for something


see styles
(irregular okurigana usage) (1) partition; division; boundary; compartment; (2) settlement of accounts; (3) (sumo) preliminary warm-up ritual; toeing the mark; (4) directing; controlling; managing; taking responsibility for; (surname) Shikiri



see styles
dǎo huàn
    dao3 huan4
tao huan
to take turns; to rotate (responsibility)


see styles
dǎo tì
    dao3 ti4
tao t`i
    tao ti
to take turns (responsibility); to replace


see styles
tōu ān
    tou1 an1
t`ou an
    tou an
to shirk responsibility; thoughtless pleasure-seeking



see styles
miǎn zé
    mian3 ze2
mien tse
exemption from responsibility
(n,vs,vt,adj-no) exemption from responsibility; disclaimer



see styles
quán zé
    quan2 ze2
ch`üan tse
    chüan tse
full responsibility


see styles
(transitive verb) (1) (kana only) to put on (one's head); to wear; to have on; to pull over (one's head); to crown (oneself); (2) (kana only) to be covered with (dust, snow, etc.); to pour (water, etc.) on oneself; to dash on oneself; to ship water; (3) (kana only) to bear (e.g. someone's debts, faults, etc.); to take (blame); to assume (responsibility); to shoulder (burden); (4) to overlap (e.g. sound or color); (5) to be similar; to be redundant; (v5r,vi) (6) to be fogged (due to overexposure, etc.); (7) to close; to come to an end; (8) to get a full house; to sell out; (9) (archaism) to blunder; to bungle; to fail; (10) (archaism) to be deceived



see styles
fèn nèi
    fen4 nei4
fen nei
within one's area of responsibility


see styles
fèn wài
    fen4 wai4
fen wai
exceptionally; not one's responsibility or job
(noun or adjectival noun) not within proper limits; excessive; unmerited; special
to be beyond one's limitations



see styles
fēn dān
    fen1 dan1
fen tan
to share (a burden, a cost, a responsibility)
See: 分担


see styles
(1) service; duty; business; responsibility; task; (2) Buddhist religious services


see styles
(1) service; duty; business; responsibility; task; (2) Buddhist religious services



see styles
bāo gān
    bao1 gan1
pao kan
to have the full responsibility of a job; allocated task

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
sekininzé rèn / ze2 ren4 / ze ren / zerentse jen / tsejen
zhí zé / zhi2 ze2 / zhi ze / zhizechih tse / chihtse
Great Responsibility重擔
juu tan / juutan / ju tanzhòng dàn
zhong4 dan4
zhong dan
chung tan
Duty to Defend and Protect Country守土有責
shǒu tǔ yǒu zé
shou3 tu3 you3 ze2
shou tu you ze
shou t`u yu tse
shou tu yu tse
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Duty to Defend and Protect Country Scroll
Duty to Defend and Protect Country Scroll
Duty to Defend and Protect Country Scroll

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Duty to Defend and Protect Country Vertical Portrait
Duty to Defend and Protect Country Horizontal Wall Scroll
Duty to Defend and Protect Country Vertical Portrait

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