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Rebel in Chinese / Japanese...

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Rebel / Insurgent

Rebel / Insurgent Scroll

People keep asking me for rebel in a single Chinese character, Korean Hanja, or Japanese Kanji.

The problem is, rebel is not really a good word in Asian culture (depending on the context in which it is used). This rebel symbol can also mean thief; traitor; evil; robber; burglar; insurgent; spoiler. Used as an adjective, it can mean wily or deceitful.

Rebel / Revolutionary

gé mìng zhě
kaku mei sha
Rebel / Revolutionary Scroll

革命者 is a noun, meaning a rebel or revolutionary in Chinese (rarely-used in Japanese Kanji).

The first two characters mean "revolution" (specifically a political revolution or revolt).
The third character means "person".

Renegade / Traitor / Rebel

nì zéi
Renegade / Traitor / Rebel Scroll

逆賊 is a popular way to write renegade, traitor, bandit, insurgent, or rebel in Chinese and Japanese.

Renegade / Traitor / Rebel

Alternate version
pàn zéi
han zoku
Renegade / Traitor / Rebel Scroll

叛賊 is yet another way to write renegade, traitor, or rebel in Chinese characters and Japanese Kanji.

Che Guevara

Latin American / Cuban Revolutionary
qiè gé wǎ lā
Che Guevara Scroll

切格瓦拉 is the name "Che Guevara", as written (transliterated) in Mandarin Chinese.

Che Guevara Once revered by Chinese people as a Socialist rebel, he's now just a historical figure that school children briefly learn about in China.

切格瓦拉 is because China used to be a truly-Communist/Socialist nation, and thus, other Communists and Socialists were heroes.

In modern China, with its free-market economy, those former heroes fade a little.

We are not offering the "Che" character alone, as few would associate it with Che Guevara, so you really need the full name to be clear (minus Ernesto, which is his real first name).

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese

zokuzéi / zei2 / zeitsei
革命者kaku mei sha
gé mìng zhě
ge2 ming4 zhe3
ge ming zhe
ko ming che
gyakuzokunì zéi / ni4 zei2 / ni zei / nizeini tsei / nitsei
han zoku / hanzokupàn zéi / pan4 zei2 / pan zei / panzeip`an tsei / pantsei / pan tsei
Che Guevara切格瓦拉qiè gé wǎ lā
qie4 ge2 wa3 la1
qie ge wa la
ch`ieh ko wa la
chieh ko wa la
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your rebel search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
zéi / zei2
 zoku / ぞく
Che Guevara Scroll
thief; traitor; wily; deceitful; evil; extremely
(1) thief; robber; burglar; (2) rebel; insurgent; traitor
A thief, robber, spoiler; to rob, steal, etc.

see styles
/ ni4
 gyaku / ぎゃく
Che Guevara Scroll
contrary; opposite; backwards; to go against; to oppose; to betray; to rebel
(adj-no,adj-na,n) (1) reverse; opposite; (noun or adjectival noun) (2) converse (of a hypothesis, etc.); (prefix noun) (3) {math} inverse (function)
vāma. To go against, contrary, adverse, reverse, rebellious, oppose, resist; to disobey



see styles
pàn zéi / pan4 zei2
p`an tsei / pan tsei
 hanzoku / はんぞく
Che Guevara Scroll
renegade; traitor



see styles
nì zéi / ni4 zei2
ni tsei
 gyakuzoku / ぎゃくぞく
Che Guevara Scroll
renegade; traitor and bandit
rebel; traitor; insurgent

see styles
fǎn / fan3
 han / はん
contrary; in reverse; inside out or upside down; to reverse; to return; to oppose; opposite; against; anti-; to rebel; to use analogy; instead; abbr. for 反切[fan3 qie4] phonetic system
(prefix) (1) anti-; (2) (See 反定立) antithesis; (3) (abbreviation) (See 反切) fanqie; traditional Chinese spelling system in which two characters are used: the first one for the onset, the second one for rhyme and tone; (surname) Sori
To turn over, turn or send back; contrary; to rebel; to return

see styles
pàn / pan4
p`an / pan
 hikawa / ひかわ
to betray; to rebel; to revolt
(personal name) Hikawa



see styles
luàn dǎng / luan4 dang3
luan tang
the rebel party


see styles
 kyouto / kyoto / きょうと (out-dated kanji) outlaw; rebel; rioter


see styles
 kyouto / kyoto / きょうと outlaw; rebel; rioter


see styles
fěi xué / fei3 xue2
fei hsüeh
bandit den; rebel stronghold


see styles
 hizoku / ひぞく bandit; rebel


see styles
fǎn pàn / fan3 pan4
fan p`an / fan pan
to rebel; to revolt


see styles
fǎn kàng / fan3 kang4
fan k`ang / fan kang
 hankou / hanko / はんこう
to resist; to rebel
(noun/participle) opposition; resistance; insubordination; defiance; hostility; rebellion


see styles
 hanzoku / はんぞく rebel


see styles
pàn fěi / pan4 fei3
p`an fei / pan fei
rebel bandit


see styles
 hanshou / hansho / はんしょう rebel leader


see styles
pàn tú / pan4 tu2
p`an t`u / pan tu
 hanto / はんと
traitor; turncoat; rebel; renegade; insurgent
rebels; insurgents



see styles
pàn jun / pan4 jun1
p`an chün / pan chün
 hangun / はんぐん
rebel army
rebel army; mutinous troops


see styles
pàn nì / pan4 ni4
p`an ni / pan ni
 hongyaku / はんぎゃく
to rebel; to revolt; a rebel
(noun/participle) treason; treachery; mutiny; rebellion; insurrection
to turn against


see styles
wú guǎng / wu2 guang3
wu kuang
Wu Guang (died 208 BC), Qin dynasty rebel, leader of the Chen Sheng Wu Guang Uprising 陳勝吳廣起義|陈胜吴广起义[Chen2 Sheng4 Wu2 Guang3 Qi3 yi4]


see styles
 kokuzoku / こくぞく traitor; rebel



see styles
bèi luàn / bei4 luan4
pei luan
to rebel; sedition; to delude; confused


see styles
zhāo ān / zhao1 an1
chao an
to enlist enemy or rebel soldiers by offering amnesty



see styles
zhāo fǔ / zhao1 fu3
chao fu
to enlist enemy or rebel soldiers by offering amnesty; to bring to negotiated surrender


see styles
liú kòu / liu2 kou4
liu k`ou / liu kou
roving bandit; rebel band


see styles
qú kuí / qu2 kui2
ch`ü k`uei / chü kuei
 kyokai / きょかい
rebel leader; ringleader; bandit chieftain
ringleader; chief


see styles
cuàn nì / cuan4 ni4
ts`uan ni / tsuan ni
to rebel; to revolt



see styles
biàn bīng / bian4 bing1
pien ping
rebel soldier


see styles
 zokumei / zokume / ぞくめい (the stigma of) the name of "rebel"


see styles
 zokushi / ぞくし rebellious child; rebel; traitor

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