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Perfection in Chinese / Japanese...

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wán bèi
kan bi
Perfection Scroll

完備 is a word that means perfection in Chinese, old Korean Hanja, and Japanese Kanji.

It can also be defined as: faultless; complete; completion; perfect; to leave nothing to be desired.

There are other words that have a perfection meaning in various contexts. Buddhism has many kinds of perfection (also understood to be transcendence). If you need a different kind of perfection, please contact me.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
kan bi / kanbiwán bèi / wan2 bei4 / wan bei / wanbeiwan pei / wanpei
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
chéng jiù / cheng2 jiu4
ch`eng chiu / cheng chiu
 jouju / joju / じょうじゅ
Perfection Scroll
accomplishment; success; achievement; CL:個|个[ge4]; to achieve (a result); to create; to bring about
(n,vs,n-suf) fulfillment; fulfilment; realization; realisation; completion; (given name) Jouju
siddhi: accomplishment, fulfillment, completion, to bring to perfection; achieved



see styles
lú huǒ chún qīng / lu2 huo3 chun2 qing1
lu huo ch`un ch`ing / lu huo chun ching
Perfection Scroll
lit. the stove fire has turned bright green (allusion to Daoist alchemy) (idiom); fig. (of an art, a technique etc) brought to the point of perfection

see styles
zhēn / zhen1
 shin / いたる
to arrive; to reach (esp. perfection); utmost; (used in commercials)
(given name) Itaru


see styles
 banzen / ばんぜん (n,adj-no,adj-na) perfection; flawlessness; (given name) Manzen


see styles
sān mì / san1 mi4
san mi
 sanmitsu / さんみつ
{Buddh} three mysteries (Buddha's body, speech and mind)
The three mystic things: the body, mouth (i.e. voice), and mind of the Tathāgata, which are universal, all things being this mystic body, all sound this mystic voice, and all thought this mystic mind. All creatures in body, voice, and mind are only individualized parts of the Tathāgata, but illusion hides their Tathāgata nature from them. The esoterics seek to realize their Tathāgata nature by physical signs and postures, by voicing of 眞言 dhāraṇī and by meditations, so that 入我我入 He may enter me and I Him, which is the perfection of siddhi 悉地; v. 大日經疏 1. 菩提心論; three mysteries


see styles
sān dé / san1 de2
san te
The three virtues or powers, of which three groups are given below. (1) (a) 法身德 The virtue or potency of the Buddha's eternal, spiritual body, the dharmakāya; (b) 般若德 of his prājñā, or wisdom, knowing all things in their reality; (c) 解脫德 of his freedom from all bonds and his sovereign Iiberty. Each of these has the four qualities of 常, 樂我, 淨eternity, joy, personality, and purity; v. 漫涅槃經 (2) (a) 智德 The potency of his perfect knowledge; (b) 斷德 of his cutting off all illusion and perfecting of supreme nirvāṇa; the above two are 自利 for his own advantage; (c) 恩德 of his universal grace and salvation, which 利他 bestows the benefits he has acquired on others. (3) (a) 因圓德 The perfection of his causative or karmic works during his three great kalpas of preparation; (b) 果圓德 the perfection of the fruit, or results in his own character and wisdom; (c) 恩圓德 the perfection of his grace in the salvation of others.



see styles
èr yuán / er4 yuan2
erh yüan
The two perfect doctrines, a term of the Tiantai School, called 今圓 (also 開顯圓 and 絶待圓) and 昔圓 (also 相待圓 ). 今圓 is the present really perfect 一實 doctrine arising from the Lotus Sūtra; 昔圓 is the older, or 相待 comparatively speaking perfect doctrine of the pre-Lotus teaching, that of the 藏, 通, and 別 schools; but the older was for limited salvation and not universal like the 今圓; these two are also termed 部圓 and 教圓 . The Huayan school has a division of the two perfections into 漸圓 gradual perfection and 頓圓 immediate perfection.


see styles
èr miào / er4 miao4
erh miao
The dual "marvel" of the Lotus sūtra, the 相待妙 or comparative view, i.e. compared with all previous teaching, which is the rough groundwork; and the 絕待妙 or view of it as the perfection of teaching; hence it is "wonderful" in comparison with all previous doctrine, and absolutely "wonderful' in itself; cf. 二圓; two marvels



see styles
èr dùn / er4 dun4
erh tun
The two immediate or direct ways to perfection, as defined by Jingxi 荊溪 of the Huayan school; the gradual direct way of the Lotus; the direct way of the Huayan sutra, which is called the 頓頓頓圓, while that of the Lotus is called the 漸頓漸圓; two kinds of suddenness


see styles
xiū chéng / xiu1 cheng2
hsiu ch`eng / hsiu cheng
 shuusei / shuse / しゅうせい
(noun/participle) revising to perfection; (given name) Shuusei
practices (something) to perfection; practices (something) to perfection



see styles
chōng bèi / chong1 bei4
ch`ung pei / chung pei
 juubi / jubi / じゅうび
(noun/participle) completion; perfection
to fill up


see styles
 juujitsu / jujitsu / じゅうじつ (noun/participle) (1) fullness; completion; perfection; substantiality; (2) enhancement; improvement; enrichment; upgrading; (3) replenishment; repletion; (female given name) Mitsumi


see styles
 mattaki / まったき perfection; completeness; wholeness; soundness; intactness


see styles
 zenbi / ぜんび (n,vs,adj-no) completeness; perfection; consummation


see styles
liù jí / liu4 ji2
liu chi
The six stages of Bodhisattva developments as defined in the Tiant 'ai 圓教, i. e. Perfect, or Final Teaching, in contrast with the previous, or ordinary six developments of 十信, 十住, 十行, etc., as found in the 別教 Differentiated or Separate school. The Tiantai six are: (1) 理卽 realization that all beings are of Buddha-nature; (2) 名字卽 the apprehension of terms, that those who only hear and believe are in the Buddha. law and potentially Buddha; (3) 觀行卽 advance beyond terminology to meditation, or study and accordant action; it is known as 五品觀行 or 五品弟子位; (4) 相似卽 semblance stage, or approximation to perfection in purity, the 六根淸淨位, i. e. the 十信位; (5) 分證卽 discrimination of truth and its progressive experiential proof, i. e. the 十住, 十行, 十廻向, 十地, and 等覺位 of the 別教 known also as the 聖因 cause or root of holiness. (6) 究竟卽 perfect enlightenment, i. e. the 妙覺位 or 聖果 fruition of holiness. (1) and (2) are known as 外凡 external for, or common to, all. (1) is theoretical; (2) is the first step in practical advance, followed by (3) and (4) styled 内凡 internal for all, and (3), (4), (5), and (6) are known as the 八位 the eight grades; six identicals


see styles
 enjuku / えんじゅく (noun/participle) ripeness; mellowness; maturity; perfection


see styles
jiā bèi / jia1 bei4
chia pei
加祐; 加備; 加護 Divine or Buddha aid or power bestowed on the living, for their protection or perfection; to empower


see styles
shí quán / shi2 quan2
shih ch`üan / shih chüan
 juuzen / juzen / じゅうぜん
perfect; complete
(noun or adjectival noun) perfection; thoroughness; consummation; (g,p) Juuzen


see styles
sì bìng / si4 bing4
ssu ping
The four ailments, or mistaken ways of seeking perfection: 作病 'works' or effort; 任病 laissez-faire; 止病 cessation of all mental operation; 滅病 annihilaīon (of all desire); four maladies



see styles
yuán jì / yuan2 ji4
yüan chi
death; to pass away (of Buddhist monks, nuns etc)
Perfect rest, i.e. parinirvāṇa; the perfection of all virtue and the elimination of all evil, release from the miseries of transmigration and entrance into the fullest joy; perfect extinction



see styles
yuán xīn / yuan2 xin1
yüan hsin
center of circle
The perfect mind, the mind that seeks perfection, i.e. nirvāṇa.



see styles
yuán chéng / yuan2 cheng2
yüan ch`eng / yüan cheng
 enjō / えんなり
(surname) Ennari
Complete perfection; perfectly complete



see styles
yuán jí / yuan2 ji2
yüan chi
Inclusive to the uttermost; absolute perfection; inclusive to the uttermost



see styles
yuán hǎi / yuan2 hai3
yüan hai
The all-embracing ocean, i.e. the perfection or power of the Tathāgata; round ocean


see styles
tiān dào / tian1 dao4
t`ien tao / tien tao
 tendō / てんどう
natural law; heavenly law; weather (dialect)
(1) the sun; (2) god of heaven and the earth; (3) laws governing the heavens; (4) (astron) celestial path; celestial motion; (5) (Buddhist term) deva realm (svarga); (1) (Buddhist term) deva realm (svarga); (2) path in the heavens; (surname, given name) Tendou
deva-gati, or devasopāna, 天趣. (1) The highest of the six paths 六道, the realm of devas, i. e. the eighteen heavens of form and four of formlessness. A place of enjoyment, where the meritorious enjoy the fruits of good karma, but not a place of progress toward bodhisattva perfection. (2) The Dao of Heaven, natural law, cosmic energy; according to the Daoists, the origin and law of all things; path of the gods


see styles
wán chéng / wan2 cheng2
wan ch`eng / wan cheng
 kansei / kanse / かんせい
to complete; to accomplish
(noun/participle) (1) complete; completion; (2) perfection; accomplishment; (given name) Kansei


see styles
wán měi / wan2 mei3
wan mei
 hiromi / ひろみ
perfect; perfection; perfectly
(personal name) Hiromi


see styles
xī lì / xi1 li4
hsi li
idem 室利 q.v. 悉地 siddhi, accomplishment, complete attainment, perfection, proof, truth, final emancipation, supreme felicity, magical or supernatural powers; cf. M.W. As supernatural power it is used to end calamities, subdue demons, etc; success



see styles
yǒu zhōng / you3 zhong1
yu chung
 yuushuu / yushu / ゆうしゅう
perfection; (personal name) Yuushuu
has an ending



see styles
jí zhì / ji2 zhi4
chi chih
 kyokuchi / きょくち
peak; pinnacle; ultimate
culmination; acme; height; peak; ultimate; perfection; ideal
Utmost, ultimate, final point; reaching to; utmost

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