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The name Nembutsu in Chinese / Japanese...

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Mantra to Buddha / Nembutsu

 niàn fó
Mantra to Buddha / Nembutsu Scroll

念佛 is used primarily in Japanese, where it is romanized as nenbutsu.

The meaning is to pray to Buddha, chant the name of Buddha, or repeat the name of Buddha. This can be an audible or inaudible chant.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
(n,vs,vi) (1) {Buddh} (See 南無阿弥陀仏) nembutsu; nianfo; the three-word invocation "Namu Amida Butsu" dedicated to the Amitabha Buddha; (n,vs,vi) (2) {Buddh} visualizing a Buddha (in one's mind); (place-name, surname) Nenbutsu



see styles
zhū xíng
    zhu1 xing2
chu hsing
 shogyou / shogyo
(1) {Buddh} all worldly phenomena; meritorious acts leading to enlightenment; (2) (Jodo school) all practices other than recitation of the nembutsu prayer
All phenomenal changes; all conduct or action.


see styles
niàn fó táng
    nian4 fo2 tang2
nien fo t`ang
    nien fo tang
buddha recitation hall



see styles
niàn fó chán
    nian4 fo2 chan2
nien fo ch`an
    nien fo chan
 nembutsu zen
chanting Chan [Seon]


see styles
niàn fó zhě
    nian4 fo2 zhe3
nien fo che
 nembutsu sha
One who repeats the name of a Buddha, especially of Amitābha, with the hope of entering the Pure Land.



see styles
niàn fó guān
    nian4 fo2 guan1
nien fo kuan
 nembutsu kan
observation of mindfulness of the buddha


see styles
kōng niàn fó
    kong1 nian4 fo2
k`ung nien fo
    kung nien fo
 kū nembutsu
empty recitation


see styles
tōng niàn fó
    tong1 nian4 fo2
t`ung nien fo
    tung nien fo
 tsū nembutsu
To call on the Buddhas in general, i.e. not limited to one Buddha.


see styles
yī xīn niàn fó
    yi1 xin1 nian4 fo2
i hsin nien fo
 ichishin nembutsu
single-mindedly chanting the Buddha name


see styles
tā lì niàn fó
    ta1 li4 nian4 fo2
t`a li nien fo
    ta li nien fo
 tariki nembutsu
Trusting to and calling on the Buddha, especially Amitābha.


see styles
duō niàn niàn fó
    duo1 nian4 nian4 fo2
to nien nien fo
 tanen nembutsu
repeated chanting of the Buddha's name


see styles
dà niàn fó zōng
    da4 nian4 fo2 zong1
ta nien fo tsung
 Dai nembutsu shū
interpenetrated recitation sect



see styles
xún cháng niàn fó
    xun2 chang2 nian4 fo2
hsün ch`ang nien fo
    hsün chang nien fo
 jinjō nembutsu
Normal or ordinary worship of Buddha, in contrast with special occasions.


see styles
 nenbutsuoujou / nenbutsuojo
(n,vs,vi) {Buddh} (See 念仏・1,浄土・1) being reborn in the Pure Land through the invocation of the nembutsu


see styles
niàn fó yào wén
    nian4 fo2 yao4 wen2
nien fo yao wen
 Nembutsu yōmon
Essentials on Mindfulness of the Buddha



see styles
sàn yè niàn fó
    san4 ye4 nian4 fo2
san yeh nien fo
 sangō nembutsu
To repeat the name of Buddha generally and habitually.


see styles
bō zhōu niàn fó
    bo1 zhou1 nian4 fo2
po chou nien fo
 hanshū nembutsu
(Skt. pratyutpannasamādhi)


see styles
róng tōng niàn fó
    rong2 tong1 nian4 fo2
jung t`ung nien fo
    jung tung nien fo
 Yūtsū nembutsu
interpenetrated recitation sect



see styles
kāi huì niàn fó
    kai1 hui4 nian4 fo2
k`ai hui nien fo
    kai hui nien fo
 kaie nembutsu
assembly chanting



see styles
bǎi wàn biàn niàn fó
    bai3 wan4 bian4 nian4 fo2
pai wan pien nien fo
 hyakuman ben nembutsu
a million recitations of the name of the Buddha


see styles
 yuuzuunenbutsushuu / yuzunenbutsushu
Yuzu Nembutsu (school of Pure Land Buddhism)


see styles
róng tōng niàn fó zōng
    rong2 tong1 nian4 fo2 zong1
jung t`ung nien fo tsung
    jung tung nien fo tsung
 Yūzū nembutsu shū
interpenetrated recitation sect


see styles
(exp,v1) {Buddh} (See 念仏・1) to chant the nembutsu



see styles
zhāo tí mù xī niàn fó
    zhao1 ti2 mu4 xi1 nian4 fo2
chao t`i mu hsi nien fo
    chao ti mu hsi nien fo
 chō daimoku yū nembutsu
in the morning the Lotus service, in the evening the invocation of Amitâbha Buddha


see styles
róng tōng dà niàn fó zōng
    rong2 tong1 da4 nian4 fo2 zong1
jung t`ung ta nien fo tsung
    jung tung ta nien fo tsung
 Yūtsūdai nembutsu shū
interpenetrated recitation sect


see styles
(expression) (idiom) (See 念仏・1) preaching to the deaf; chanting the nembutsu into a horse's ear



see styles
xuǎn zé běn yuàn niàn fó jí
    xuan3 ze2 ben3 yuan4 nian4 fo2 ji2
hsüan tse pen yüan nien fo chi
 Senjaku hongan nembutsu shū
Senchaku hongan nembutsu shū

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Mantra to Buddha
念佛nenbutsuniàn fó / nian4 fo2 / nian fo / nianfonien fo / nienfo


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