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Do No Harm / Harmless

bù hài
fu gai
Do No Harm / Harmless Scroll

This Buddhist term comes from the Sanskrit "ahiṃsā" meaning harmlessness, not injuring, or doing harm to no one.

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Do No Harm
不害fu gai / fugaibù hài / bu4 hai4 / bu hai / buhaipu hai / puhai

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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
hài / bu4 hai4
pu hai
 fugai / ふがい
Do No Harm / Harmless Scroll
(obscure) {Buddh} (See アヒンサー) nonviolence; non-harming; ahimsa
ahiṃsā. Harmlessness, not injuring, doing harm to none; non-harming

see styles
hài / hai4
 i / い
12th earthly branch: 9-11 p.m., 10th solar month (7th November-6th December), year of the Boar; ancient Chinese compass point: 330°
(1) the Boar (twelfth sign of the Chinese zodiac); the Pig; (2) (obsolete) (See 亥の刻) hour of the Boar (around 10pm, 9-11pm, or 10pm to 12 midnight); (3) (obsolete) north-northwest; (4) (obsolete) tenth month of the lunar calendar; (personal name) Gai

see styles
hài / hai4
exclamation of regret

see styles
hài / hai4
 gai / がい
to do harm to; to cause trouble to; harm; evil; calamity
injury; harm; evil influence; damage
hiṃsā; vihiṃsā; hurt, harm, injure; to harm

see styles
hài / hai4
helium (chemistry)

see styles
hài / hai4
tainted food

see styles
hài / hai4
to astonish; to startle; to hack (computing, loanword)


see styles
dīng hài / ding1 hai4
ting hai
 teigai / tegai / ていがい
twenty-fourth year D12 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 2007 or 2067
(See 干支・1) Fire Boar (24th year of the sexagenary cycle, e.g. 1947, 2007, 2067)


see styles
hài / yi3 hai4
i hai
 kinotoi;itsugai;otsugai / きのとい;いつがい;おつがい
twelfth year B12 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 1995 or 2055
(See 干支・1) Wood Boar (12th year of the sexagenary cycle, e.g. 1935, 1995, 2055)



see styles
hài shí / hai4 shi2
hai shih
9-11 pm (in the system of two-hour subdivisions used in former times)



see styles
hài zhū / hai4 zhu1
hai chu
Year 12, year of the Boar (e.g. 2007)


see styles
hài / ta1 hai4
t`a hai / ta hai
 tagai / たがい
(noun/participle) harming others
to harm others


see styles
qīn hài / qin1 hai4
ch`in hai / chin hai
 shingai / しんがい
to encroach on; to infringe on
(noun/participle) infringement; violation; invasion; encroachment; trespass


see styles
hài / ju4 hai4
chü hai
to bring harm to both [self and others]



see styles
shāng hài / shang1 hai4
shang hai
 shougai / shogai / しょうがい
to injure; to harm
(n,vs,adj-no) (1) wound; injury; accident; casualty; (n,vs,adj-no) (2) assault; inflicting bodily injury


see styles
guāng hài / guang1 hai4
kuang hai
 kougai;hikarigai / kogai;hikarigai / こうがい;ひかりがい
light pollution (Tw)
light pollution


see styles
gōng hài / gong1 hai4
kung hai
 kougai / kogai / こうがい
public hazard, nuisance
(noun - becomes adjective with の) (See 汚染・おせん) pollution; public nuisance; contamination



see styles
dòng hài / dong4 hai4
tung hai
 tougai / togai / とうがい
(agriculture) freezing injury
frost damage


see styles
jiā hài / jia1 hai4
chia hai
 kagai / かがい
to injure
(noun/participle) assault; violence; damaging (someone)
to harm


see styles
wēi hài / wei1 hai4
wei hai
 kigai / きがい
to jeopardize; to harm; to endanger; harmful effect; damage; CL:個|个[ge4]
injury; harm; danger


see styles
shòu hài / shou4 hai4
shou hai
to suffer damage, injury etc; damaged; injured; killed; robbed


see styles
hài / ke3 hai4
k`o hai / ko hai


see styles
hài / si4 hai4
ssu hai
"the four pests", i.e. rats, flies, mosquitoes, and sparrows; see also 打麻雀運動|打麻雀运动[Da3 Ma2 que4 Yun4 dong4]


see styles
kēng hài / keng1 hai4
k`eng hai / keng hai
to trap; to frame


see styles
fáng hài / fang2 hai4
fang hai
 bougai / bogai / ぼうがい
to impair; damaging; harmful; a nuisance
(n,vs,adj-no) disturbance; obstruction; hindrance; jamming; interference



see styles
wēi hài / wei1 hai4
wei hai
to intimidate



see styles
ráo hài / rao2 hai4
jao hai
to disturb


see styles
hài rén / hai4 ren2
hai jen
 gaijin / がいじん
to harm sb; to inflict suffering; to victimize; pernicious
(derogatory term) (slang) (pun on 外人) (See 外人・1) foreigner; gaijin


see styles
hài bàn / hai4 ban4
hai pan


see styles
hài kǒu / hai4 kou3
hai k`ou / hai kou
morning sickness during pregnancy; to be pregnant

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