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Dignity in Chinese / Japanese...

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Dignity / Honor / Sanctity / Integrity

zūn yán
son gen
Dignity / Honor / Sanctity / Integrity Scroll

This form of honor is showing great respect for yourself, other people, and the rules you live by.

When you are honorable, you keep your word. You do the right thing regardless of what others are doing.

尊嚴 is the kind of personal honor or dignity that is of great value. If you lose this, you have lost yourself and perhaps the reputation of your family as well.

While this is not directly the same thing as "face" or "saving face" in Asian culture, it is associated with the same concept in China.

厳In Japan, they currently use a more simplified second character for this word. The ancient Japanese form is the same as China but after WWII some Kanji were changed. If you want the modern Japanese version, just click on the Kanji image shown to the right, instead of the button above.

Death with Dignity

son gen shi
Death with Dignity Scroll

尊厳死 is not a good choice for a wall scroll unless you have a very specific and personal reason.

This was added at the request of a customer.

尊厳死 means "death with dignity" or "natural death" (as opposed to extending one's life unnaturally with life support).

zì zūn
chi juen
Pride Scroll

自尊 can mean "pride", "self-respect" or "self-esteem". The first character means "oneself" and the second can mean revered, valuable, precious, noble, exalted, honorable or simply "pride".

I have also seen this two-character word translated as "amour propre", self-regard, and self-pride.

自尊 is universal between Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and Korean Hanja written languages. It may also be understood in old Vietnamese (they once used Chinese characters as well).

Self-Respect / Self-Esteem

zì zūn
Self-Respect / Self-Esteem Scroll

自尊 means self-respect or self-esteem in Chinese, Korean and Japanese. It can also mean "pride in oneself".

Note: Japanese sometimes put the character for heart after these two. However, this two-character word is universal between all three languages (which is often better since more than a third of the world's population can read this version as a native word).

Prideful Mind / Self-Respecting Heart

zì zūn xīn
ji son shin
Prideful Mind / Self-Respecting Heart Scroll

This Japanese and Korean word means "pride" or "self-respect".

The first Kanji/Hanja means oneself. The second can mean revered, valuable, precious, noble or exalted. And the last Kanji/Hanja means heart, mind and/or spirit.

While these characters make sense and hold the same general meaning in Chinese, this is not a normal Chinese word. This selection should only be used if your audience is Japanese or Korean.

See Also:  Respect | Pride | Self-Reliance | Self-Control | Self-Discipline

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
尊严 / 尊厳
son gen / songenzūn yán / zun1 yan2 / zun yan / zunyantsun yen / tsunyen
Death with Dignity尊厳死son gen shi
Pride自尊jisonzì zūn / zi4 zun1 / zi zun / zizuntzu tsun / tzutsun
自尊jisonzì zūn / zi4 zun1 / zi zun / zizuntzu tsun / tzutsun
Prideful Mind
Self-Respecting Heart
自尊心ji son shin
zì zūn xīn
zi4 zun1 xin1
zi zun xin
tzu tsun hsin
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
zūn yán / zun1 yan2
tsun yen
dignity; sanctity; honor; majesty


see styles
 songenshi / そんげんし
Prideful Mind / Self-Respecting Heart Scroll
death with dignity; natural death (as opposed to extending one's life unnaturally with life support)

see styles
wēi / wei1
 i / い
power; might; prestige
power; authority; might; influence; dignity; majesty; (personal name) Tsuyoshi
prabhāva. Awe-inspiring majesty; also 威力 and 威神力; power

see styles
róng / rong2
 yō / よう
to hold; to contain; to allow; to tolerate; appearance; look; countenance
(1) (archaism) countenance; visage; (2) face; honor (honour); dignity; (1) form; shape; figure; (2) visage; (surname, female given name) You
Contain; bear; allow; bearing, face, looks; easy; to put in

see styles
yán / yan2
 yan / やん
Japanese variant of 顏|颜[yan2]
(out-dated or obsolete kana usage) (1) face; visage; (2) look; expression; countenance; (1) (archaism) countenance; visage; (2) face; honor (honour); dignity; (1) face; visage; (2) look; expression; countenance; (3) honor; honour; face; (4) influence; notoriety; (personal name) Yan


see styles
bù xiè / bu4 xie4
pu hsieh
to disdain to do something; to think something not worth doing; to feel it beneath one's dignity


see styles
rén gé / ren2 ge2
jen ko
 jinkaku / じんかく
personality; integrity; dignity
personality; character; individuality; personhood


see styles
 koken / こけん (1) dignity; credit; public estimation; face; honor; reputation; (2) (archaism) deed of sale (for a land, forest or house); (3) (archaism) sale value; selling price


see styles
 taimen / たいめん honour; honor; dignity; prestige; reputation; appearances


see styles
 neuchi / ねうち (noun/participle) value; worth; price; dignity


see styles
 iyou / iyo / いよう dignity; majestic appearance


see styles
pǐn wèi / pin3 wei4
p`in wei / pin wei
 hini / ひんい
rank; grade; quality; (aesomethingetic) taste
(1) dignity; grace; nobility; (2) grade; quality; fineness; carat; karat


see styles
pǐn gé / pin3 ge2
p`in ko / pin ko
 hinkaku / ひんかく
one's character; fret (on fingerboard of lute or guitar)
dignity; quality; grace; panache; level



see styles
sàng jìn / sang4 jin4
sang chin
to completely lose (one's dignity, vitality etc)


see styles
qì liàng / qi4 liang4
ch`i liang / chi liang
 kiryō / きりょう
(1) looks; features; personal beauty; (2) ability; talent; calibre; caliber; capability; capacity; (3) dignity; credit; estimation
Capacity; capacity


see styles
wēi xìn / wei1 xin4
wei hsin
 ishin / いしん
prestige; reputation; trust; credit with the people
prestige; dignity; (personal name) Takemasa



see styles
wēi yí / wei1 yi2
wei i
 igi / いぎ
majestic presence; awe-inspiring manner
dignity; majesty; dignified manner
Respect-inspiring deportment; dignity, i.e. in walking, standing, sitting, lying. There are said to be 3,000 and also 8,000 forms of such deportment.


see styles
 igen / いげん dignity; majesty; solemnity; gravity



see styles
wēi yán / wei1 yan2
wei yen
dignified; imposing; august; awe-inspiring; awe; prestige; dignity


see styles
wēi róng / wei1 rong2
wei jung
 i yō / いよう
grave and dignified
dignity; majestic appearance
dignified appearance



see styles
wēi fēng / wei1 feng1
wei feng
 ifuu / ifu / いふう
might; awe-inspiring authority; impressive
majesty; dignity; (female given name) Ikaze


see styles
 songen / そんげん (noun or adjectival noun) dignity; majesty; sanctity


see styles
 sutaru / すたる (v5r,vi) (1) (See 廃れる・すたれる) to go out of use; to become obsolete; to die out; to go out of fashion; (Godan verb with "ru" ending) (2) to become lost (e.g. of dignity); to be sullied


see styles
bān huí / ban1 hui2
pan hui
to pull back; to regain (one's dignity etc); to recover from (an adverse situation); to turn the tables


see styles
yǒu shī / you3 shi1
yu shih
to cause a loss of (decorum, dignity etc) (used in fixed expressions)
having faults


see styles
 kihin / きひん (1) elegance; refinement; grace; dignity; (2) aroma


see styles
 kiin / kin / きいん dignity; refinement


see styles
 koken / こけん    uriken / うりけん (1) dignity; credit; public estimation; face; honor; reputation; (2) (archaism) deed of sale (for a land, forest or house); (3) (archaism) sale value; selling price; (archaism) certificate of sale; deed of sale


see styles
 kinji / きんじ    kyouji / kyoji / きょうじ pride; dignity; self-respect


see styles
jīn chí / jin1 chi2
chin ch`ih / chin chih
 kinji / きんじ    kyouji / kyoji / きょうじ
reserved; aloof
pride; dignity; self-respect

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Prideful Mind / Self-Respecting Heart Scroll
Prideful Mind / Self-Respecting Heart Scroll

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